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I have been struggling with Hyper and hypothyroidism I am not medicated for years now and I've been having extreme anxiety my doctor that I had was put me on Xanax has my joints was hurting so and then I have to have a total right knee replacement so I'm on pain meds anxiety will be out the water especially at work it seems like I'm always in a brain fog my question is really what can I do in till I get medicated I've tried everything under the sun just to keep my anxiety down and my weight is going back and forth I just want to get medicated and my hair has been falling out in chunks especially around my edges but I take the hair nail and skin vitamins my back of my hair is thick and full but the perimeter of my head like my edges and stuff are not there

    • Laura796


      Avoid, calcium supplements (tums) Iron, Biotin. Take a good vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, you can take your hair and nail vitamin but you may need to stop taking it when you're on medication. (If it's Biotin- it can throw off your thyroid blood results.. so don't take it for about a week before an upcoming blood test) and try to avoid eating gluten (bread, pasta, desserts etc) it makes your bodies inflammation go crazy... unfortunately 😥 your hair "should" get better once you're on medication. Mine still falls out when I get super stressed. So, try to keep calm (I know, easier said then done!) I'm still struggling too- 1.5yrs on meds. Also... medication will probably need adjustment over a while till your numbers stabilize. Good luck.

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