Hey guys! I hope everyone is well. Serious question here. I don’t want to have another manic episode and since being on meds, I thankfully have not had one. My psychiatrist says that even with my meds drugs have the ability to send me into episodes regardless of medication. I understand how this applies to “harder” drugs, but with the occasional smoke or drink I’ve had no problems. I’ve even been both uncomfortably drunk and high at the same time with no apparent triggers. What is your guy’s experience with specifically weed while on bipolar meds? Is it important that I only smoke non habitually? Thanks 💟

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  • krys8579


    Honestly I feel it helps stabilize the mood. Helps me by relaxing my mind and I dont feel so quick to snap. Toke away

  • XXXMAOMI42069


    Weed on bipolar meds didn’t do shit to me honestly Ur very likely perfectly safe smoking weed while on meds - or even off the meds I’ve had both experiences for like 4 months each and nothing happened to me HOWEVER I will note that weed kinda threw my productivity all the way down But I was getting high like every single second of the day - wake up, smoke, shower, smoke, eat, smoke, hang w friends, smoke, etc. so if u stay on the non habitual route u should theoretically be fine

  • klazikel


    I've smoked every day since I was a teenager, with the exception of being hospitalized. I've also been on psychiatric meds since I was a teenager, and weed has never negatively impacted my medication. Of course, everyone responses to weed in their own way, and daily use isn't for everyone. I use Marijuana medicinally. It helps to stabilize my mood and calms anxiety. The only way you'll know how it will potentially affect you and your meds is to make the choice whether or not to try them at the same time. It's your body, your life, and your choice. Just be mindful of how you're being affected by any cannabis use because not everyone gets the positive benefits, and some people can have negative outcomes.

  • FTW


    Medication has never helped. 20 years of changing medications. The only thing I have found that has helped, is marijuana. I stopped trying medication and simply smoke, now.

  • DitsyDiabetic


    Hey hey! So I’m a habitual smoker of the cannabis and on an antipsychotic! I have had no issues whatsoever. That doesn’t mean that you won’t, necessarily, but you might not either. That’s just my stance on the matter. Hope all is well! 💜 and if you wanna chat about this, my inbox is open 😇

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