Posts on Alike for May 2022

  1. Looking for healthy habits to replace smoking marijuana
  2. Immediate Relief for Accidental Dairy Consumption?
  3. Hip Pain After Grocery Shopping
  4. Dealing with Anxiety at Work: Tips and Tricks
  5. Hair Issues on This Drug: Any Advice?
  6. Looking for Relief from Paresthesia in Scalp
  7. Introducing Myself: Living with RA
  8. Breathing difficulties after thyroidectomy and Levo
  9. Can I have symptoms from each type of BPD?
  10. Unsuccessful Hiatal Hernia Surgeries: Seeking Advice
  11. Chronic Nausea and Vomiting for a Year - Seeking Advice
  12. Trying the Clint Paddison Diet Again
  13. My Experience with A-fib Ablation
  14. What Medical Tests Were Done Before Your Diagnosis?
  15. Can't Eat Without Feeling Sick
  16. Just upped my thyroid medication, what to expect?
  17. Dealing with a PANS Diagnosis: How to Cope
  18. Tingling Scalp During Hair Loss: How to Make it Go Away?
  19. Looking for Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  20. Swelling and Blisters on Lower Legs: Will Dialysis Help?
  21. Young and Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea - Anyone Else?
  22. Dealing with Hand Pain from Cell Phone Use
  23. Help with Dealing with Debilitating Panic Attacks
  24. Experiencing Shaky and Weird Feelings Since Starting Zoloft
  25. Regrowing Hair After Hair Loss: Any Success Stories?
  26. Newly Diagnosed with Endo: Joint Pain and Surgery
  27. Lessening Cognitive Symptoms of Turner Syndrome
  28. Struggling with Mania: Coping Tips Needed
  29. Struggling with Endometriosis and Infertility
  30. Experiencing Slight Chest Pain
  31. Exhausted Despite Normal Labs and Meds for Hashimoto's?
  32. Fear of not eating enough and emotional eating
  33. Is it Normal to Not Take Meds for ADHD?
  34. Anxiety and Bathroom Urges
  35. Living with Chronic Illness: Finding Support and Balance
  36. Sudden Anxiety Attacks: What Triggers Them?
  37. Struggling to Keep Up in School After TBI
  38. Looking for effective bruxism treatments
  39. Job Accommodations for Syncopy and Chronic Migraines
  40. Need help with dietary restrictions
  41. How to Get Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning
  42. Advice for Someone Newly Diagnosed with Lupus
  43. Has anyone used BetterHelp? Need advice!
  44. Sharp Chest Pains When Breathing In
  45. Dealing with Heart Palpitations and Anxiety
  46. New Job and Mental Health Meds
  47. Advice on playing instruments with hyper mobility syndrome and carpal tunnel
  48. Seeking Treatment for Chronic Pain
  49. Dealing with Agoraphobia Caused by Panic Attacks
  50. Considering Mobility Aids for Pain Management
  51. Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Lupus?
  52. Long hauler with lung scarring seeking advice
  53. Struggling with Weight Gain Due to Adrenal Insufficiency
  54. Dealing with Heart Palpitations: Need Advice!
  55. Major Stomach Issues and Nausea
  56. Desperate for help with foot pain
  57. Dealing with Prednisone Attacks: Anyone Else?
  58. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  59. New Back Pain at Night
  60. Bruising Easily with EDS: Anyone Else?
  61. Coping with Anxiety from Long Covid
  62. Struggling with IBS: From Overactive to Underactive Bowels
  63. Dealing with Incontinence After Childbirth
  64. Struggling with Depression After Losing My Father
  65. When to See a Doctor for Hemorrhoids: A Guide
  66. Living with Cancer and COPD: My Struggle
  67. Managing Chronic Pain and Nausea
  68. NES Triggers: What Are Yours?
  69. Looking for Support with Vestibular Neuritis
  70. Strategies for Reducing Intrusive Thoughts
  71. Valerian Root: A Supplement That Helps Me Sleep
  72. Memory Loss and Depression with UC
  73. Dealing with COVID-19 and Asthma: Share Your Experience
  74. Abilify Experiences: Share Your Story
  75. Does Hormonal IUD Cause Worsening of Ovarian Cysts?
  76. Possible Rare Disorder: Arachnoiditis
  77. Overcoming Fear of Regret for Top Surgery
  78. Holistic Alternatives to Statins: Seeking Advice
  79. Struggling with Low Sex Drive in Long-Term Relationship
  80. Natural remedies for high blood pressure?
  81. Newly Diagnosed with Pancreatitis: Experiencing Strange Symptoms
  82. Looking for HS diet remedies
  83. Insomnia as a Side Effect of Escitalopram
  84. Hair Loss Due to Crohn's Flare: Will it Grow Back?
  85. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Anyone Else Struggling?
  86. Labrum Tear Surgery: Need for Another Surgery?
  87. Dealing with Muscle Pain and Depression
  88. Asking about EDS subtypes
  89. Numbness in Limbs: Is it Related to EDS?
  90. The Importance of Checking Aldolase and Creatine Kinase Levels for FM Patients
  91. Recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, seeking advice
  92. New Onset of Asthma Attacks in Home Town Store
  93. Coping with Excess Hair due to PCOS
  94. First Seizure Experience: Share Your Story
  95. Dealing with Lymphedema Pain in Legs
  96. No Medications for OCD Diagnosis?
  97. Sertraline Side Effects - Need Advice
  98. Cortisone Shots in Hip Joint - Any Bad Experiences?
  99. Need advice for wrist pain during flare up
  100. Struggling with Temperature Regulation with EDS/HSD
  101. Positive Medical Update and Honest Conversation with Doctor
  102. Dealing with EDS Flare-ups and Chronic Pain
  103. New to Depression Medication - Any Success Stories?
  104. Dealing with Eating Disorders Without Therapy or Medication
  105. Chronic diarrhea after taking antibiotics
  106. Gabapentin for Anxiety: Anyone Tried It?
  107. When to Seek Medical Advice for Conceiving?
  108. Experiencing Phantom Scents: Is it Phantosmia or Parosmia?
  109. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  110. Feverish at Night, Normal During the Day?
  111. Seeking Advice on Possible EDS Diagnosis
  112. Experiencing Jaw Pain and Headaches: Possible TMJ
  113. Recovering from Exercise Addiction and Eating Disorders
  114. Symptoms of ADHD or Anxiety?
  115. Dealing with Reflux After Giving Birth to Twins
  116. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Uncertainty
  117. Terrible Neck Pain and Crepitus: Is it Arthritis or Autoimmune?
  118. Looking for Support Groups for Atypical Bipolar/NOS
  119. Loss of Sensation in Legs - Seeking Advice
  120. Coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Seeking Advice
  121. Feeling Lost: Dropping Out of College
  122. Looking for Information on SLT Procedure for Glaucoma
  123. Coping with Manic Episodes: Need New Ideas!
  124. Struggling with Depression: Tips to Boost Your Energy
  125. Struggling with IBS: Any Tips?
  126. Stuck with CHS: Need Help and Encouragement
  127. Severe Sinuses: Pressure Pain, Dry Blood, Loss of Taste and Smell
  128. Struggling with Impulsive Lying
  129. Seeking Advice for My Medical Condition
  130. Living with Hypothyroidism: My Struggle with Sleep and Eating Habits
  131. Experiences with Chiropractors?
  132. Living with Multiple Health Conditions: An Introduction
  133. Recurring Fever and Cold Symptoms
  134. Struggling with Iron Deficiency Anemia
  135. Hiding My Chronic Pain From Friends
  136. Alternative treatments for ADHD?
  137. What to Expect: Progression
  138. Dealing with Chronic Joint Pain for Over a Year and a Half
  139. Dealing with Spiking Blood Pressure
  140. Coping with Hallucinations: Tips and Tricks
  141. Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea: Anyone Else?
  142. Alternative treatments for fibromyalgia?
  143. Can't Eat on Celexa: Any Suggestions?
  144. Feeling Stuck: What to Do When You Have No Energy
  145. Using Cannabis to Cope with ASD Symptoms
  146. Lexapro for Sertraline Side Effects
  147. Struggling to Explain My Emotions
  148. Has anyone tried Xiaflex shots for Peyronies?
  149. How to Get a Diagnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  150. Realizing My Health Condition: A Personal Story
  151. Has anyone gone into remission?
  152. Living with Scoliosis: Seeking Support and Advice
  153. Struggling with Household Chores
  154. Managing Spirolactone Side Effects: Will They Ever Go Away?
  155. Looking for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: What Works?
  156. Recurring Ovarian Pain with Cysts: Seeking Advice
  157. Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage Procedures
  158. Coping with Chronic Illness Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  159. Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - Need Advice!
  160. Need help with meal planning for prediabetes
  161. Small Aortic Dilation - Worried About Stability
  162. Can't live without my blanket!
  163. Alternative treatments for mental health?
  164. Orthopedic Troubles with SLE: Seeking Advice
  165. Severe pain in ribs, is it GERD or something else?
  166. Going off Birth Control with Endometriosis: Experiences?
  167. Seeking Information on Chemotherapy Process
  168. Lyrica causing adverse reactions
  169. Pregnancy Sciatica Pain: Any Advice?
  170. When Should You Get a Health Checkup?
  171. Iron Infusion: Experiences and Reactions
  172. Kidney issues with Hypoparathyroidism
  173. First Time Taking Dextroamphetamine and Feeling Intense Anxiety
  174. Feeling Undiagnosed: Is There More to My Health?
  175. Using Cannabis for Depression: Is it Wrong?
  176. Looking for others with SCAD diagnosis
  177. Digestive Issues and Dietary Changes
  178. Coping with Mental Illness: Tips and Tricks
  179. Coping with ADHD as an Adult: Medication-Free Tips
  180. Do I have BPD if I don't have an FP?
  181. Gabapentin for Anxiety: Anyone Have Experience?
  182. Losing Weight on Antipsychotics: Need Advice!
  183. Dealing with Depression and Loneliness: Alternatives to Therapy and Medication
  184. Looking for friends after diagnosis
  185. Always Tired and Depressed: What's Going On?
  186. Living with Bipolar Type Two Disorder
  187. Dealing with Rectocele Symptoms: Tips and Advice
  188. Best Treatment for Mouth Ulcers?
  189. What helps you when you're feeling down?
  190. Are My Meds No Longer Effective?
  191. Managing Hypothyroidism Symptoms: Feeling Tired and Depressed
  192. Dealing with Gastritis and GERD for 12 Years
  193. Tips for Reducing Pain During Dupixent Injections
  194. Unmedicated ADHD and Impulsivity
  195. Itchy Sores on Legs from Thyroid Meds?
  196. What do you think about asthma?
  197. Numbness in Chin and Lower Lip on Right Side
  198. Chronic pain and inflammation after car accident
  199. Does Intermittent Fasting Really Work?
  200. Recently diagnosed with SVT, seeking advice
  201. Stay-at-home mom with health issues seeking friends
  202. Need help controlling anxiety attacks in public
  203. Starting ADD/ADHD Medication in Your Twenties
  204. Weird Smell in Urine
  205. Anxiety vs Depression: Which One Do You Skew Towards?
  206. Itchy Vagina During Period: Normal or Not?
  207. Tips for Calming Down After a Vivid Flashback
  208. Dealing with ADHD and Skin Picking Disorder
  209. Tips for Taking Generic Adderall?
  210. Menstrual Symptoms: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  211. Help! I've lost my voice for over a month now
  212. Numbness in fingers - Need advice
  213. Discovering My Autism: Seeking Community
  214. Need help falling asleep without sedatives
  215. Detaching from Reality: How to Come Back?
  216. Alternative Migraine Relief Methods
  217. Managing Chronic Pain While Working Full Time
  218. Hypermobility and Spontaneous Limb Collapse
  219. Considering Kyleena IUD for Heavy Periods
  220. Long-term Treatment-Resistant Depression
  221. Alternative Treatments for Lupus?
  222. Help! Allergic to Statin Drugs and High Cholesterol
  223. Dealing with Ovarian Cysts: Pain and Patterns
  224. Looking for Support and Answers with Lichen Planopilaris
  225. Job Seeking with Anxiety and Depression: How to Manage?
  226. Scared to take Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  227. Living with Sjogren's Syndrome: My Journey
  228. Will I Get Better? Coping with Mental Illness
  229. My 11 Year Journey with Cymbalta for Anxiety
  230. Severe Leg Pain with Lyme Diagnosis
  231. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Mid-Range POTS Patient
  232. Looking for other teens with Lyme Disease
  233. Starting Seizure Medication: Need Advice and Encouragement
  234. Skin Sensations During Fibromyalgia Flare
  235. Increasing Methotrexate Dose: Need Advice
  236. Struggling with Memory and Directions with Lyme Disease
  237. Traveling with Chronic Pain: Tips for a Successful Trip
  238. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue and Pain
  239. Struggling with Nightmares: Seeking Advice
  240. How to Improve Memory with ADHD?
  241. Do IBS and Periods Have a Link?
  242. Struggling with Job Anxiety and Fear of Failure
  243. Coping with Mental Health and Chronic Illness
  244. Managing Personality Disorders: Medical and Mental Strategies
  245. Dealing with Low Blood Pressure and Dizziness with Hashimoto's
  246. How Do Herpes Outbreaks Affect You?
  247. Non-Medical Ways to Manage Bipolar Disorder
  248. Looking for Personal Experiences with Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  249. Sudden Vertigo: What Could Be the Cause?
