Have any of you conceived while having a pituitary tumor?
my boyfriend and I just started trying to get pregnant. I've had doctors tell me it's possible but, might take longer. When I recently got my pap I was told my prolactinoma would put me at risk for a high risk pregnancy.
I'll be seeing my new endocrinologist in August and just got established with a new PCP last month. I also had to stop taking cabergoline for 2 month because my previous provider didn't refill my prescription.




Benign Pituitary Gland Tumor

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  • DysUnicorn


    I’ve had two children since initial diagnosis. I was on cabergoline to bring prolactin levels down

  • Tiredmama


    I got pregnant the first month of trying after being diagnosed with my tumor. I was taking metformin(for the insulin resistance it had created) and bromocriptine. My doctor was shocked I was pregnant so quickly but said that metformin is used as a fertility med so maybe that is the reason it didn’t take long. I stopped bromo as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

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