I decided to try and quit drinking. I think it will improve my relationship, help me lose weight and help with my fibro pain and sleep. has anyone had any success with this while living with another alcoholic? What has worked for you?

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    I’m in AA and it has changed my life. It took me a long time to be able to be around people drinking. However you react is however you react, but if you are worried, if you stay and it starts to bother you, you gotta go if you want to be sober. When getting sober as an alcoholic you have to prioritize your sobriety. Hell yes on quitting, it has flipped my life and I don’t ever want to go back

  • DariaFae


    I have tried to quit many times throughout the years. I have finally hit a weight that I am completely ashamed of. 220. I knew I had to do silent drastic and drinking from sun up to sun down wasn't helping. I stumbled across intermediate fasting on the web. I decided to try it. I couldn't consume calories much of the day. And when it was time to consume I had to make it worthwhile. Also even the first week I saw results so it continued to motivate me, and my daughter, my only support system, helped alot. Also it fixed my acid reflux. After only about 2 weeks I slept though the night, woke refreshed and had sooo much more energy through the day. I actually want yawning through the day. My clients noticed a huge difference with how I was. And for being a driver that is a lot to say.

  • acastleofglass


    I love and live with an alcoholic but I chose to quit drinking 3 months ago. I know he still drinks but he hides it so it's not in my face. I worry for him but it works for us. Good luck on your journey, you can do it!

  • ElizabethJune


    I don't live with an alcoholic but I do live in a town where drug and alcohol use is rampant. Like 90% of the people I know there either use alcohol or some kind of substances or both. So I'm basically surrounded by it whenever I leave my apartment. Plus I was in a relationship with a guy but we're just friends with benefits now because of his constant ghosting and using me. I still see him at least once a month though and he is also an addict and an alcoholic. I was also an alcoholic who was also addicted to codeine and over the counter sleeping pills. I decided to quit all of it cold turkey almost 4 months ago after having a record breaking 3 hour and 8 minute long violent grand mal seizure and somehow miraculously surviving despite choking on my tongue and gasping for breath the whole time and being in my apartment alone. There has been several times my ex boyfriend/friend with benefits has offered me alcohol and even one time he urged me to drink and promised to stop me before I got too wasted or had another seizure. Despite that and occasional cravings and urges to get drunk I still managed to resist. Another reason for this besides my seizures was because I realized that sometimes if you want your partner to change their habits then you have to inspire them to change by being the change cuz nagging at them or being on them about it which I'm definitely guilty of only does more harm than good. So I hope that by quitting my habits that maybe one day him or someone else I end up setting an example for will be inspired to do the same. So I use that as my motivation for staying sober. So far it's worked. I haven't had any alcohol, sleeping pills or codeine in almost 4 months. So maybe try that approach in order to motivate yourself and maybe even inspire your living partner to quit drinking in the process. Also remember that even though the withdrawals might be miserable they aren't as miserable and they don't last nearly as long as the pain and other problems you would likely have if you never got sober. Also getting through the withdrawals without turning back might inspire others you are trying to set an example for including your living partner to do the same.

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