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asbestosis it was discovered over 2 years and 3 months now and they gave me approximately 2 years to live because of the condition of my lungs I've gone over 2 years but I'm fighting it with everything and knowledge I have I started out with a long doctor and he started charging me $1,800 per visit just to give me a shot of steroids and nebulizer treatment and make me blowing the tube to see how well I was blowing well I thought this was really a waste of my time just give me the steroids pill form and some antibiotics for infection so far this is what pretty good for me for over a year and the nebulizer I take a steroid and a antibiotic for the breathing part infection is very critical with this disease. I stay away from sick people especially covid and anyone that has a cough or smokes stay away. I only sleep about 3 hours per night I go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and I usually get up somewhere around 1:30 a.m. 2:00 a.m. and start my day doing a nebulizer and steroids and all of my vitamins. I do not take any vitamins with vitamin k in it that's a No-No. I tried to not eat any greens especially leafy greens once in awhile I'll leave green beans but they have a lot of vitamin k so you have to eat it sparingly.

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      You need to hire an attorney who handles asbestos cases. You will receive compensation and I am pretty sure it’s in the millions of dollars. Enough to pay for treatments… I know that the money probably won’t save you but it will help you pay for all treatments of any kind to make your life comfortable. I have it in my digestive tract and they already removed 5 tumors from my colon abdomen thyroid and I lost my appendix but the only tumor that was cancerous was in my appendix all the rest were benign… Three different Lawyers told me that I don’t have a case because I am not dying. They said that I have to be on death row but they did say that the pay off is in the millions. Don’t just call one Lawyer call a few and talk to them all first. They won’t charge you anything to talk to them, they only get paid when you get paid…

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