can a TBI cause concentration issues?
example I can't concentrate to watch T.V. but if I watch the T.V. through the camera app on my phone I CAN concentrate

Intracranial Injury

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  • NickGobes75


    Yes. Big time. Depending on how bad the TBI was/when you got it.

    • Alice310


      could it be ADHD related?

      • NickGobes75


        adhd can cause a lot of symptoms, concentration being the main one! If you’re concerned I’d definitely get with your doctor and get tested!

  • NickGobes75


    I don’t know about the watching through your camera app part though.

  • KirbyWirby


    I have definitely noticed my concentration is shot, and it wasn't great before my TBI

  • Angieeeep


    I’d give yourself time. My concentration was HORRIBLE when I first got my TBI but now that I’m 7 years into the brain injury world, I can concentrate on things I’m interested in so much better!!

  • Angieeeep


    Oh! Maybe try watching a movie with subtitles on.. that helped me concentrate at first

  • Chihuahuamomma


    It definitely affected my concentration big time. I struggle with it daily now. And it's been 6 years this month since my accident.

  • cherryrose


    Yes! infact, my ADHD is because of my TBI

  • Traumatoad


    I don’t concentrate well on TV but I can on my phone.

  • Calamity_Pain


    I wasn’t great with concentration before but now it’s just I’m possible. It’s noise canceling heads and iPhone video stuff for me. I’m coming up on 3 years with my parietal lobe tbi

  • Chance11286


    Yep brain is always running

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