  250. Concerns about spironolactone and potassium intake
  251. Dealing with Lyme Disease Treatment Side Effects
  252. Struggling with Physical Work
  253. Post-Gallbladder Surgery Issues: Seeking Advice
  254. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  255. Dealing with Recurring Flare-Ups: Tips and Tricks
  256. Has anyone taken Buspirone before?
  257. Struggling to Gain Weight After UC Flare
  258. Struggling with Chronic Illness and Lack of Medical Care
  259. Tips for dealing with moderate to severe daily headaches?
  260. Recovering Repressed Memories: A Discussion
  261. Managing Anxiety: Beyond Medication and Therapy
  262. Tips for ASD assessment appointment?
  263. Daily Ear Ringing: Hearing Damage or Concussion?
  264. Stopped taking meds due to insurance loss, what now?
  265. Exploring Alternative Substances: Delta 9
  266. Pregnancy Scare: Dream or Reality?
  267. Need advice on easy-to-digest foods for weight loss
  268. Feeling Sad for No Reason
  269. Taking a Break for Mental Health
  270. Struggling with Weight Gain After Diagnosis
  271. Struggling with Weight Loss and PCOS
  272. Natural Ways to Relieve Occasional Constipation
  273. Dealing with Impulse Control After Brain Injury
  274. Looking for Preservative-Free Eye Drops
  275. Alternative Ways to Calm Acute Anxiety Symptoms
  276. Struggling with Fertility: Keep Trying or Adopt?
  277. Struggling to Get Out of Bed: Tips and Tricks
  278. Managing Hypothyroidism Symptoms
  279. Struggling to Sleep Due to Hypersensitivity
  280. Struggling with Hyperthyroidism and PCOS: Need Advice
  281. Dealing with Osteoporosis and Lower Back Pain
  282. Excessive Sweating in Hands and Feet - Any Advice?
  283. Dealing with Hyperthyroidism and Nodules on Thyroid
  284. Dealing with Daily Postnasal Drip
  285. Vivid and Horrific Dreams During the Day
  286. Struggling with Chronic Pain
  287. What to Expect at a Cardio Referral for POTS Diagnosis?
  288. Hallucinations while smoking weed and taking cymbalta
  289. High Heart Rate in the Morning - POTS or Weirdness?
  290. Looking for Low-Carb Electrolyte Drinks
  291. Managing Diabetes During Pregnancy: Tips and Advice
  292. Overcoming the Stigma of Autism
  293. New Medication - Any Experiences with Seroquel?
  294. Recurring Chest Pain and Jaw Pain
  295. Recommendations for protein powder or protein in general?
  296. Feeling Emotionally Numb: Any Advice?
  297. Considering Birth Control Options: IUD vs Tubal Ligation
  298. Changing Sensitivity to Gluten?
  299. Starting Lyrica for Fibromyalgia Pain: Any Advice?
  300. Alternative Pain Management Techniques
  301. Managing High Blood Pressure: Exercise or Deep Breathing?
  302. Has anyone had MALS surgery? Does it help?
  303. Coping with Panic Attacks: Need Help!
  304. Need advice on managing high cholesterol without relying on medication
  305. Does Illness Trigger POTS Symptoms?
  306. Managing Blood Pressure and Diabetes without Medications
  307. How Does My Condition Affect My Social Life?
  308. Struggling with Indecisiveness
  309. Recommendations for Pain Relief?
  310. Managing Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure
  311. Decades of Chronic Pain: Seeking Answers on Alike
  312. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression as a SAHM
  313. Questioning my ADHD diagnosis, what should I do?
  314. Overcoming Eating Disorders: How Have You Done It?
  315. Overcoming Chronic Illness and Codependency in Relationships
  316. Looking for advice on HS treatment and wound healing
  317. Tolerance to Concerta: Seeking Advice
  318. Has anyone tried Aloe Vera Juice for IBS?
  319. Feeling Overwhelmed: Dealing with Panic Attacks During Finals
  320. What's it like being Deaf? Any Deaf Parents here?
  321. Migraines around period - Does birth control help?
  322. Dealing with Prolonged Menstruation: Seeking Advice
  323. Long Covid Symptoms: What Are You Experiencing?
  324. Looking for Friends with Similar Struggles
  325. How did you realize you had ADHD?
  326. Understanding Heavy Periods: Symptoms and Causes
  327. Managing ADHD without medication: Tips and Tricks
  328. Coping with Chronic Migraines: Tips and Tricks
  329. Ear Sensitivity and Smell Sensitivity
  330. Chest Pain and Difficulty Breathing
  331. Keppra XR and Cognitive Ability: A Concern for Epilepsy Patients
  332. Struggling with ADHD and Anxiety: Need Help!
  333. Pregnancy with Hypermobile EDS: Seeking Advice
  334. Do I Have Autism? Need Advice
  335. Managing IBS: Tips and Tricks
  336. Should I get a second opinion on my ADHD diagnosis?
  337. Experiencing Extreme Tiredness with Lexapro?
  338. Struggling with Sleep Apnea and CPAP Machine
  339. Managing Low Blood Sugars: Tips and Tricks
  340. Alternative Treatments for Medical Conditions
  341. Struggling with Addiction and Mental Health Issues
  342. Dealing with Long and Light Menstrual Bleeding
  343. Dealing with Worsening Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  344. Managing Muscle Fatigue Without Mobility Aid
  345. Living with Seizures and Anxiety
  346. Tips for Coping with Agoraphobia
  347. Checking Anemia and Vitamin D Symptoms
  348. Living with Chronic Illness: Seeking Support and Joy
  349. Looking for Alternatives to Botox for Chronic Migraines
  350. Question about Humira side effects
  351. Success with Service Dogs for FND?
  352. Share Your Medical Treatment Experience
  353. Living with Colorectal Cancer: My Journey So Far
  354. Looking for sleep remedies that won't give me side effects
  355. Share Your Experience with Endometriosis
  356. Looking for Information on a Medical Condition
  357. Panic Attack at Walmart
  358. Prednisone Headaches: Is It Normal?
  359. Numbness and Pain in Outer Thighs - Seeking Advice
  360. Need Help with Asthma Symptoms Caused by Seasonal Allergies
  361. Struggling with Period Pain and Upcoming Surgery
  362. Transitioning as a Transgender Man: Seeking Advice
  363. Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?
  364. Bleeding after sex: What could be the reason?
  365. Need advice on increasing sex drive in a relationship
  366. Severe balance issues - seeking advice
  367. Dealing with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice
  368. Discovering Binge Eating Disorder
  369. Dealing with Tarsal Coalition Pain: My Journey
  370. Dealing with my first panic attack
  371. Controlling Daily Diarrhea: Seeking Advice
  372. Need advice on breast reconstruction decision
  373. Dealing with Chronic Pain: My Daily Struggle
  374. Dealing with Anxiety and Health Issues
  375. Dealing with Chronic Pelvic Pain: Seeking Advice
  376. Do I Need a Follow-Up Appointment for My ADHD Medication?
  377. New to Alike, struggling with social anxiety and depression
  378. How to Monitor Your Health Condition
  379. New to the Group, Seeking Advice for Chronic Pain and Stress Management
  380. Net Specialist vs Family Doctor: Who to Follow?
  381. What to do when BV strikes?
  382. Looking for New Friends to Chat With!
  383. Lyrica and Weight Gain: Anyone Else Concerned?
  384. Severe Heart Palpitations - Seeking Advice
  385. Introducing Myself: Living with Chronic Medical Issues
  386. Raynaud's Phenomenon Getting Worse - Need Help
  387. Looking for Chronic Pain Treatment Advice
  388. Tips to Stop Skin Picking?
  389. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Uncertainty
  390. Chronic Kidney Stones: Seeking Advice
  391. Dealing with Anxiety at Work: Need Help!
  392. Constant Nausea: Seeking Advice
  393. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder: Need Advice on Finding Support Groups
  394. Coping without medication: What are your strategies?
  395. Can Gastritis Cause Chronic Constipation?
  396. Taking breaks from ADHD meds: helpful or harmful?
  397. Managing Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  398. Looking for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tips
  399. Constant Burning Sensation in Body
  400. Pain in Right Wrist with Pins and Needles Sensation
  401. Dealing with Emotional Confusion in Relationships
  402. Should I still be taking epilepsy medication?
  403. Excruciating Toe Pain for 17 Months - Seeking Remedies
  404. Looking for affordable telehealth options for mental health
  405. Living with Asbestosis: My Journey So Far
  406. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help!
  407. Dealing with Chronic Neck Pain and Swelling
  408. Constant Foot Pain: Any Suggestions?
  409. Need advice on taking prazosin for nightmares and terrors
  410. How to Start Dating Again with Depression?
  411. Looking for others with LPR/ Silent Reflux
  412. Struggling with Consistent Medication Management
  413. Coping Mechanisms: How Do You Deal With Stress?
  414. Newer Anti-Coagulants for APS Treatment?
  415. Help with PCOS Symptoms
  416. Upper Left Abdomen Pain and Reflective Pain
  417. Dealing with Anxiety at Work: Entry Level Jobs and Coping Tips
  418. Redness and Tingling After Panic Attack
  419. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis at Work
  420. Newly Diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity: Need Advice!
  421. Managing Mental Health Symptoms: Best Treatments and Methods
  422. Dealing with College Burnout: Seeking Advice
  423. Coping with Bipolar and ADHD Symptoms
  424. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder: Need Advice
  425. Quick Relief for Migraines: Pineapple?
  426. Help with POTS Syndrome after COVID
  427. PCOS and Anxiety: Is There a Connection?
  428. What Are My Anxiety Triggers?
  429. How to Include Chronic Pain on Your Resume?
  430. Understanding Nocturnal Epilepsy Symptoms
  431. What to Expect After Endometriosis Diagnosis?
  432. Dealing with Hip Pain: Tips and Advice
  433. Dealing with Epilepsy without Medication
  434. Dealing with Gastroparesis: Seeking Advice
  435. Mood swings: Is it normal?
  436. Constant Hand Numbness: Need Advice
  437. Dealing with Worsening IBS Symptoms
  438. Diagnosed with CVS but No Vomiting?
  439. Living with Epilepsy and Insomnia: Seeking Advice
  440. Excruciating pain in legs and feet due to blood sugar spikes
  441. Struggling with B12 Deficiency: Seeking Answers
  442. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Any Advice?
  443. When were you diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?
  444. Chronic Vomiting: Need Advice
  445. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  446. Living with POTS: My Experience and Tips for Management
  447. Coping with ADHD: Tips and Tricks
  448. Looking for Friends with Dysautonomia
  449. Can PCOS be diagnosed with a blood test?
  450. Brain fog and vision loss - anyone else?
  451. Hopeful about my diabetes for the first time!
  452. Experiencing Tactile Flashbacks: Anyone Else?
  453. Coping with Medication: Seeking Advice
  454. Best medication for controlling epilepsy?
  455. In Need of Caring Ears: Seeking Support for Mental Health Struggles
  456. Concerns about Seizure Medication Side Effects
  457. Waking Up Breathless: What Could Be the Cause?
  458. Intense Neck Pain and Tightness: Need Advice
  459. Can I Use Cannabis with Alcoholic Cirrhosis?
  460. Coping with Emptiness: Tips and Tricks
  461. Struggling with Depression and Loss of Appetite
  462. Looking for someone with similar rare diseases
  463. Looking for effective RA medication suggestions
  464. Introducing Myself: A Recovering Addict with Anxiety and Depression
  465. Experiencing 'Drunkenness' with Migraines
  466. Dizziness and Vision: Possible Causes?
  467. Hypomanic Episodes: Triggers and Symptoms
  468. Natural Supplements for High Blood Pressure?
  469. Living with IBS-C: My Struggle with Daily Routine
  470. Understanding the Different Types of CMT
  471. Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Affect Concentration?
  472. Sharp Pain After Endometriosis Surgery
  473. Looking for Support and Advice for My Anxiety Diagnosis
  474. Suggestions for Braces and Joint Help?
  475. Chronic Diarrhea After Childbirth: Seeking Answers
  476. Struggling to Find a Doctor Who Will Listen About My Endo and PCOS Symptoms
  477. Looking for experiences with Graves disease
  478. Can I Smoke Weed After a Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Brain?
  479. Episodes of Abdominal and Chest Pain
  480. How to Improve Your Mental Health?
  481. Should I Use a Cane for My Collapsing Leg?
  482. Struggling with Communication Among System Members
  483. How to get rid of phlegm balls?
  484. Managing Anxiety Without Medication: Success Stories?
  485. Considering getting a dog to help with my mental health
  486. Headache and Neck Pain While Reading to Kids
  487. Managing Side Effects of Concerta 36 MG
  488. Dealing with MCAS Symptoms: Any Advice?
  489. Early Menopause and Memory Issues: Can They Be Related?
  490. Hot Flashes at Night: Menopausal Symptoms?
  491. Tips for Managing Pain During Exercise
  492. Tapering off Klonopin: Seeking Advice
  493. Tips for Avoiding Constipation with Kidney Stones
  494. Newly Diagnosed with RA: Need Coping Advice
  495. Recovering from Anal Surgery: Seeking Advice
  496. Diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, Need Advice
  497. Natural remedies for GERD-induced heartburn and nausea?
  498. Lightheadedness and Fast Heart Rate: Is it My Medication or Anxiety?
  499. Help! Seeking Diagnosis for Debilitating Symptoms
  500. Looking for Others with Vertigo Disorder
  501. Struggling with Medication Side Effects
  502. Experiencing Increased Pain Sensitivity
  503. Tips for Overcoming Driving Anxiety
  504. Looking for beginner-friendly yoga with fibromyalgia
  505. Struggling with Myasthenia Gravis: Seeking Advice
  506. Symptoms of Cervical Stenosis
  507. Tips for Treating Lyme Disease
  508. Calling out of work due to menstrual symptoms
  509. Considering Breast Biopsy for Non-Affected Breast Calcifications
  510. Panic Disorder and Shaky Vision: Anyone Else?
  511. Unusually Intense Mindpops with ADHD
  512. Feeling Tired After Taking BP Medication
  513. Could I be a diabetic?
  514. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  515. Constant Fatigue: Is It Just Me?
  516. Sensation of Slow Perception
  517. Looking for Support with BPD Diagnosis and Medication
  518. Meds Sensitivity and Vaccines: Any Tips?
  519. New to SNRI's and struggling with side effects
  520. Looking for Hashimoto's Medication with Fewer Side Effects
  521. Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder
  522. Struggling to Manage Blood Sugars: Need Advice
  523. Misleading Medical Test Results: Has This Happened to You?
  524. Quality of Life After Total Thyroidectomy
  525. Do Others Feel Urethral Pain with Interstitial Cystitis?
  526. Discovering the Low FODMAP Diet for IBS Relief
  527. Seeking Medical Advice for Gluten Issues
  528. Tips for Managing Burnout with ASD and ADHD
  529. Following Ana Count: Helpful or Harmful?
  530. Hiatal Hernia Surgery: Risks and Weight Loss Requirements
  531. Questions about SI Joint Fusion Surgery Recovery
  532. Tips and Strategies for Chronic Migraines
  533. Exploring Food Intolerance and Alternatives
  534. Tips for Getting a Formal Diagnosis
  535. Controlling Ascities and Muscle Loss with Cirrhosis of the Liver
  536. Managing an Emergency at 18 with Low Cortisol Levels
  537. Has anyone tried ketamine for pain?
  538. Experiencing Brain Fog - Is it Normal?
  539. Has Gabapentin Helped with Fibromyalgia?
  540. Questioning if I'm on the Autism Spectrum
  541. Should I Stick With a Strict Diet or Diversify?
  542. Struggling with Motivation and Accomplishment
  543. Struggling with Sleep Despite Multiple Medications
  544. Feeling Exhausted: How to Overcome Fatigue
  545. Riding Roller Coasters with hEDS: Tips and Experiences?
  546. Tips for Avoiding Sensory Overload
  547. Can Wellbutrin Trigger a Hypomanic Episode?
  548. Best ADHD meds without bad side effects?
  549. Major Appetite Loss Since Starting Medication
  550. Covid Vaccine: Is it Worth the Shot?
  551. Dealing with Leg Pain: Tips and Tricks
  552. Shortness of Breath on Blood Pressure Medication
  553. Filing for Disability with Chronic ITP and Lymphedema
  554. Struggling to find the right insomnia drug
  555. Newly Diagnosed with T2 Diabetes and HBP
  556. Struggling with Intimacy as an Autistic Person
  557. Coping with Pain: Tips and Tricks
  558. Sudden Panic and Deja Vu Feeling
  559. Looking for others with POTS or related disorders
  560. Help! My Knee is Giving Out and I'm Feeling Terrible
  561. Non-Medication Ways to Improve Mental Health
  562. Dealing with Parents' Comments on My Eating Disorder
  563. Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  564. Looking for Anxiety Support and Treatment Advice
  565. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Depression
  566. Dealing with Parosmia: Seeking Advice
  567. How do I motivate myself to eat when I'm not hungry?
  568. Struggling with Weight Loss and Nerve Damage
  569. Caring for a Husband with Failing Health: Coping with Pain and Limitations
  570. Dealing with Fatigue after Barretts Esophagus Procedure
  571. New to Chronic Fatigue and Random Hives
  572. Extreme Nausea and Dizziness After Showering - Any Advice?
  573. Parents don't believe my Autism diagnosis
  574. Struggling with High Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance
  575. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health?
