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How am I to succeed at caring for a husband whose health is failing, but pushes his limitations resulting in pain?

    • BB55


      I feel your pain and we are some what in the same boat here. My husband just recently found out he has Congestive heart failure and he isn’t dealing with it very well. He has NO patience whatsoever especially when it comes to waiting. And I would say like waiting on the doctor or in the ER but it’s more than that. If he asks you a question he expect and instant answer, for God’s sake don’t hesitate to think about what you are about to say. That makes him so mad it’s not funny. But I think it all has to do with his heart problems. He has always been active and now he can’t but I have trouble holding him back. Which maybe I should it’s hard to know what is the right thing to do

      • Snoots


        @BB55 My cardiologist encourages daily exercise. I am interested in the types of exercise others with CHF are participating in. Sometimes o act like your husband because I expect fast responses. This could be stress, anxiety, fatigue at the time this occurs. I wear a CPAP too. We know now what the saying means when we hear “Health is wealth.” I get upset when a friend tells me my heart is getting better. That’s an ignorant comment because there’s no cure for CHF and the heart is going to wear out one day. I must start exercise and get motivated. My excuse now is I am afraid I am going to see a snake or my dog is going to get bitten by a snake or it’s too hot.

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