Anyone have a lot of issues after having covid? Recently had covid and having a lot of complications now.



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  • Lady6ug


    I didn't but a relative was effected really early on and was hospitalized, they are still dealing with complications. But other people in my family have had it and been fine once they recovered.

    • Ashjazz


      I was hospitalized in the beginning. It was actually discovered while I was in the hospital for another issue.

      • Lady6ug


        That sucks. I'm glad you are doing better now even you have some struggles. My relative couldn't even walk for a while but they are finally moving around the house with little assistance.

  • EmilyAnn


    My asthma has gotten worse. Also my heart rate gets a little weird.

  • themajesticaaron


    Ever since I got covid. And assuming this is a long covid, I've have straight up fatigue for weeks. Lots of fluid in my lungs.

  • Zoey_Val


    I have had Long Covid for two years and was diagnosed with POTS as well after some fainting episodes. A lot of inflammation, fatigue and high heart rate. I actually felt better after about a year and 3 months after having long Covid the first time. I got Covid again in January and feel like I am starting all over with this! It’s terrible! Doctors recommended compression socks and staying hydrated to start. I also have had tons of sinus issues, dizziness etc. have gotten tests and i guess it’s just autonomic nervous system issues I have to deal with. Hope you feel better soon!! ❤️

  • Charmer


    I have some horrible brain fog and difficulty focusing

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