  576. Struggling with ADHD Medication Side Effects
  577. SSRI's and Dissociation: Is There a Connection?
  578. Struggling with Infertility: Seeking Natural Remedies
  579. Abilify Prescription: Seeking Experiences
  580. Mysterious Fizzing Noise in My Head
  581. Can Psychosis be Cured Naturally?
  582. Dating with a diagnosis: Has it impacted your love life?
  583. Can't Stop Singing: OCD or Just Annoying?
  584. Passing out frequently, need advice
  585. Newbie with Pancreatic Issues Seeking Advice
  586. Managing Nutrients with Food Sensitivities
  587. Shaking in Hands After Strenuous Activity
  588. Alternative Treatments for Hashimoto's?
  589. Struggling to Exercise with Worsening Symptoms
  590. Struggling with Bipolar II: Seeking Advice on Medications and Treatments
  591. Managing Symptoms: Overcoming Challenges
  592. 4-day Migraine and Ear Pressure Pain
  593. Seeking Advice for Rare Movement Disorder
  594. Dealing with Overthinking: Tips and Tricks
  595. Severe Knee Pain from Autoimmune Problems
  596. Going Gluten-Free: My Struggle with IBS-D and Reflux
  597. Anxiety and Loss of Appetite: Coping Strategies?
  598. Looking for BPD treatment advice
  599. Treating ADHD or Anxiety First?
  600. Dealing with SVT and a Pacemaker
  601. Bipolar and Weed: Is it Safe?
  602. Should I Continue Therapy?
  603. Difficulty Communicating with Autism: Is it Normal?
  604. Uncommon Autism Symptoms: Hair Pulling and Exhaustion
  605. Sudden Allergic Reaction to Peanut Butter - Need Advice
  606. Low Blood Pressure or Low Blood Sugar?
  607. Uncommon Migraine Symptoms: Do You Have Any?
  608. Best route for MCAS diagnosis?
  609. Seeking Advice on Digestive Issues
  610. Health Anxiety: Tiny Spots of Bright Red Blood in Toilet Paper
  611. PTSD from Narcissistic Relationships
  612. Dealing with Chronic Migraines
  613. Controlling Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Advice
  614. Tips for Battling Brain Fog
  615. Join our Discord group chat for living with chronic pain/illness!
  616. Managing Depressive Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  617. Struggling with Post-Concussion Syndrome Migraines
  618. Constant Fatigue: What's Wrong with Me?
  619. Struggling with Handwriting Due to Autism and EDS
  620. Struggling with ADHD: Affordable Treatment Recommendations?
  621. Positive News About My Transition Journey
  622. Has anyone tried Zoloft? Need advice.
  623. How to Confirm Seronegative RA Diagnosis?
  624. Struggling with Hashimoto's Symptoms Despite Medication
  625. Tips for Losing Weight with ADHD and Obesity
  626. Struggling to Quit Smoking: Seeking Advice
  627. Shooting Pain in Left Arm: Need Advice
  628. Dealing with Misophonia and PMDD
  629. Constant pain and diarrhea with NAFLD diagnosis
  630. Weird Sleep Sensations
  631. Struggling with Dermatillomania: Seeking Advice
  632. Alternative ways to treat depression?
  633. Getting an Official Diagnosis for VSS
  634. Concerned about Anemia Symptoms
  635. Need Help with Arthritis Pain Relief
  636. Hair Loss After COVID: What's Happening to My Hair?
  637. New Anxiety Medication: Hydroxyine
  638. Navigating Mental Illness and Gender Identity
  639. Need snack ideas for gastroparesis diet
  640. Neglecting Supplements: Any Complications?
  641. Dealing with Health Anxiety: My Experience
  642. Struggling with Memory Loss due to Hypothyroidism
  643. Always Tired: Is It Normal?
  644. Struggling with Severe Food Allergies and EOE
  645. Struggling with PTSD Nightmares and Sleeplessness
  646. Concerned about my heart health, seeking advice
  647. Struggling to Initiate Tasks - Any Advice?
  648. Has Anyone Had a Full Hysterectomy Due to Endometriosis?
  649. Looking for Fibromyalgia Treatment Advice
  650. Heartburn Medication for Asthma?
  651. What is it like to get top surgery?
  652. Identifying ASD Characteristics
  653. Scared to Take Heavier Anxiety Meds: Need Advice
  654. Best Diet for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?
  655. Struggling with Weight Loss: Need Advice
  656. Struggling with Memory Loss and ADHD
  657. Looking for a cure for Ménière’s disease
  658. Dealing with PMDD and Endometriosis: Seeking Advice
  659. Questions about Atrial Fibrillation
  660. Looking for Medication Advice for PTSD, Depression, and Chronic Pain
  661. Two Handwritings and a Mental Block
  662. Sharp Rib Pain: Anxiety or Something More?
  663. Seeking Advice on Breast Cancer Hormonal Therapy Options
  664. Living with Absence Seizures: My Experience and Advice
  665. How to Start the Conversation About Therapy?
  666. Sudden Headaches: Anyone Else?
  667. Feeling wired on Wellbutrin
  668. How has Myasthenia Gravis affected your career/schooling?
  669. Blurry vision during migraines, anyone else?
  670. First Time Here, Anyone Had Cataract Surgery?
  671. Can TV Shows Trigger Paranoid Thoughts?
  672. Scoliosis Surgery Recovery: What to Expect
  673. Lyme Fatigue: Why Am I Still Tired?
  674. Does a gluten-free diet help with FM?
  675. Anyone taking Lexapro for anxiety?
  676. Misdiagnosed with BPD? Could it be ASD?
  677. Living Sober: My Experience in a Sober House
  678. Dealing with Endometriosis: Seeking Advice
  679. Alternative Ways to Manage Mental Health?
  680. First Time at Urgent Care for Migraine
  681. Admitting myself to inpatient facility as an adult
  682. Freaked Out by Sudden Venous/Circulation Issues
  683. Fibro Insomnia: Anyone Else Struggling?
  684. Struggling with Treatment Resistance for Fibromyalgia
  685. Need Help Relieving Back and Hip Pain
  686. Managing Anxiety with PTSD and Depression
  687. Migraines, Visual Snow, Delusions, and Spirituality
  688. Struggling to Make Friends in a New State
  689. Struggling with ADHD and Eating Disorder Recovery
  690. Trouble Focusing While Driving
  691. How did your fibromyalgia start?
  692. Muscle Rigidity - Seeking Advice
  693. Dealing with Anxiety: My Struggle and Seeking Help
  694. Tips for Managing a Bad POTS Flare
  695. New Onset Depression on Effexor: Anyone Else?
  696. Withdrawal Symptoms from Venlafaxine
  697. Finding the Right Neurologist: How Many Did You Go Through?
  698. Worsening anxiety on Lexapro
  699. Struggling with Depression and Cleaning
  700. Stomach Problems for a Month, Is it Normal?
  701. Tips for Getting Blood Drawn with hEDS and Sensory Processing Disorder
  702. When were you first diagnosed?
  703. Is it worth getting diagnosed with ADHD and taking medication?
  704. Mentally Dealing with Physical Pain
  705. Best Specialist for Diagnosis and Treatment Options
  706. Diagnosed with EOE: How Long Did It Take to Get Help?
  707. Feeling Trapped: My Experience with Hearing Loss
  708. Feeling Numb on Zoloft: Anyone Else?
  709. Looking for advice on ADHD medication and stimming
  710. Dealing with Uncontrollable Panic Attacks
  711. Feeling Pressured to Leave the House More
  712. Probiotics for Symptom Management: Any Success Stories?
  713. Dealing with Panic Disorder and BPD in Social Situations
  714. Advice needed for going gluten-free and organic on a budget
  715. Looking for Endometriosis Treatment Advice
  716. Asking for Reasonable Accommodation with Bipolar 2 and PTSD
  717. Vyvanse and Restlessness: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  718. Syringomyelia without Chiari?
  719. Dealing with Eczema on My Fingers
  720. What Does Fibro Pain Feel Like?
  721. Looking for Relief through Dietary Changes
  722. Seeking Advice for Diabetes Symptoms
  723. How to Manage Anxiety and Its Physical Symptoms
  724. Stanford Study: Marijuana Use and Heart Disease
  725. Feeling Off Balanced and Nervous: Health Anxiety or Something More?
  726. Should I Trust My New Medications?
  727. Reactions to Autism Disclosure
  728. Possible Sleep Apnea Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  729. Looking for Emotional Support and Friendship
  730. Managing Epilepsy: Tips and Tricks
  731. Struggling with OCD Validation: Seeking Advice
  732. Living with Fibromyalgia: My Journey
  733. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Pain: Seeking Advice
  734. Sweating Profusely on Zoloft - Is This a Side Effect?
  735. POTS and Periods: Does Anyone Else Experience Worsened Symptoms?
  736. Tips for managing CHF-related weight loss and exhaustion
  737. Understanding the Difference Between Quiet and Loud BPD
  738. Struggling with Weight Management? Share Your Tips!
  739. Struggling with Anxiety: My Story
  740. Feeling Dizzy and Nauseous - Is it a Heart Attack?
  741. Dealing with Self Consciousness of Skin Conditions
  742. Dealing with switching and work as a new system
  743. Chronic Leg Cramps: Should I Be Concerned?
  744. Struggling with Anxiety in Public Places
  745. Need Help with Symptoms After Nexplanon Removal
  746. Struggling with Depression and Socializing
  747. Will Taking This Medicine Make Me Sweat Horribly?
  748. Weighted Down with Anxiety
  749. New Medication for Seizures and Anxiety: Opinions Wanted
  750. Seeking Advice for Arthritis Symptoms in Wrist and Thumb
  751. Looking for Relief from Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  752. Struggling with Disordered Eating as an Older Adult
  753. Overcoming Brain Fog: Tips and Tricks
  754. Struggling with Zoloft: Is it working?
  755. Dealing with Menstrual Cravings and Emotional Roller Coasters
  756. Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome after 18, anyone else?
  757. Inventive Solutions for Everyday Problems: Is it an Autism Thing?
  758. High Blood Pressure in the Morning: What Should You Do?
  759. Dealing with Loneliness and Depression
  760. Late ASD Diagnosis: Anyone Else?
  761. Newly Diagnosed with T1D - Looking for Support
  762. Dealing with Change: Zoloft Side Effects
  763. VP Shunt and Headaches: Anyone Else?
  764. Considering Nexaplanon for PCOS - Any Experiences?
  765. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Nausea
  766. Tips for Improving Focus and Concentration
  767. Struggling to Get Doctors to Listen About Chronic Pain
  768. Introducing myself and asking about difficult illnesses
  769. My Recovery Journey: It Gets Better
  770. Concerned about my health, need advice
  771. Looking for POTS management tips
  772. Coping with Anxiety in Social Situations
  773. Struggling with ADHD in College
  774. Need advice on seeing a dermatologist
  775. Dealing with Chest Pressure and Light Pain
  776. Discovering a new hobby after leaving an abusive relationship
  777. Weight gain on Zoloft - looking for advice
  778. Iron Supplements for CFS: Did They Help?
  779. Dealing with Pain that Doesn't Show
  780. Laparoscopy Recovery: What to Expect
  781. Diagnosed with ASD, but afraid people don't believe me
  782. Dealing with EDs: Seeking Residential Treatment or Doing it at Home?
  783. Dealing with Chronic Lyme: Seeking Advice and Recommendations
  784. Non-Medication Options for Treating ADHD?
  785. Telling My Mom About My Alters
  786. Looking to Move Within the US with Health Concerns
  787. Frequent Vomiting: Seeking Advice
  788. Struggling to Eat: Need Help!
  789. Dealing with Pain: Tips and Tricks
  790. Managing Vitiligo: Tips and Tricks
  791. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  792. Looking for tips on managing osteoarthritis pain
