Hello! Does anyone have experience with pregnancy and Hypermobile EDS? although I'm able to find plenty of positive outcomes, I'm not able to find information on the impact on our bodies after giving birth or during.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Azucena


    It can worsen our symptoms because the hormones released during pregnancy products more hypermobility of the joints. I've been advised to speak to a geneticist if I want to have a baby.

    • heyvp


      that is the gist I am getting. I've met with a fertility specialist and geneticist, but since there isn't a marker for Heds, I'm really interested in understanding more about the maternal experience before I make a decision.

  • Sewsia


    I have hEDS. I have had numerous miscarriages, one still born, and 3 live births. Every pregnancy involved preterm labor. Most beginning when hitting the second trimester. My uterus was tilted back, which explained my back labor, and was most likely due to the hEDS. At 24, I had my uterus removed due to endometriosis. Kept my ovaries for 20 years. The pregnancies and hEDS caused issues involving central rectum prolapse and bladder prolapse. My sister, who also has hEDS had high risk pregnancies, as well. Feel free to ask me any questions.

    • Azucena


      I also have a tilted uterus. Do you know of any links with more information on this?

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