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How do you handle the days when your disease takes over your mental health?

    • BeautifulSavage


      Well as a person who was born with Crohn’s disease, I will tell you I know it’s not easy by any means at all. Some days you’ll feel fine but most days you’ll feel weak and tired of life with all this pain but my advice to you is to savor the moments where you’re in remission and feeling fine because the more you savor those the more you’ll work harder to get back to them the next time you’re having a flare up. I’ve lived with it all my life. The main thing for me was acceptance that I had Crohn’s and that it was never going away so I had to learn a way to cope. I have different strategies now and coping mechanisms all ranging from stress balls and fidget pens to weed 😂😂

    • Goos3


      That’s a great question and I sadly don’t have an answer yet. Every once in a while I get hit with a day where I am just sitting thinking about the disease, worrying about different things, getting pissed and ranting. I just let myself feel it, I think I’ve figured out that’s all I can really do. There are certain hardships to life that I believe we as people can’t really “heal” or grow our way out of or around and I’ve determined that loss is one of them - I kind of view having this illness in a similar category. It’s news that is broken to us that we can’t fix, and we are dealing with the “loss” of what our lives were like before. I’ve been trying to focus on nailing down what makes me happy and what would be fulfilling to me no matter what happens with this disease. Good luck to you and hopefully something I said was helpful <3 wishing you the best from my year 3 of Crohn’s

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