  793. BPD and Libido: Does Anyone Else Struggle?
  794. How to Identify Hallucinations?
  795. Need help with masturbation
  796. Undiagnosed ADHD: Should I Try Medication?
  797. Fibro Fog in Hot Weather: Is it Common?
  798. PTSD or Autism? How to Tell the Difference
  799. Dealing with Panic Attack Episodes
  800. New CRPS patient seeking understanding and support
  801. Is it wrong to consider myself disabled?
  802. Struggling to talk about my possible autism diagnosis with family
  803. Non-Medication Stenosis Treatment Options?
  804. Looking for Clitorodynia Support
  805. Dealing with Excess Guilt in GAD
  806. Post-Thyroid Surgery Fatigue: Will It Ever End?
  807. Dealing with Stomach Issues for Over 20 Years
  808. Looking for Others with Occipital Lobe Epilepsy
  809. Dealing with PTSD Flashbacks: How to Cope
  810. Scoliosis surgery - What were your curve degrees?
  811. Dealing with Mental Health Issues: Tactile Hallucinations, Voices, Anxiety
  812. Dealing with Concussions from Extreme Sports
  813. How to Determine if Your Weight Loss is Healthy
  814. What does GERD feel like? No burning sensation here.
  815. How to Manage Worsening Fibro Symptoms at Home?
  816. Feeling Disconnected: Menopause or Fibromyalgia?
  817. GERD Symptoms Worse in Certain Seasons?
  818. Dupixent Journey: Share Your Experience
  819. Lost my job due to anxiety, need support
  820. How to help a teen with depression who won't talk?
  821. Dealing with Hepatic Encephalopathy Diagnosis
  822. Songs for Coping with Flashbacks
  823. Managing Schizophrenia: Struggling with Productivity
  824. Monitoring My Condition: Signs of Progression
  825. Coping with Depression: Seeking Advice and Support
  826. Crosslinking and Sclera Hard Contact Lenses for Keratoconus
  827. Looking for ways to alleviate low energy/mood with hypothyroidism treatment
  828. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice and Support
  829. Sudden Temperature Changes: Is It Raynaud's or Fibromyalgia?
  830. Struggling with Tics in a Judgemental Environment
  831. Living with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
  832. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Stomach Pain
  833. Lowering Blood Pressure and Foods for Anemia
  834. Dealing with Chronic Pain Without Pain Killers
  835. Seeking advice on getting diagnosed with ADD
  836. Dealing with Rebound Migraines and Strange Treatment Options
  837. Realistic Dreams and Emotional Drain
  838. Experiencing Raynaud's Symptoms Before Autoimmune Conditions?
  839. Struggling with Depression and Diabetes: How to Overcome Food Restrictions?
  840. Seeking Stage 1 Breast Cancer Survivor for Chat
  841. What Foods Should I Avoid While Taking Medication?
  842. Adjusting to New Medication: Will the Side Effects Go Away?
  843. Can Lumbar Stenosis Affect Upright Walking?
  844. Looking for Natural Anxiety Relief: Reishi Mushrooms and Kin Euphorics
  845. Severe Vertigo and Chest Pain
  846. My Experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy
  847. Dealing with Work Anxiety
  848. Autistic and have synesthesia? Share your sensory integration experience!
  849. How many antihistamines are too many?
  850. Seeking Specialist for POTS
  851. Share Your Sarcoidosis Symptoms and Medication Experience
  852. Need help with stomach pain from gastroparesis
  853. Looking for POTS Medication Recommendations
  854. My Diagnosis Journey: How Long Did It Take?
  855. Tips for Helping Someone with Social Anxiety Start Therapy
  856. Reducing Foot Neuropathy Severity in Diabetes
  857. Can Selenium Help with Thyroid Inflammation?
  858. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks and Thoughts
  859. Managing Mental Health: Beyond Medication
  860. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  861. New to the app, seeking advice for anxiety and depression
  862. Tips for Coping with Agoraphobia
  863. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  864. Dealing with mucus in stool and IBS flare ups
  865. Getting Lost in My Own Thoughts
  866. Feeling Emotionless: Anyone Else?
  867. Explaining My Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  868. Burning stinging calves after parathyroidectomy
  869. Episodic Rapid Weight Loss - Anyone Else?
  870. Looking for Lyrica experiences
  871. Feeling Uncomfortable in My Own Skin
  872. Overcoming Health Challenges: Coping Strategies
  873. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Seeking Advice
  874. Asking for Advice on Muscle Cramps
  875. Bad reaction to massage with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  876. Should I Reschedule My Medical Procedures Due to POTS Flare?
  877. Struggling with ADHD and Memory Loss
  878. Frequent Nightmares with BPD
  879. Questions about Fibromyalgia and POTS Symptoms
  880. Dealing with Dermatillomania: Seeking Advice
  881. Dealing with Chronic Pain After Vacation
  882. Nortriptyline 10mg Side Effects: Share Your Experience
  883. Schizoaffective Disorder and PCOS: A Possible Connection?
  884. Vaping to Cope with Anxiety: Is it a Good Idea?
  885. BPD and Sociopathy: Do You Feel Like a Psychopath?
  886. Home Remedies for Severe Migraines
  887. Compression Tights for POTS: Do They Actually Help?
  888. Cannabis for Joint Pain with POTS Diagnosis
  889. Dealing with Anxiety: To Take or Not to Take Medication?
  890. Bad Reaction to Massage: Anyone Else?
  891. Surviving Endometrial Cancer: Coping with Headaches, Anxiety, and Depression
  892. Morning Gagging: Anyone Else Experience This?
  893. Abdominal Migraines: Has Anyone Experienced Them?
  894. Endometriosis Diagnosis: How Long Did It Take?
  895. Exploring My Gender Identity: Need Advice
  896. Concerns about my health and mental well-being
  897. Seeking Advice: Could I Have Autism?
  898. Newly Diagnosed with POTS - Looking for Support
  899. Coping with the Incurable: My Struggle with Bipolar 2
  900. Struggling with Activation in the Morning
  901. Misdiagnosed with ADHD as a kid, later found out I have Autism
  902. Seeking Advice on Treatment Options
  903. Struggling with Nicotine Vape Addiction
  904. Curing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Naturally
  905. What's Your Go-To Coping Mechanism?
  906. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Any Tips?
  907. Struggling with Adderall Dosage - Looking for Advice
  908. Sore Finger Joints - Can't Move Knuckle
  909. Dealing with Anxiety While Driving on Highways
  910. Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease?
  911. Starting a New Job with Agoraphobia: Need Advice
  912. Looking for ADHD tips
  913. Need help managing anxiety in crowds
  914. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  915. Dealing with Family Members Who Don't Believe in Mental Illness
  916. Tips for Managing Anxiety-Induced Breathing Difficulties
  917. Looking for Non-Medication Migraine Relief
  918. Confused about my Chronic Pancreatitis Diagnosis
  919. Lyrica Dosage for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
  920. Struggling with ADHD and Self-Studying
  921. Living with Chronic Illness as a Single Mom
  922. Looking for non-medical treatments for mental health
  923. Is it wrong to find everything annoying?
  924. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Insomnia: Seeking Advice
  925. Looking for help with non-epileptic seizures
  926. Looking for Hodgkin's Lymphoma Support
  927. Has anyone tried Hem Healer for external hemorrhoids?
  928. Lack of Motivation: What's Happening to Me?
  929. Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help with Sjogrens Symptoms?
  930. Looking for someone who can relate to my health struggles
  931. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Could My Aches and Pains Be Amplified by Anxiety?
  932. Choosing Between Medications: Vyvanse vs Clonopin
  933. Struggling with Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome - Need Advice
  934. Frequent Vivid and Scary Dreams: What Can I Do?
  935. Digital Spoon Tracking for Chronic Illness
  936. Winter Woes: My Health is Taking a Hit
  937. Lifestyle changes for Hashimotos disease
  938. Coping with Epilepsy: Tips and Tricks
  939. Dependence on Marijuana for Anxiety Relief
  940. Making the Decision to Get a Mobility Aid
  941. Supplements and Practices for Mental Health
  942. Pure OCD: How Common Is It?
  943. Finding Support Beyond Medication
  944. Understanding PTSD Flashbacks: Can You Help?
  945. Struggling with Safety Seeking OCD as a Parent
  946. Should I be on medication?
  947. Dealing with Bipolar: My Story
  948. How do you cope with mental illness?
  949. Considering a Medication Change for My Mental Health
  950. Overcoming Social Stigma in Mental Health Diagnosis
  951. Seeking advice on ADHD/ADD treatment
  952. Understanding My DID: Struggles and Questions
  953. Questioning if I have OSDD: How do you tell for sure?
  954. Smoking weed with uncontrolled asthma
  955. Just diagnosed with UC, seeking advice
  956. Struggling to Eat Healthy with PCOS While Traveling
  957. Struggling with Self-Care and Motivation
  958. Need advice on what to eat for gout treatment
  959. Anxiety-Related Aches and Pains: Should I Be Worried?
  960. How can I boost my hemoglobin levels?
  961. Tips for Dealing with Night Terrors
  962. Crying as a Coping Mechanism for Anxiety: Is it Healthy?
  963. Dealing with Chronic Pain Flare Ups
  964. Is Daily Cannabis Use Something to Feel Guilty About?
  965. Dealing with a Painful Gout Flare: Need Advice
  966. Struggling to Accept Help: Any Advice?
  967. Anxiety and Hallucinations: Anyone Else?
  968. Unmasking and Stimming: Dealing with Social Pressure
  969. What treatments have you tried for bipolar and depression?
  970. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  971. Struggling with Bipolar Depression: My Journey So Far
  972. Recommendations for AIP Cookbooks?
  973. Bleeding after sex with vaginismus - should I see a doctor?
  974. Coping with Multiple Mental Disorders
  975. Looking for Support with Knee Replacement and Mental Health Issues
  976. High C Reactive Protein Levels
  977. Hair Loss and Brittle Nails on Synthroid: Should I See a Specialist?
  978. Opinions on Abilify?
  979. High Sex Drive: How Do You Cope?
  980. Understanding Gastrin and B12 Levels in NET Bloodworkup
  981. Exploring Special Interests in Autism
  982. Menopause and Weight Gain: Seeking Advice
  983. Burning Sensation in Back When Standing - Any Advice?
  984. Stomach Pain and Acid Reflux: Any Thoughts?
  985. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression
  986. Struggling with Being Underweight
  987. Feeling Exhausted All the Time: Is It Laziness or Depression?
  988. Positive Covid Test Triggering Health Anxiety
  989. Do I Need a Diagnosis for DID?
  990. Positive ANA and RNP: Early Stage Autoimmune Disease?
  991. Finding New Doctors and Therapists as an Adult
  992. Managing Symptoms at Night: Alternatives to Self-Medicating with Alcohol
  993. Affordable Alternatives to Apple Watch for Heart Rate Monitoring
  994. Looking for Vitamins to Combat Fatigue
  995. Why do I feel sad around my roommates?
  996. To Medicate or Not to Medicate: That is the Question
  997. Skin Bumps and Tags: Normal or Cause for Concern?
  998. How Long Have You Been on Birth Control for PCOS?
  999. How to Get Your Doctor to Listen About Trauma-Based Illness
  1000. Dealing with Terrible Night Sweats
  1001. Tips for Managing Dissociation
  1002. Most effective interventions for symptom management?
  1003. Quick and Filling Meals for ADHD Alikes on Medication
  1004. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: What to Do?
  1005. Dealing with Relationship OCD
  1006. Has anyone had the Botox stomach procedure?
  1007. New symptom: ringing in left ear and hearing loss
  1008. Concerns about my daughter's speech regression
  1009. Managing Anxiety Attacks: A Simple Trick
  1010. Share Your Treatment Success Stories
  1011. Constant Nausea: Seeking Easy and Cheap Relief
  1012. Tips for Remembering Medications Without Alarms
  1013. Running out of Meds: What to Expect?
  1014. Newly Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Seeking Advice
  1015. Tips for Clearing Fibromyalgia Fog
  1016. Treatment for Subclinical Hyperthyroidism: What to Expect
  1017. How to Tell Friends About My Epilepsy?
  1018. Is my Endo at stage 4?
  1019. Struggling with POTS symptoms: seeking advice
  1020. Trulicity causing stomach issues and exhaustion
  1021. Focal Epilepsy and Hallucinations: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  1022. Feeling Tired? Check Your Iron Levels
  1023. Choosing the Right Treatment for CLL: What Works Best?
  1024. Is it wrong to talk about being autistic?
  1025. New here, need advice on allergic reaction to weeds
  1026. Drowsiness from Zanix
  1027. Weight gain and medication: Has anyone else experienced this?
  1028. Managing Brain Fog and Anxiety
  1029. Managing Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1030. Stuttering and Vocal Tics When Talking About Trauma
  1031. Tiredness from Lamictal
  1032. Nervous About Kidney Doctor Visit and Diet Tips Needed
  1033. Struggling to Get a Celiac Disease Diagnosis?
  1034. Frustrated with Unanswered Blood Tests for Autoimmune Disease
  1035. Dealing with Morning Anxiety: Tips Needed
  1036. Should I Start Medication for My Anxiety and Depression?
  1037. Going to College with Chronic Pain: What Should I Prepare For?
  1038. Living with Traumatic Brain Injury: Challenges and Questions
  1039. Tips for Controlling Blood Sugar Levels
  1040. Alternative Pain Management Techniques
  1041. How to Remember to Take Your Medication
  1042. Struggling with Low Energy and Negative Thoughts
  1043. Can Childhood Whooping Cause PTSD?
  1044. How to Calm Waves of Mania Sooner?
  1045. Struggling to Lose Weight: Need Help!
  1046. Struggling with Weight Gain: Will I Ever Lose It?
  1047. Tips for Taking Amoxicillin
  1048. Looking for Advice on Cardiomyopathy Treatment
  1049. Struggling with my sexuality and BPD
  1050. Struggling with Memory Loss
  1051. Weird Symptoms: Always Tired, Rarely Hungry, and Waking Up Puking
  1052. Need Help Managing Anxiety Attacks
  1053. Dealing with Chronic Illness: Tips for Managing Flare Ups
  1054. Looking for support with ANCA Vasculitis and RPGN kidney disease
  1055. How to ask for ADHD meds without sounding like a pill-seeker
  1056. Managing Fibromyalgia and Work
  1057. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1058. Dealing with Chronic Reflux: My Struggle and Solutions
  1059. Alternative treatments for Crohn's Disease?
  1060. Is it normal to feel the need to masturbate every day?
  1061. Struggling with Anemia and Kidney Disease
  1062. Living with Congenital Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  1063. Feeling Frozen: Struggling with Motivation
  1064. Recently Diagnosed: Where Do I Begin?
  1065. How to prevent weight gain with neck and back problems?
  1066. Inquiring About Symptoms
  1067. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Mental Health
  1068. Struggling with Finding Romantic Relationships with Turner Syndrome
  1069. Extreme Pain After Kidney Stone Stent Placement
  1070. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice
  1071. Need advice for pain relief with bulging discs
  1072. Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder
  1073. Controlling Restless Leg Syndrome
  1074. Popping sensation in my neck
  1075. Dealing with Unexplained Diarrhea: Seeking Advice
  1076. Struggling with Swallowing: Seeking Advice
  1077. Overcoming Postpartum Depression: Share Your Story
  1078. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  1079. Dealing with Bipolar Tendencies and Medication
