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We are on a mission to unlock the untapped power of your health data, and turn it into a powerful new awareness. We seek to inspire you to ask the right questions, and to get better answers.  
To compare your way to better health.

A Healthy understanding.

Medical records are complicated.  Without clarity, access means nothing.  We democratize your health data, translating your medications, diagnoses, and lab tests into a simple, easy to understand picture that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  

Trust above everything.

Without confidence in the privacy of your data, nothing else matters. That’s why we take a completely different, innovative approach when it comes to privacy. We know that the privacy of your medical records is paramount which is why we keep them in a deidentified manner without any trace of your personal identity.  Learn more about your privacy here.

Moving from population health to personal insights.

The law of averages can be misleading. Traditional medicine lumps all people with the same problems together, treating patients based on generalizations. Human beings, however, are complex mixes of different characteristics and medical realities, and should not be managed based on a single condition. Using machine learning, we group people based on shared parameters, to generate precise personalized insights.

Where empathy meets wisdom.

With the use of our AI technology, we are able to connect you to communities filled with your Alikes - people with the same conditions, who are coping with the same challenges. Engaging with your Alikes in an anonymized space allows you to share and gain insights in a supportive, empathetic environment.

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Why Alike is only possible now

You may not know it, but the government recently took a major step forward.  A new regulation was introduced that makes it possible for everyone to gain instant electronic access to their personal health records. This access could not have come at a better time, as advances in data science and artificial intelligence allow us to derive an Alikeness™ score from your medical records.

Your score - and the score of others - becomes the basis of our ability to match you to your medical mates, what we call your Alikes.

Meet our founders

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Alike was founded by a unique combination of deeply experienced leaders. The company is the result of a cybersecurity pioneer -- Amnon Bar-Lev, a physician -- Prof. Varda Shalev, and a Data Scientist -- Ohad Zadok, coming together to give patients the ability to gain a fresh understanding of their current treatments, and to change how people use their medical information to improve health across the world.

Backed by mission-driven funds.

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