Hi, I’m in the process of trying to get diagnosed, not sure if it’s IC or pelvic floor dysfunction. Either way, my main symptom is a horrible pain/burning in my urethra. Usually it will only last a few days at a time but it’s been weeks now. Every time this happens I get tested for a UTI and it’s always negative so I’ve stopped getting tested because it’s just not realistic at this point. I use AZO pain relief and it always helps but it’s expensive and it’s not good to for you to use every day. Does anyone have any supplements they use that help with this type of pain?

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  • Patato


    I swear by magnesium for this. I have no idea why it works, but it usually helps a lot. Natural calm works best for me

  • joyjoytsak


    Uva ursi in tea balls in the bath. Soothes it for me. Also drink it. Lots of water. Magnesium is good for everything.

  • Catd25


    I have IC with pelvic floor dysfunction, I think regardless if you get diagnosed with IC you should still get your pelvic floor evaluated!

  • rosebudtwin


    I’ve drank marshmallow root tea and it can help, also boswellia

  • Lew_Bear


    Pelvic floor physical therapy helps me quite a bit! That and drinking like 3 liters of water a day

  • WinstonsMom


    I use CBD and it always helps. Magnesium too. And hot hot hot bath/showers. Try and take care of your diet too. I noticed dairy triggered mine.

    • WinstonsMom


      It's interesting though cause I only have mine in my urethra too.

  • Sparklybubble


    It took me years to figure out but it's a ph imbalance that triggers my pain. It was diagnosed as IC but sometimes you just need to work out your own root cause. Changing hormones each month, period blood and having sex all push your ph away from being as acidic as it should be. I use boric acid suppositories (ok'd by my doctor and gynecologist) each time one of the triggers happens now and it's been life changing after years of pain. They reset the ph level back to where it should be.

  • Candi926


    I have chronic pain from having so many surgeries that my nerves are arranged to my scar tissue😥

  • Werble


    I have had IC for over a year now, and what I find really helps are Uqora supplements. You can get the ‘target’, ‘control’, and ‘promote’ supplements and they really really make a difference.

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