  1080. Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery: Tips and Advice
  1081. Side Effects of Seizure Medication
  1082. Looking for Guidance on Bipolar 2 Diagnosis
  1083. What types of medication are effective for you?
  1084. Struggling with Weight Loss and Health Issues
  1085. Struggling with Mental Health Medication
  1086. Feeling Sick on Antibiotics
  1087. Just diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, need advice
  1088. Are my herpes symptoms normal?
  1089. Frustrated with Doctors' Responses to Health Concerns
  1090. How to Maintain Normal Blood Pressure?
  1091. Dealing with Seizures and Strained Relationships
  1092. Numbing Pain in Feet: Seeking Advice
  1093. How to recover from depersonalization?
  1094. Trying to Quit Drinking While Living with Another Alcoholic
  1095. Non-Medication Ways to Relieve Depression and Anxiety?
  1096. Dealing with Chronic Neuropathy Pain: Seeking Advice
  1097. Living with Lupus: Tips for a Healthier Life
  1098. Managing GERD: Need advice on taking meds with an empty stomach
  1099. Tips for Grounding During a Panic Attack
  1100. Random Genital Paper Cuts: Anyone Else?
  1101. Struggling with Picky Eating Since Childhood
  1102. Parenting with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and Possibly Autism
  1103. Dealing with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Seeking Answers and Support
  1104. Need Help with Constipation Relief
  1105. MS and Computer Science: Is Calculus a Concern?
  1106. Seeking advice on anxiety medication
  1107. Newly Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Advice and Encouragement
  1108. Dealing with Migraines After a Brain Injury
  1109. Stopping Protonix for GERD: How Do You Feel?
  1110. Crying Fits with Schizoaffective Disorder
  1111. Feeling Weird Being Left Home Alone
  1112. Explaining Frequent Bathroom Breaks with Crohn's Disease
  1113. Can Depression Persist Despite Medication?
  1114. Severe Foot Issues with Psoriatic Arthritis
  1115. Hyper Fixation on TV Shows: Is it ADHD?
  1116. How does menstruation affect BPD symptoms?
  1117. Rapidly Growing Painful Condition - Need Suggestions
  1118. Looking for Pain Relief: Any Suggestions?
  1119. Do you ever have 'good' days in Anorexia recovery?
  1120. Can't stop craving food
  1121. Looking for alternative Sarcoidosis treatments
  1122. Low Oxygen Levels and Need for Oxygen Support
  1123. Coping with Anxiety: Do You Have Any Habits?
  1124. Tips for explaining mental health symptoms to a doctor
  1125. Transitioning to a Gluten-Free Diet: Tips and Advice
  1126. Need help with tongue/mouth issues
  1127. Need advice on seeing a rheumatologist
  1128. How Can I Manage Lupus Flare-Ups?
  1129. Navigating Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Limited Resources
  1130. Tips for Managing Nighttime Anxiety?
  1131. Wellbutrin XR Side Effects
  1132. Dealing with Seizures Again
  1133. Struggling to Eat Healthy with a Medical Condition
  1134. Constant Headache and Nausea from Medication
  1135. Struggling with Intimacy: Pain and Hormones
  1136. Struggling with Exercise Motivation
  1137. Using a cane again after a break, need encouragement
  1138. Dealing with Epilepsy: My Experience and Advice
  1139. Seeking Advice on Migraine Prevention
  1140. Has anyone tried Vraylar for intrusive thoughts and dissociation?
  1141. Doctor not listening to my side effect concerns
  1142. Struggling with Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  1143. Low Iron Levels Despite Regular Intake of Iron Gummies
  1144. Looking for advice on vestibular anxiety medication
  1145. Dealing with Digestive Issues After Covid-19
  1146. Managing Schizophrenia: Share Your Journey
  1147. Recognizing the Signs of a Manic Episode
  1148. Experiencing Lack of Therapeutic Effect from ADHD Medication
  1149. What do you recommend for PCOS?
  1150. Looking for Chronically Ill Friends
  1151. Experiencing Fibro Fog on Gabapentin: Need Advice
  1152. Struggling to Get Pregnant: Seeking Advice
  1153. Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosis: What Worked for You?
  1154. Struggling to Work on Antipsychotics?
  1155. Eating with Anxiety: Is it Normal?
  1156. Feeling Depressed and Don't Know Why
  1157. Struggling with Exercise and Shortness of Breath
  1158. Disclosing Chronic Illness to a Potential Partner
  1159. Lyrica Effectiveness for Diabetic Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia
  1160. Struggling to Sleep: Why Can't I Get a Good Night's Rest?
  1161. Dealing with Psychotic Episode Aftermath
  1162. Dealing with Driving Anxiety
  1163. MTHFR Gene Mutation and Zoloft: Any Experiences?
  1164. Looking for advice on treating Trichotillomania
  1165. Late Night Adderall Dilemma: Need to Focus but Can't Take It
  1166. Dealing with HS and Body Image Issues
  1167. Struggling with Nausea and Lightheadedness
  1168. Coping with Emotional Struggles of Lupus
  1169. Managing Anxiety During Pregnancy: Seeking Advice
  1170. Dealing with Chronic Abdominal Pain and Sickness
  1171. Botox or Monthly Shots for Migraine?
  1172. Managing Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1173. Bupropion and Sertraline: Anyone had success?
  1174. Experiencing Increased Pain on Medication
  1175. Insane Ingrown Hairs with EDS
  1176. Is Borderline Personality Disorder worse than depression?
  1177. Struggling with Back Pain: Seeking Recommendations
  1178. Feeling Cut Off: Undiagnosed Female with Social Struggles
  1179. Looking for advice on Crohn's treatment options
  1180. Tingling and Pins and Needles in Arms and Legs at Night
  1181. Help with Symptoms and Diagnosis for Ana Positive and Double Strained DNA Positi…
  1182. UTI Symptoms: Fast Heartbeat and Dizziness
  1183. Conceiving with a Pituitary Tumor: Any Success Stories?
  1184. Long-term effects of ADHD medication use
  1185. Need a Second Opinion on My Eating Habits
  1186. Struggling with inattentive ADHD: seeking advice
  1187. Starting Lamictal - Need Tips!
  1188. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  1189. Exploring Non-Medication Treatment Options
  1190. How to Stop Being So Sexual?
  1191. Considering Anti-Psychotics for OCD
  1192. Coping with anxiety when loved ones leave
  1193. How long have you been diagnosed with Bipolar
  1194. Dealing with Medication Side Effects
  1195. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Medication
  1196. Preventing Flares: Non-Medication Tips
  1197. Hyper focusing on objects in a store
  1198. Confused about my blood sugar levels
  1199. Need advice on partial hysterectomy recovery
  1200. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder and BPD
  1201. Struggling with Coping After Therapy Sessions
  1202. Vraylar causing fidgeting?
  1203. Finding the Right Medication: My Experience with a Great Doctor
  1204. What does remission from Crohn's feel like?
  1205. Struggling with Bipolar Symptoms
  1206. Severe Shortness of Breath with Long COVID
  1207. Feeling Tired All the Time: Is It Normal?
  1208. Could my doctors be missing something?
  1209. Struggling with Direction and Tourette Syndrome
  1210. Inexpensive headache relief options?
  1211. Questioning My Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  1212. Looking for alternatives to Vyvanse for ADHD symptoms
  1213. Struggling with Medication for Anxiety and Depression
  1214. Vitamin Deficiency and EDS: How Much is Due to Aging and Diet?
  1215. Are Flashbacks Like the Movies?
  1216. Severe Migraines and Confusion - Seeking Advice
  1217. Struggling with PCOS and Weight Gain
  1218. Dealing with Dental Anxiety: My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience
  1219. Sjorgens and Taste: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  1220. Does Asthma Cause Temperature Spikes?
  1221. Alternative Treatments for Herniated Disc?
  1222. Lower Back Pain and Pins and Needles in Feet
  1223. Help! Itchy Throat from Seasonal Allergies
  1224. Missed Period with PCOS - Could I Be Pregnant?
  1225. Coping with Dislocated Joints: Any Tips?
  1226. Struggling to Swallow Pills
  1227. Struggling with Bad Dreams and Restless Sleep
  1228. Dealing with Painful Varicose Veins: Seeking Advice
  1229. Struggling with Weight: Need Exercise Suggestions
  1230. Looking for Adderall Alternatives for Studying Abroad
  1231. Anyone tried Topamax for migraine prevention?
  1232. Struggling with Weight Loss and Budgeting as a College Student
  1233. Do you struggle with insomnia?
  1234. My Jaw Hurts So Bad - What Do I Do?
  1235. Compulsive Counting: How Do I Stop?
  1236. Need advice on WPW flare ups after COVID diagnosis
  1237. Managing PCOS: Seeking Advice
  1238. Looking for Alternatives to Medication for Depression and Anxiety
  1239. Do Others Have Bodily Twitches Like Me?
  1240. Dealing with Breast Cancer Anxiety
  1241. Anyone tried Topamax for migraine prevention?
  1242. Dealing with Anger and Anxiety Around Family
  1243. Weed and Bipolar Meds: Safe or Not?
  1244. Feeling Dizzy and Nauseous After Sleeping
  1245. New here, looking for support with mental health and fitness goals
  1246. Exploring Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health
  1247. Dealing with Heart Attack Symptoms: Can Lifestyle Changes Help?
  1248. When were you diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
  1249. How Can I Get Motivated Again?
  1250. Need advice on treating a persistent cold sore
  1251. Has anyone tried Amitriptyline?
  1252. Experiencing a Dreamlike State: Is it Anxiety or Something Else?
  1253. Recurring Headaches, Nausea, and Exhaustion - Seeking Help
  1254. Looking for natural remedies for my psoriasis
  1255. Dealing with High Heart Rate and Anxiety
  1256. Persistent Skin Rash from Cat Scratch
  1257. Preventing Bone Loss While Taking Letrozole: Seeking Advice
  1258. Need Help with Driving Anxiety
  1259. Looking for Home Remedies
  1260. Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Without Medications
  1261. Living with Hashimoto's: Managing Symptoms without Medication
  1262. Dealing with Work-Related Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1263. Can You Get Disability for Fibromyalgia?
  1264. Managing Overwhelming Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  1265. Confused about my diagnosis, need advice
  1266. Smoking Weed While on Lamictal: Potential Risks and Interactions
  1267. First Time Taking Ritalin for CFS: Need Advice
  1268. Can People with Fibromyalgia Exercise?
  1269. Dreams during Sleep Paralysis
  1270. Feeling Emotionally Numb and Hopeless
  1271. Struggling with EDS and High-Impact Activities
  1272. Overthinking ADHD Diagnosis
  1273. Looking for Advice on Chronic Migraine Injections
  1274. Dealing with Anxiety at a New Job
  1275. Weaning off Clonzapam for Panic Attacks
  1276. Need Help Relieving Chest Pain from Anxiety
  1277. Dealing with Family Who Don't Believe My Diagnosis
  1278. Has anyone experienced a second COVID-19 infection?
  1279. Dealing with ADHD and Poor Academic Performance
  1280. Managing Symptoms and Embracing a New Lifestyle
  1281. Overcoming Agoraphobia: My Journey to a New Life
  1282. Dealing with Endometriosis Pain After Surgery
  1283. Discovering My Aspergers Diagnosis
  1284. Managing Flare Ups: Tips and Tricks
  1285. Looking for CIDP Support
  1286. Looking for Medication and Healthcare Recommendations
  1287. Swollen Hands?
  1288. Combatting Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  1289. Non-medical ways to treat ADHD: Seeking advice
  1290. Managing My Worst Symptom: Share Your Tips
  1291. Recently diagnosed with CHF? Let's talk.
  1292. Struggling with Gender Identity and Body Image
  1293. Struggling to Quit Smoking Due to Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder
  1294. Managing Fibromyalgia at Work: Tips and Tricks
  1295. Extreme Tiredness During Periods
  1296. Struggling to Focus During Conversations
  1297. High Free T4, Low T3, and Off the Chart High B12 Level: What's Going On?
  1298. Struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
  1299. Dealing with Social Anxiety
  1300. To Remove or Not to Remove Thyroid: A Dilemma
  1301. How did you get diagnosed with POTS?
  1302. Dealing with Neurocardiogenic Syncope: Tips and Tricks
  1303. Nausea and Vaginal Pain After Sex with Endometriosis
  1304. What Are Your Struggles?
  1305. Describing Auditory and Visual Hallucinations
  1306. Need advice for pain management
  1307. Dealing with Side Effects of New Medication
  1308. Struggling with Early Mornings Due to ADHD
  1309. Managing POTS Triggers in the Summer Heat
  1310. Experiencing Widespread Pain
  1311. Complications of Beta Thalassemia Intermediate
  1312. Is My Puffy Face a Sign of Rejection?
  1313. Living with Type 1 Diabetes in the US
  1314. Feeling Guilty About Skipping School for Mental Health
  1315. Hair Loss on Methotrexate: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  1316. Struggling to articulate my thoughts during conversations
  1317. Scared of Unspecific Hypertension
  1318. Ileocecal Resection - Anyone with Experience?
  1319. Coping with Panic Attacks While Traveling
  1320. Anxiety Headaches: Causes and Remedies
  1321. Living with EDS: Share your experiences
  1322. Dealing with Phobias: Coping Strategies
  1323. Fainting Spells and Seeking a Second Opinion
  1324. Looking for people with hEDS/HSD to talk to
  1325. Dealing with Extreme Stress and Anxiety
  1326. Understanding My Disorder: Seeking Advice
  1327. How much Vitamin D is really necessary?
  1328. Struggling to Live in the Present
  1329. Looking for Advice on Getting New AFOs Without Insurance
  1330. Job Struggles During Episodes
  1331. Seeing Things When Stressed
  1332. Dealing with Lichen Sclerosis: Painful Sex and Wrinkly Skin
  1333. Struggling with Motivation: Can't Get Anything Done
  1334. Looking for advice on changing medications
  1335. Dealing with Allergic Arthritis from Xolair Shots
  1336. Has Anyone Lost Weight with Ozempic?
  1337. Help! I think I have a rib out of place.
  1338. Dealing with Painful Skin Sores
  1339. Treating Chronic Urticaria: Seeking Advice
  1340. Dealing with Anxiety at Work
  1341. Looking for others who have undergone CPT therapy for PTSD
  1342. Navigating Full-Time Work with Chronic Illness: My Story
  1343. Dealing with Anxiety and Heart Health Concerns
  1344. Struggling to Keep Going
  1345. What's the worst symptom you have?
  1346. Creating Distractions to Avoid Negative Feelings
  1347. Looking for Advice on Exercising with Hyperadrenergic POTS
  1348. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Shortness of Breath and Dizziness
