I’m having a bad flare up with lupus I was diagnosed in 2018 for it but I can’t get these flare ups under control pain free what should I do to help not get flare ups?


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • Riahnna


    You may need to see your Dr mine kept working with me until I was adjusted and under control and most of it was due to medication changes and watching what we eat and being around as well

    • SMX


      what food changes did you find helpfu

  • livelifeasian07


    i was dx in 2009 and i would have consistent back to back flares. my rheum said that this was common for young teen/adults my age and gender (f) to deal with when first dx. 😥 i was on a lot of steroids but i wish i had invested in a naturopath sooner and gotten a second opinion about treatment. 5 years on daily prednisone wasn’t ideal. i found help through cbd (always talk to dr first), regular sleep schedule, anti inflammatory foods, light exercise when tolerated—stretching, walking, recumbent bike, engaging in enjoyable activities—talking to loved ones, reading, tv/phone, baking, crafting as i could.

  • Contessia


    It’s hard to say. If dealing with this unpredictable flare ups since I was diagnosed in 2016

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