I’m on Prozac 20 MG and when I take it I feel good for about a good 40 minutes then I’m back to that feeling of hopelessness and sadness, im also on seraquel 25MG and continue to have anxiety attacks , I was on Xanax but the psychiatrist that prescribed that is no longer my psychiatrist. So my new psychiatrist put me on Prozac and sereaquel, but I’m still experiencing horrible symptoms what can I do or what medication have anyone tried that helps them with these symptoms




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  • laceyandme


    Im on 6 meds for mostly schizophrenia and depression. My depression has gonna better but the schizophrenia i still have problems and ive try many different types of antipsychotics maybe around 10. But dont give up just keep trying what meds that has help my depression part it lithium and depakote and lexapro. Maybe you can try one if them

  • jasma


    Sometimes our living situations have a lot to do with our symptoms I know that getting away from the environment can often help like talking walks and going to spas

  • Elfie_elf


    I'm in escitalpram, Wellbutrin, abilify with the occasional lorazepam. It's still not perfect but at least I'm not "bad"

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