  1349. Dealing with Bunion Pain and Diabetes
  1350. How to Get Out of Your Head: Tips and Tricks
  1351. How to Stop Picking at Psoriasis on My Forehead?
  1352. Looking for natural remedies for psoriasis
  1353. Managing Chronic Pain: How Bad is Your Pain on a Daily Basis?
  1354. MRI Woes: How Do You Cope?
  1355. Dealing with Overactive Bladder: Seeking Advice
  1356. Struggling with Routine and ADD during Quarantine
  1357. Looking for a cure for severe dry eye
  1358. Need Migraine Relief Tips
  1359. Looking for Advice on Chronic Pain Management
  1360. Looking for Fibromyalgia Treatment Suggestions
  1361. Finding the Right Treatment: Prescription or Home Remedies?
  1362. Missed Diagnosis by Rheumatologist
  1363. Do You Think You Have BPD? Let's Talk About It
  1364. Surviving Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer: My Journey
  1365. Has anyone been in a mental facility?
  1366. Managing Gallstones: To Remove or Not to Remove?
  1367. Help with Echolalia in ASD
  1368. Constant Dizziness: Seeking Advice
  1369. Has anyone tried ashwagandha for stress?
  1370. Looking for Someone Who Understands My Daily Struggle with Chronic Pain
  1371. Advice on getting Adderall for untreated ADHD
  1372. Possible POTS Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  1373. Feeling the Aftermath of Overdoing It
  1374. Scared of My Neurologist's Sleep Study Order
  1375. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health
  1376. Dealing with Osteoporosis Diagnosis at 58
  1377. Constant Body Pain: What's Going On?
  1378. Tips for Safe Exercise with Fear of Blockage Dislodgement
  1379. Debilitating SI Joint Pain: Can't Even Get Dressed
  1380. Worried About My Social Anxiety
  1381. Dealing with Facial Hair Due to PCOS
  1382. Pain and Numbness After Discectomy Surgery: Is it Normal?
  1383. Anxious and Tired: Struggling with Autistic Burnout
  1384. Looking for a Miracle Cure
  1385. Coping with COPD: Seeking Advice from Others
  1386. Abdominal Discomfort with PCOS/Cysts: Anyone Else?
  1387. Considering Pregnancy with Grave's Disease: Need Advice on Treatment Options
  1388. Moving On From the Past: Tips and Advice
  1389. Rediscovering Myself Through Outdoor Activities
  1390. Body Aches and Shaking: Anyone Experienced This?
  1391. Can Stress Cause a Rash on Your Neck?
  1392. Living with Lupus and Reynalds: How Long Have You Had It?
  1393. Managing Emotions on Steroids for Lupus Flare
  1394. Struggling with Socializing: Shutting Down in Public
  1395. Split End Obsession: How to Stop?
  1396. Newly Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorder, Seeking Advice
  1397. Sudden Diarrhea After Treatment for H. Pylori and Giardia
  1398. Living with T.T.P: Can it come back?
  1399. Coping with Overactive Bladder: Seeking Advice
  1400. Struggling with Fibromyalgia: Need Motivation to Get Better
  1401. Lazy tendencies and pushy relationships
  1402. Going Vegan: Can it Help Your Condition?
  1403. Tips for Losing Belly Fat as a Teen
  1404. Acid Reflux from Dairy?
  1405. Looking for Support and Friendship with Fibromyalgia and Weight Loss
  1406. Safe Medications for Pregnancy
  1407. Severe Neck Pain with EDS: Seeking Advice
  1408. Starting Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Need Advice
  1409. Coping with EDS Pain: Need Help for Programming and Digital Art Classes
  1410. Feeling like a fraud
  1411. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Suggestions Needed
  1412. Dealing with Nightmares
  1413. Fatigue on Period: Depression or Anxiety?
  1414. Looking for Support with ILD Diagnosis
  1415. Extreme Leg Weakness - Need Advice
  1416. Mirtazapine causing overeating, worried about health
  1417. Dealing with Multiple Diagnosis: Seeking Alternative Treatments
  1418. How to Get Out of a Depressive Episode?
  1419. Daily regimens for POTS syndrome
  1420. Midodrine for Orthostatic Hypotension
  1421. Dealing with Severe Pelvic Pain: Seeking Advice
  1422. Pregnancy and POTS: How Does It Affect Symptoms?
  1423. Identifying Flares: A Beginner's Guide
  1424. Looking for advice on mental health treatment
  1425. Sudden Heartburn-Like Symptoms with Adderall XR and Sertraline
  1426. When were you diagnosed?
  1427. Managing Bipolar Disorder: What Works Best?
  1428. Dealing with Chronic Pain at Work
  1429. Effective Treatments for Chronic Fatigue and Career Struggles
  1430. Giving up on having a baby at 45
  1431. Dealing with a Choking Phobia
  1432. What are the Benefits of Cannabis for Migraines?
  1433. Impact of Diagnosis on Mental Health Recovery
  1434. How Long Did It Take to Get Diagnosed?
  1435. Struggling to Manage Symptoms at Work
  1436. How to tell if your Fibromyalgia is worsening?
  1437. Managing High Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1438. Living with Fibromyalgia in Hot Weather
  1439. Looking for advice on ADHD testing
  1440. Help! I Can't Stop Biting My Nails and Picking My Skin
  1441. Has anyone with C-PTSD tried EMDR?
  1442. Dealing with Another UTI: Waiting for Answers
  1443. Looking for Others on Dialysis
  1444. Looking for DBT Results
  1445. Leg Aches with Anorexia: Normal or Not?
  1446. What Does Bipolar Psychosis Feel Like?
  1447. Looking for Someone Who Understands: Living with RA
  1448. PCOS and No Period: Is it Normal?
  1449. Do You Struggle with Speech Difficulty?
  1450. Seeking Disability for Mental Illness: Has Anyone Been Approved?
  1451. Zoloft and newfound apathy: anyone else experiencing this?
  1452. Struggling with Trust Issues and Expanding My Circle
  1453. Sudden bladder loss, what's happening to me?
  1454. Dealing with Muscle Atrophy: When Will I Feel Strong Again?
  1455. Seeking advice on clozapine as a replacement for antipsychotics
  1456. Lost all my teeth due to SS, struggling with self-esteem
  1457. Anti-Gluten Pills: Do They Work?
  1458. Struggling with Socializing: Need Advice
  1459. Turmeric and Ginger Capsules: Any Success?
  1460. What helped you on your health journey?
  1461. Zoning out and ringing ears - anyone else?
  1462. Struggling to Work from Home with Chronic Illness
  1463. Living with Chronic Kidney Disease and Anemia
  1464. Tips for Managing Panic Attacks
  1465. Can't Remember Life Without Depression
  1466. Tremors and Body Jerks with Fibromyalgia
  1467. Living with a Chronic Illness: My Experience
  1468. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Brain Fog and Memory Loss
  1469. Looking for advice on amphetamine stimulants
  1470. Dealing with Family's Discomfort with Stimming
  1471. When to Go to the ER: Tips and Tricks
  1472. Has Your Perception of Happiness Been Ruined?
  1473. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  1474. Struggling with Loss of Appetite: How to Make Yourself Eat?
  1475. Birth Control Can Trigger Lupus: My Experience
  1476. Coping with Chronic Illness: Tips for Managing Mental Health
  1477. Concerns about heart health
  1478. Help! I've had hives for months and nothing is working!
  1479. Struggling with Symptom Control
  1480. Failed Cervical Fusion Surgery - Seeking Advice
  1481. How is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosed?
  1482. Dealing with Psoriasis and Arthritis
  1483. Newbie seeking advice on managing anxiety and panic attacks
  1484. Abdominal Pains and Nausea: Is it Chronic Pancreatitis?
  1485. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1486. Starting Sertraline: Tips and Side Effects
  1487. Struggling with RA Diagnosis and Medication
  1488. Understanding the Differences in Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  1489. Need advice on using oxygen for PH
  1490. Joint Pain in Humid Weather
  1491. Relieving My PCP of Much of My Care
  1492. Isometric Exercises for Fibro and CFS/ME
  1493. Coping with MS Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1494. Exercises for Exercise Intolerance
  1495. Dealing with Lower Back Pain: Seeking Advice
  1496. Looking for advice on managing GAD symptoms
  1497. Terrible Headache and Pain
  1498. Heart Palpitations and Panic Disorder
  1499. Frequent Urination and Pain: Seeking Relief
  1500. Introducing Myself: Todd's Cancer Journey
  1501. Dealing with Heart Palpitations: Tips and Advice
  1502. Dealing with Glaucoma: Can Eye Size Return to Normal?
  1503. First dose of Ozempic for PCOS - Tips and Experiences?
  1504. How to Clear HPV 16: Tips and Advice
  1505. Dealing with Mood Swings and Random Crying
  1506. Struggling with Weight Gain on Lithium for BPD
  1507. Tips for Working with Severe PNES?
  1508. Dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome in My Hands
  1509. Overcoming Elevator Anxiety
  1510. Possible Bipolar Diagnosis: Struggling with Exhaustion and Relationship Tension
  1511. Ways to Improve Mental Health Without Medication
  1512. Dealing with Chronic Nausea and Vomiting
  1513. Living with hEDS, Dysautonomia, and Mental Health Issues
  1514. Advice for managing bipolar and comorbidities
  1515. Tips for Managing Chronic Severe Pain
  1516. Alternative treatments for Hashimotos?
  1517. Misdiagnosed with BPD instead of Autism
  1518. Living with Eczema: My Experience and Tips
  1519. Bruising on Luvox: Anyone else experienced this?
  1520. Should I Take Anti-Anxiety Pills Despite My Family's Disapproval?
  1521. Anxiety and Sleep: Is There a Connection?
  1522. Navigating Life with RA and hEDS
  1523. Tics coming back after months of absence
  1524. Feeling Dizzy When Standing Up
  1525. Feeling Dizzy After Showering
  1526. Advice on Breaking the Struggle Cycle
  1527. Possible Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  1528. Treating Symptoms vs. Tackling Root Issues: Which is More Effective?
  1529. Possible Hernia - Seeking Advice
  1530. Dealing with ADHD: Medication and Other Treatments
  1531. What to Expect After a Total Hysterectomy?
  1532. Looking for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Advice
  1533. Dealing with Hemiplegic Migraines: Seeking Advice
  1534. Dealing with Muscle Weakness and Fatigue
  1535. Struggling with Pharmacy Refills
  1536. Looking for experiences with cataplexy
  1537. Tiredness on Zoloft/Sertraline
  1538. How to Cope with Long Periods of Stress and Anxiety
  1539. Getting My ADHD Under Wraps
  1540. Tips for Staying Calm During Migraine Episodes
  1541. Memory Problems with Bipolar: Does Anyone Relate?
  1542. Questions about Wellbutrin side effects and effectiveness
  1543. Dealing with Extreme Nausea
  1544. My Schizophrenia Diagnosis Story
  1545. Coping with Grief and Anxiety After Losing a Parent to COVID-19
  1546. Do You Experience Seizures? Tips for Stopping Them
  1547. Diagnosing POTS: Symptoms and Differentiation from Migraines
  1548. What Helps with Racing Heart Rate Caused by Anxiety?
  1549. Introduction and Question about Zephyr Valves
  1550. How do your symptoms present themselves?
  1551. Dealing with Chronic Pain: What Should I Do?
  1552. The Impact of Social Anxiety on Your Life
  1553. Coping with EDS: What's been the toughest thing?
  1554. Starting HRT and hiding it from parents
  1555. Feedback on Wellbutrin for Depression?
  1556. Dealing with Vertigo and High Blood Pressure
  1557. Living with Multiple Health Conditions: My Story
  1558. Seeking insight on my episodic symptoms
  1559. How to deal with sexual incompatibility in a relationship?
  1560. Benefits of Allergy Testing and Process
  1561. Struggling with Identifying as Autistic
  1562. Dealing with Depression After an Injury
  1563. Applying for Disability with Mental Illness
  1564. Managing Diabetes with ADHD: Tips and Tricks
  1565. Need help with morning nausea
  1566. Looking for advice on managing PCOS symptoms
  1567. Introducing myself and my struggles with Functional Neurological Disorder
  1568. Anxiety and Travel: How to Cope?
  1569. Struggling with Ambien Addiction: Need Advice
  1570. Fibromyalgia and Shoulder Pain: Bra or No Bra?
  1571. Feeling Unliked: Dealing with Social Anxiety
  1572. Cataplexy and Insomnia: Can They Coexist?
  1573. Managing Chronic Pain and Anxiety
  1574. Dealing with Anxiety due to Subclinical Thyroiditis
  1575. Eating with Zoloft: Is it Just Me?
  1576. First Manic/Depressive Episode: When Did It Start?
  1577. Lupus and Itchiness: Is it a Common Symptom?
  1578. How can I improve my A1C levels?
  1579. Struggling to Sleep with Tourette Syndrome
  1580. Looking for Food Recommendations in Eating Disorder Recovery
  1581. Grounding Techniques for Dissociation
  1582. Muscle Spasms in My Eye - Is It Related to Fibromyalgia?
  1583. How do multiple mental health conditions relate to each other?
  1584. High Ferritin Levels and Fatty Liver Disease
  1585. Coping with Chronic Depression: Share Your Secrets
  1586. Constant Choking Sensation After Eating Oatmeal Cream Pie
  1587. My Journey with Depression and Medication
  1588. Lost Health Insurance and Medications for Mood Swings
  1589. Dealing with Flare Ups: Pain Management Tips?
  1590. Dealing with Muscle Weakness and Numbness
  1591. Retesting for Sleep Apnea: At-Home Tests vs. In-Lab Tests
  1592. Help! I Can't Stop Biting My Nails Due to Anxiety
  1593. Struggling with Brain Fog and Social Anxiety
  1594. PCOS and Sleep: Anyone Else Struggling?
  1595. Recurring Hives in the Same Spot - Any Insight?
  1596. Possible Early Menopause, Need Advice
  1597. Anyone else experiencing smell hallucinations?
  1598. Managing Exercise with Chronic Illness
  1599. Adjusting to Life After Kidney Transplant and PD
  1600. Help Needed for 33 Year Old Female with CHF
  1601. How were you diagnosed with a hemangioma?
  1602. Help! Doctors Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Me
  1603. Random Twitching and Jerking - Is it Related to ADHD or Autism?
  1604. Struggling with Fatigue and Weight Gain
  1605. Tips for sustainable weight loss with PCOS
  1606. Feeling Alone and Desperate for Friendship
  1607. Constant Fatigue: What Could Be Causing It?
  1608. Overwhelmed with Medications
  1609. Can Balancing Root Causes Help with Mood and Anxiety?
  1610. Chronic Joint Pain: Seeking Advice
  1611. Difficulty distinguishing between mania and hyperactivity
  1612. Recognizing Manic and Depressed Episodes
  1613. Struggling with Self-Expression and Identity with Mental Health Conditions
  1614. Healing from IBS and Past Trauma: Seeking Advice
  1615. Coping with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1616. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Negative Thoughts
