Have other people experienced extreme tiredness with taking Lexapro? I first took it in the mornings and then before bed and now in the afternoon.



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  • Annikaz


    I was very tired all day when I was just taking lexapro. I take Wellbutrin now with lexapro and I’m not tired like I was. For me it was that my depression got worse which made me tired…. Maybe it’s just side effects that will go away in like 2 weeks if u just started

  • GhostGal


    I was tired when first taking it. Also was put on Temazepam (a strong benzo) at the time. I found I had to push through the tiredness at certain points in the day....for example I felt like picking up doing extra things that I didn't really have to do to help my patients (I work in home care as q nurse and CNA)...walked people's dogs just to push through the fatigue.

  • Jlynnk


    When I first started taking Lexapro it totally drained me. Eventually, as my body got used to it, I gained more energy. It might just take some time for it to build up in your body. In the meantime, I drank coffee, went for walks, took showers, even took small 10-20 min naps (no more than 20mins though).

  • meltedgirlfriend


    one word: caffeine

  • para


    It got better with time, but I do think it can be draining at times, and possibly makes my Adderall less effective.

  • Sooo19


    My sister is on it she’s always tired too ❤️

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