  1617. Just found out I'm bipolar, anyone else relate?
  1618. Dealing with Medication Fears
  1619. What Medication Are You Taking?
  1620. Has anyone successfully conceived without trying?
  1621. Struggling to Take My Psych Meds
  1622. Struggling to Get a CPAP: Any Suggestions?
  1623. Tingling sensation in foot while rubbing lotion on leg
  1624. Do I Need to Change My Medication?
  1625. Dealing with Brain Fog: Any Tips?
  1626. Looking for Herbal Supplements to Combat Thyroid Fatigue
  1627. Natural remedies for high blood pressure and anxiety?
  1628. Coping with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice
  1629. Victoza stopped working for weight loss, what now?
  1630. Tips for Organizing with ADD
  1631. Dealing with EDS in College: Advice Needed
  1632. Episodes of Panic Attacks from High Blood Pressure and Tachycardia
  1633. Natural Ways to Reduce Stress and Depression
  1634. Relearning How to Socialize with High Functioning Autism
  1635. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Diabetes
  1636. Looking for Support with Chronic Illness
  1637. Looking for MS support in Jacksonville, NC
  1638. Negative Musk Antibody Test and MG Treatments
  1639. Struggling with Weight Issues and Will Power
  1640. Dealing with Respiratory Illnesses - Any Advice?
  1641. Sudden Decrease in Grip Strength in Both Hands
  1642. Looking for Better Ways to Manage Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos
  1643. Can People with Autism be as Smart as Neurotypical Kids?
  1644. Sudden Fall and Overthinking
  1645. What Diet Helps with Fibromyalgia Pain and Exhaustion?
  1646. Managing CRPS: Tips and Tricks
  1647. Accommodations for a Retail Worker with Spina Bifida and Scoliosis
  1648. Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks While Driving
  1649. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Misdiagnosis
  1650. New to PD and looking for support
  1651. Temporary Hearing Issues - Need Help!
  1652. Itchy Legs After Wearing Compression Socks
  1653. Seeking Advice for Fatigue During Breast Cancer Treatment
  1654. Debilitating Fatigue and Muscle Weakness Despite Controlled Depression
  1655. Managing Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  1656. Dealing with Teeth Grinding Due to Anxiety and Depression
  1657. Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Seeking Advice
  1658. Looking for Low Impact Exercise Ideas
  1659. Random Mood Swings - Need Advice
  1660. Late ADHD Diagnosis: Anyone Else?
  1661. Fighting Cancer: Tips for Staying Positive
  1662. Need Help with Possible Autism Diagnosis
  1663. Struggling with Hair Care due to Autism
  1664. What's in your Fibro 'to go' bag?
  1665. Wellbutrin XR and Insane Appetite: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  1666. Identifying the Cause of Chronic Tachycardia
  1667. Struggling to Get Out of My Head After Using Medical Marijuana
  1668. Managing Bipolar Disorder Without Medication: Tips and Tricks
  1669. Need advice on osteoporosis treatment options
  1670. Remission and Flares: How Are You Doing?
  1671. Looking for Advice on Migraine Prevention Medication
  1672. Struggling with Sleep and Fibromyalgia
  1673. How long does it take for anxiety meds to work?
  1674. Looking for Support on My Mental Health Journey
  1675. Managing Endometriosis Pain: Seeking Treatment Options
  1676. Struggling with Saying No and Hearing No
  1677. Coping with Depression and Anxiety on Tough Days
  1678. Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues
  1679. Dealing with Mania: Tips and Tricks
  1680. Effexor Worsening Anxiety and Insomnia
  1681. Dealing with Prolonged Bleeding: Tips and Tricks
  1682. Dealing with Anxiety Before TMJ Surgery
  1683. New to the Group, Seeking Arthritis Support
  1684. Looking for support from others with inoperable NSCLC stage 4
  1685. Struggling with Yo-Yo Dieting and Weight Loss
  1686. Taking Modafinil for Chronic Fatigue: Side Effects and Effectiveness
  1687. Fainting During Blood Draws: Anyone Else?
  1688. Starting Zoloft: Need Advice
  1689. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1690. Dealing with Hormonal Aura Migraines
  1691. Looking for Friends with Lupus
  1692. Looking for Advice on Pain Specialist
  1693. Nervous About Autism Testing
  1694. Struggling with PCOS and Fertility Medication
  1695. Looking for people with similar diagnoses
  1696. Dealing with GAD: Seeking Suggestions
  1697. Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction due to Hypothyroidism
  1698. Experiencing Leg Cramps and Fatigue with Graves Disease
  1699. Struggling with Insulin Resistance in PCOS
  1700. Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
  1701. Numb Fingers and a Frustrating ER Visit
  1702. Introduction to Our Bunny System and Mental Health Struggles
  1703. Kratom for Fibromyalgia: Does it Help or Hurt?
  1704. Looking for Fibromyalgia Treatment Options
  1705. Fear of Blood Test and Cancer Diagnosis
  1706. Looking for ways to cope with depression and anxiety
  1707. Seeing blue/white spots since getting Covid?
  1708. Does a gluten-free diet help with symptoms?
  1709. Distended Abdomen for a Month - Seeking Advice
  1710. Considering Disability Process for Fibromyalgia
  1711. Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder: Anyone Else?
  1712. Dealing with POTS and Frequent Infections
  1713. Another Day, Another Migraine
  1714. Dealing with Calcium Elevation and Hyperthyroidism
  1715. Reducing Hypertension Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1716. Severe Driving Phobia - Any Suggestions?
  1717. Tramadol and Effexor: Anyone have experience?
  1718. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue
  1719. Looking for Alternative Treatments for Depression and OCD
  1720. Full body shivering without feeling cold
  1721. Struggling with BPD and Medication
  1722. How to Track Your Health Improvement Progress?
  1723. Embarrassing Joint Popping
  1724. Does Fibromyalgia Get Worse With Age?
  1725. Coping with Pain and Isolation
  1726. Struggling with Fatigue and Lack of Motivation
  1727. Quitting Cannabis: Effects on Mood and Pain
  1728. Physical Symptoms on Lamotrigine
  1729. Anxiety and Numbness: Am I Having a Stroke?
  1730. Dry Needling: Any Success Stories?
  1731. Topamax: Good or Bad?
  1732. Dealing with Relationship OCD: How to Cope
  1733. Need Help Soothing My Anxious Body
  1734. Dealing with Hypothyroidism Symptoms: Gut Issues, Fatigue, and Headaches
  1735. Connecting with Others Who Have Anxiety
  1736. Cromolyn Burnout: How to Keep Up with Medication?
  1737. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain: Seeking Advice
  1738. Natural remedies for pain caused by Hypermobility Syndrome
  1739. Managing Rejection Sensitivity: Tips and Tricks
  1740. Struggling with Depression and Motivation
  1741. Struggling with Weight Loss and Crohn's
  1742. Do I Have an Eating Disorder?
  1743. Managing IC: Tips and Tricks
  1744. Why Am I Making Random Noises?
  1745. Finding Support for Mental Health Conditions
  1746. Trying to conceive with an older husband
  1747. First Ketamine Session: Nervous and Anxious
  1748. Physical Symptoms of Mental Illness
  1749. Connecting with Others with MCAS, EDS, and POTS
  1750. Struggling with Depression and Anger as a New Parent
  1751. Unraveling Health: Vision Issues
  1752. Long-term stress led to my medical diagnosis
  1753. Dealing with Chronic Migraines and Vertigo with EDS
  1754. Symptoms of BPD: What Made You Realize You Had It?
  1755. Buspar side effects - bowel movements, heart palpitations and no libido
  1756. Struggling with Career Change Due to Health Condition
  1757. Coping with Food Restrictions for IBS and SIBO
  1758. Has anyone tried CBD for anxiety?
  1759. Crying Easily with Depression: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  1760. Looking for Friends in the ADHD/Neurodivergent Community
  1761. Using a Cane for Support
  1762. Seeking Support for Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis
  1763. New to the group, struggling with PCOS
  1764. Coping with ADHD at School: Tips and Tricks
  1765. Struggling with Accepting Medication
  1766. Increased Anxiety After Restarting Medication
  1767. Struggling with Low Energy Levels Despite Healthy Lifestyle
  1768. Managing Attention Needs When Disabled and Lonely
  1769. Managing Migraines: Balancing Work and Life
  1770. Struggling to Exercise with Depression
  1771. Coping with ADHD: Tips and Tools
  1772. Pulsating or Jolt Sensations After Med Changes or Panic Attacks?
  1773. Explaining Borderline Struggles
  1774. Feeling Insecure About Sharing My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  1775. Experiencing Migraine Symptoms for the First Time
  1776. Which Doctor Should I Visit for Pelvis Pain?
  1777. Can I Lose Weight Without Walking or Standing?
  1778. Best Mental Health Medications for Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD
  1779. Weight gain on venlafaxine/Effexor
  1780. Applying for SSDI: Tips and Advice
  1781. Alternative Depression Treatment: Folic Acid Metabolizers
  1782. Hacks for Activating Your Parasympathetic Nervous System
  1783. ADHD Medication and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  1784. Need help with breathing techniques
  1785. Shaking after speaking in class
  1786. Chronic Dizziness and Migraines: Seeking Advice
  1787. Is it really fibro?
  1788. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Emotional Support
  1789. Difficulty expressing myself
  1790. COPD and Oxygen: Seeking Advice
  1791. Looking for experiences with weightloss surgery
  1792. Dealing with Pain When You Have Things to Do
  1793. Struggling with Mood Swings on Medication
  1794. Experiences with Atenolol for POTS Treatment?
  1795. Struggling with Depression and Socializing
  1796. Dealing with Chronic Pain: My Experience with Cervical Ridiculopathy
  1797. Struggling with Low Mental State
  1798. Dealing with Kidney Stones: Seeking Advice
  1799. Dealing with Anxiety and Paranoia During Autoimmune Flares
  1800. Dealing with UC Flares: Seeking Advice
  1801. Feeling Dizzy: Any Advice?
  1802. Need advice on weening off Prednisone
  1803. Mirtazapine: Side Effects and Benefits
  1804. Deciding Who to Tell About My MS Diagnosis
  1805. Living with Chronic Migraines: My Story
  1806. Dealing with Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
  1807. Possible Tardive Dyskinesia from Geodon
  1808. Struggling with My Autism Diagnosis
  1809. Tips for Lowering Cholesterol Levels
  1810. Taking ADHD medication with anxiety medication - anyone else?
  1811. Dealing with Peptic Ulcers for 5 Years: Worried About Throwing Up Blood
  1812. How to Talk to Your Partner About Possible Bipolar Disorder
  1813. Heavy Periods on Orilissa: Is it Normal?
  1814. Feeling Dizzy and Out of Breath
  1815. Constant Digestive Issues Despite Clean Eating
  1816. Drs Refusing to Treat EDS Patients
  1817. Chronic pain in pelvic/groin area
  1818. Difficulty in Picking Up Objects
  1819. Looking for Relief from Chronic Low Back Pain
  1820. Constant Shaking: Is it Anxiety or Medication?
  1821. Dealing with Infertility as a Single Person
  1822. Struggling with Insomnia: Any Tips?
  1823. Nausea on Antidepressants: How to Combat It?
  1824. Alternative Treatments for Depression and Anxiety?
  1825. Dealing with Mold Exposure and Toxicity: Finding Strength in Faith
  1826. Best Pain Treatments: Share Your Experience
  1827. Feeling like I have autism but only diagnosed with ADHD
  1828. Struggling with POTS and Work: Should I Focus on My Health or Keep Working?
  1829. Sharing Health Humor Stories
  1830. Getting a Diagnosis: Tips for Being Believed by Your Doctor
  1831. Seeking Medical Advice in the Metairie/New Orleans Area
  1832. Unrecognized Autism Symptoms: Sorting, Humming, and More
  1833. Considering POTS Evaluation: Abnormal Heart Rhythm and Tightness in Chest
  1834. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help Socializing
  1835. Debating Whether to Go to the ER for Sinus Inflammation
  1836. Managing PsA with natural remedies
  1837. Need advice on ADHD questionnaire
  1838. Giving Up Major Things Due to Illness
  1839. Tips for Beating Chronic Health Anxiety?
  1840. My ACE Score is 82 - What Does This Mean?
  1841. Struggling to Control My Blood Pressure
  1842. Severe Joint Pain and Hashimotos
  1843. Is it Normal to Have a Body Panic Attack?
  1844. Feeling Guilty for Missing School Due to TBI/PCS Symptoms
  1845. Realizing I'm Autistic: My Journey
  1846. Seeking Advice on Medication Options
  1847. What Are the Current Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?
  1848. Dealing with Long-Term Depressive Episodes
  1849. Faint Breast Pain: What Could It Mean?
  1850. Considering Fecal Transplant for IBS, Need Advice
  1851. Need advice for acne treatment without medication
  1852. Managing Chronic Pain and Mobility Issues with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  1853. Dealing with Leg Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1854. Constant Tiredness on Sertraline: Anyone Else?
  1855. Medications vs. Activities: What Works for Mental Health?
  1856. My Journey with Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma: Diagnosis, Surgery, and Radiation T…
  1857. Realizing I'm Not Normal: A Journey to Self-Acceptance
  1858. Struggling with BPD: Seeking Advice
  1859. How to Find a New Therapist When You Graduate College?
  1860. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health Treatment
  1861. Looking for a Safe Space to Talk About Mental Health
  1862. Food options for a sensitive stomach
  1863. Looking for ADHD resources for inattentive type
  1864. Looking for insight on Lupus evaluation
  1865. Need advice for managing Fibromyalgia at bedtime
  1866. New to the Community: Living with Fibromyalgia and Other Medical Conditions
  1867. Factor 5 Leiden and Other Disorders: Seeking Advice
  1868. Dealing with Sensory Overload in Public
  1869. Week Three on Anxiety Meds: How Are You Feeling?
  1870. How do I talk to my family about my scary thoughts?
  1871. Dealing with TMJD and Ear Congestion
  1872. Natural Supplements for CPTSD and Fibromyalgia
  1873. Heart Palpitations: Normal Heart Rate but Breathless?
  1874. Feeling Nervous and Restless - Need Advice
  1875. Dealing with Joint Pain and Instability Issues
  1876. Irritated Stomach from Medication?
  1877. Dealing with SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction
  1878. When did you get diagnosed with Lupus?
  1879. How to Stop Migraines: Tips and Tricks
  1880. Feeling Guilty About Passing on My Condition to My Kids
  1881. Auras before seizures: What are they like?
  1882. Experiencing Vertigo with POTS
  1883. Starting Gabapentin for Pain Relief
  1884. Dealing with Nausea: Tips and Tricks
  1885. Looking for Anxiety Relief Suggestions
  1886. My Experience with Lupus Treatment
  1887. Buspar making me feel spacey
  1888. Excruciating Lower Back Pain with Radiating Pain Down Thighs
  1889. Dealing with Chronic Low Back Pain
  1890. Best Non-Prescription Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia?
  1891. No Menstruation for Over a Year: Seeking Advice
  1892. New to Inhalers and Looking for Support
  1893. Looking for natural remedies for panic
  1894. Alternative Treatments for Medical Conditions
  1895. Managing ADHD as a Parent: Seeking Advice
  1896. Living with a Rare Bone Disease: Seeking Advice
  1897. Need help cutting sugar out of my diet!
  1898. Struggling to Gain Weight with Hypothyroidism
  1899. Advice for Finding Work with Chronic Illness
  1900. Chronic Migraines: Seeking Advice
  1901. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  1902. Need Help Sleeping: Any Tips?
  1903. Sudden Hyperthyroidism After Being Hypothyroid for Years
  1904. Looking for advice on my boyfriend's hip pain
  1905. Living with Chronic Pain: Feeling Misunderstood
  1906. Dealing with PMDD as a Trans Man
  1907. LDN Trial: Increased Pain and No Relief
  1908. Need advice on gastritis-friendly foods
  1909. When is Oxygen Therapy Needed for COPD?
  1910. How to Stop Rapid Switching?
  1911. Gluten-Free Dining: Where to Eat Out?
  1912. Lyme Disease and Vaccination: Any Negative Effects?
  1913. Share Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Experience
  1914. Dealing with Bipolar Symptoms
  1915. Need advice on changing antidepressants
  1916. Pros and Cons of MAT for Substance Abuse
  1917. Shaky Legs in the Shower: Anxiety or Something More?
  1918. Shortness of Breath with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  1919. Can't Take a Full Breath - Anyone Else?
  1920. Changes in Mood and Behavior on Quetiapine
  1921. Struggling with Depression and Cleaning - Need Tips!
  1922. Struggling with Nighttime Overeating
  1923. Need advice on knee surgery with EDS
  1924. Coping with the Mess in My Head
  1925. Affording Psychosis Medication: How Do You Do It?
  1926. Struggling with Personal Hygiene
  1927. Coping with Mental Health Conditions: Tips and Tricks
  1928. Suspecting ADHD/ADD and Autism
  1929. Managing Major Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1930. Feeling Burnt Out and Drained: Need Advice
  1931. Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia and Trans Mandibular Joint Disfunction
  1932. Dealing with Schizoaffective Disorder Unmedicated
  1933. Relocating for Seasonal Depression Treatment
  1934. Salt Pills: How Effective Are They?
  1935. Unexplained Weight Loss and Nausea After Stomach Issue
  1936. Weight Loss and Seizures: Is it Common?
  1937. What are the Best Foods for Diabetics?
  1938. How to Identify Insulin Resistance?
  1939. Dealing with Neuropathy Pain: Any Tips?
  1940. What is it Like Taking Medication for Depression and Anxiety?
  1941. Looking for Tips on Fighting BV, Yeast and UTI
  1942. Looking for Treatment Advice
  1943. Dealing with Panic Attacks While Driving
  1944. Has Anyone Had Radioactive Iodine and Gotten Pregnant Afterwards?
  1945. Dietary Considerations for Hashimotos
  1946. Tested Positive for COVID-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated
  1947. How Do I Know If I Really Love Someone?
  1948. How to Calm Down Anxiety Attacks?
  1949. Maintaining Steady Blood INR Levels After Ankle Sprain
  1950. Seeking Advice for Knee Replacement Surgery
  1951. Severe Morning Sickness: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  1952. My Chiari Diagnosis: What It Felt Like
  1953. Need advice for chronic fatigue and brain fog
  1954. Supporting a Partner with Depression: How to Cope?
  1955. Discomfort on my left side before period
  1956. Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Cause Low Back Pain and Bladder Cramping?
  1957. Managing Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1958. Introducing myself and seeking support for CRPS
  1959. When did your anxiety start?
  1960. Struggling with Heat Tolerance in the South
  1961. Nausea after eating normal foods
  1962. Autism and Tic Disorders: What You Need to Know
  1963. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1964. Dealing with Anxiety and Physical Pain
  1965. Trouble Breathing: What Could Be the Cause?
  1966. High Uric Acid and Parathormone Levels: What to Expect?
  1967. Morning Sickness but Not Pregnant: What Could It Be?
  1968. Always Sore After Exercise: Normal or Not?
  1969. Support for Husband with CLL/SLL - Dealing with Remission
  1970. Living with an Autoimmune Disorder: Struggling to Get a Diagnosis
  1971. Struggling to Get Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorder
  1972. Managing Mental Health Without Medication
  1973. Improving Communication Between Alters
  1974. Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
  1975. Struggling with Coping and Managing Big Emotions
  1976. Looking for Natural Arthritis Treatments
  1977. Feeling Like I'm Losing My Mind
  1978. Bulging Disc in C5-6 T1 T2: Seeking Advice
  1979. Struggling with Skin Picking
  1980. Effective Ways to Calm Down During an Anxiety Attack
  1981. Difficulty Breathing Since 2019: Need Speech Therapy?
  1982. Feeling Dizzy and Nauseous, Need Advice
  1983. Looking for Relief: Has Anyone Tried Cannabis for Crohn's?
  1984. Question about my medication dosage
  1985. Coping with Epilepsy Diagnosis: Need Advice
  1986. Dealing with Neck Spasms and Shoulder Pain
  1987. Random heart flutters and palpitations after COVID
  1988. Feeling Weak and Exhausted: Anyone Else?
  1989. Looking for Pain Management Tips
  1990. Is Mirtazapine Effective for Depression?
  1991. Possible Gastroparesis Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  1992. Do medications actually work?
  1993. Struggling with Anxiety-Induced Weight Loss
  1994. Has anyone tried Zoloft for anxiety?
  1995. Questions about Citalopram and side effects
  1996. Gabapentin and Mood Changes: Anyone Else?
  1997. How BCQ supplement helped me manage endo pain
  1998. Dealing with Extreme Fatigue and Nausea
  1999. Struggling with a Lying Addiction
  2000. Dealing with Paranoia in Close Relationships
  2001. Dealing with Constipation on Venlafaxine: Any Tips?
  2002. Struggling with Social Anxiety and Depression
  2003. Managing Pain with Patella Femoral Syndrome
  2004. Constantly Numb Fingers, Need Help!
  2005. Hearing Voices in Sounds
  2006. Looking for Others Who Can Relate to My Misdiagnosis and Transgender Identity
  2007. Need Help with Celiac Disease Recipes and Brands
  2008. Heart Failure and Passing Out - Need Advice
  2009. Antidepressants stopped working after 25 years, ECT treatments not successful
  2010. Looking for advice on taking Abilify for bipolar disorder
  2011. How to Handle Mental Health Affecting Relationships?
  2012. Struggling to Sleep? Here are Some Tips!
  2013. Struggling with Agoraphobia as a Mom
  2014. Struggling with Blood Sugar While Dieting for Diabetes
  2015. Dealing with Fibromyalgia: Any Advice?
  2016. Zofran and slow heart rate
  2017. Constant Bad Breath and Drainage After Hysterectomy
  2018. Explaining Depression to Someone Who Doesn't Get It
  2019. Struggling with Hyper and Hypothyroidism: Need Advice
  2020. Healthy Weight Loss After Eating Disorder Recovery
  2021. Looking for a Pain Specialist
  2022. Trying to Figure Out the Cause of My Physical Tics
  2023. Earbuds and Auditory Hallucinations
  2024. Terrified of Lumbar Disectomy Surgery
  2025. Concerns about Hypothyroidism Medication
  2026. Do you ever not realize you're binging until it's over?
  2027. New to the Community: Living with Multiple Chronic Illnesses
  2028. Endo Flare Ups After Exercise: Need Advice
  2029. Dealing with IBS and Diverticulosis Pain
  2030. Struggling to Eat with IBS-C
  2031. Decompression Surgery - What to Expect?
  2032. Managing a Household with a Disability: Tips and Advice Needed
  2033. Concerned about a mole on my scalp
  2034. Did My Personality Change After My Concussion?
  2035. Struggling to Stay Motivated with Healthy Eating
  2036. Constant Sickness: Is It Just Me?
  2037. Newly Diagnosed with ADD: Struggling with Medication
  2038. Extreme Back Pain - Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  2039. Looking for Lip Products to Help with Eczema
  2040. Coping with Depression: Seeking Advice
  2041. Dealing with Pure O OCD: Seeking Advice
  2042. Taking Bipolar Medication Without Being Bipolar?
  2043. Worried about Epilepsy's Impact on My Growth as an Adult
  2044. Seeking Advice on Gynecological Oncologists and Condition Progression
  2045. Effective treatments for depression after TBI?
  2046. Tips for Eating When Sick?
  2047. Dealing with Fibro pain and medication changes
  2048. Anxiety and Panic: Even After Fixing the Problem?
  2049. Tips for Losing Weight: Share Your Experience
  2050. Signs of an Anxiety or Panic Attack
  2051. Coping with Chronic Illness: How to Help Your Loved Ones Understand
  2052. IBS and Testicular Pain: Seeking Information
  2053. Managing Blood Sugar Levels: Tips and Tricks
  2054. Has Clonidine Helped You?
  2055. Struggling with Depression and Excelling at Work
  2056. Is Age Regression a Safe Coping Mechanism?
  2057. Vagus Nerve Dysfunction and Panic Attacks: Natural Remedies?
  2058. Constant Dizziness and Lightheadedness - Seeking Advice
  2059. Looking for remedies for Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3
  2060. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Symptoms: Seeking Tips and Advice
  2061. Struggling to Explain My Anxiety Symptoms
  2062. Struggling with Panic Attacks and Shortness of Breath
  2063. Clear Ultrasound but Suspected Endometriosis: Laparoscopy Experience?
  2064. Covid Triggered My Asthma: Need Advice on Vaping
  2065. New Symptoms: Heightened Smell and Trances
  2066. Picky Eating with Autism and OCD
  2067. Blackout Seizure: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  2068. Living with Sjogren's: Share Your Experience
  2069. Dealing with Dry Eyes: Seeking Solutions and Advice
  2070. New on Abilify, looking for positive experiences
  2071. New to the App, Looking for Support with Chronic Issues
  2072. Severe Stomach Pain and Other Symptoms
  2073. Struggling with Grief and Illness
  2074. Coping with Fatigue due to Anemia while Working Full-time
  2075. Long-lasting Herpes Outbreak: Is it Normal?
  2076. Dealing with Chronic Headaches: Any Advice?
  2077. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  2078. My Journey with Grave Disease: Healing Naturally
  2079. Possible EDS Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  2080. Swollen feet after work, is it normal?
  2081. Dealing with Sleep Apnea and Anxiety
  2082. Dealing with Weight Gain and Hair Loss with Fibromyalgia
  2083. Midodrine not working like it used to?
  2084. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Chronic Depression as a Trans Person
  2085. Help! My legs hurt when I stand or walk
  2086. Help! My Hair is Thinning!
  2087. Women with Breast Cancer: When Were You Diagnosed?
  2088. Should I Talk to My Psychiatrist About BPD?
  2089. Update on my Neck Situation: Ouch!
  2090. Possible ADHD Symptom?
  2091. Spinal Cord Stimulator for Severe RLS?
  2092. Looking for Diagnosis and Treatment for Hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  2093. Complications after COVID: Anyone else experiencing this?
  2094. Coping with Complex PTSD Triggers
  2095. Struggling with Binge Eating and Health Issues
  2096. Concerns about Nexplanon and PMDD
  2097. Struggling with Clutter and Organization as Someone with ASD
  2098. Struggling with Chronic Illness and Starting Over
  2099. Can My Cat Sense My Blood Pressure?
  2100. Struggling with Weight Loss After Diagnosis
  2101. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Seeking Advice
  2102. USMC Veteran with TBI and Chemical Exposure Seeking Support
  2103. Gabapentin Dosage for Spinal Stenosis and Pain
  2104. Dealing with Hashimoto Disease at 71
  2105. Dealing with Migraines: What's Your Self Care Routine?
  2106. Dealing with Anxiety During Final Exams
  2107. Worried About Taking Dupixent: Cold Sores vs. Itching and Rash
  2108. Microdosing Shrooms for Depression and Anxiety
  2109. How did you know that you had PNES?
  2110. Finding Diabetic-Friendly Foods: Need Suggestions
  2111. Tips for Managing Anxiety Attacks
  2112. Stage 4 COPD - Seeking Support and Advice
  2113. ADHD and Social Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Experience Self-Consciousness?
  2114. What to Expect with Neurosarcoidosis Diagnosis
  2115. How Chronic Illness Affects Family Planning
  2116. Anyone else experience a manic and psychotic episode?
  2117. Struggling with Zoloft and Mood Stabilizers
  2118. Struggling with Social Anxiety
  2119. Struggling with HIV in Serious Relationships
  2120. Gabapentin for Pain: Headaches Persisting
  2121. Muscle Spasms from Wellbutrin?
  2122. Dealing with PTSD Triggers: Tips and Strategies
  2123. Has anyone had success with Plaquenil for connective tissues disease symptoms?
  2124. Trouble getting prescribed pain medication
  2125. Struggling with Body Image and Weight Loss
  2126. Dealing with Sciatic Nerve Pain: Any Advice?
  2127. Exploring Different Treatments for Migraines
  2128. Severe blood pooling in legs with POTS
  2129. Constant Fatigue: What's Wrong with Me?
  2130. Struggling to Find Psychiatric Help for My Anxiety
  2131. Looking for Sneakers with Arch and Ankle Support
  2132. Looking for a Vitamin D Rich Snack on the Go
  2133. Managing Bipolar Type 2 Disorder with Aromatherapy and Meditation
  2134. Struggling with Motivation: Need Advice
  2135. Tips for Exercising Without Feeling Nauseous
  2136. Legs Going Numb and Tingling - Need Advice
  2137. Recovering Hand and Foot Motor Function After Stroke
  2138. Dealing with MS diagnosis and treatment
  2139. Looking for answers on my POTS-like symptoms
  2140. Struggling to Motivate Myself to Work
  2141. Tips for Navigating Asperger's Syndrome as an Adult
  2142. How do you get out of your own head?
  2143. Positive Effects of Cannabis on ADHD Symptoms
  2144. Looking for ADHD coping tips without medication
  2145. Calling all Service Dog Handlers!
  2146. Looking for alternative treatments for coronary artery blockage
  2147. Understanding How to Get Out of Your Head
  2148. Looking for advice on PCOS and Depo Shot
  2149. Looking for advice on depersonalization treatment
  2150. Remission from Gastroparesis: Possible or Not?
  2151. Random fevers with epilepsy
  2152. Coping with BPD, depression, and anxiety
  2153. How Can I Overcome My Social Anxiety?
  2154. Dealing with Migraines in Crazy Weather
  2155. Balancing My Emotions: Tips and Tricks
  2156. Dietary Restrictions with Lupus: What You Need to Know
  2157. Debilitating Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice on Medication
  2158. Tips for Not Losing Hope with Finding Medical Help
  2159. Loose Eyes with Dysautonomia: Anyone Else?
  2160. Looking for Migraine Treatment Advice
  2161. Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression
  2162. Coping with a New HIV Diagnosis
  2163. Tips for Dealing with Facial Swelling in the Summer
  2164. Looking for others with bowel motility disorder diagnosis
  2165. Debilitating Stomach Pains
  2166. Dealing with Chronic Dizziness: My Struggle for Answers
  2167. Introduction to Schizoaffective Disorder