What pain treatment methods work best for you?

Went to the ER today because I’d been having chronic back pain for about a month. It just has been worsening to the point where today I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and went in for an X-Ray.

They said that my spine has an S curve and that my back muscles are strained from overuse and compensating for the misaligned spine. I’m experiencing the pain on all parts of my back, neck, and shoulders. It’s spreading to the back of my head where it meets my neck, as well as my hips. I’ve been taking ibuprofen today and that’s helped lessen the pain a little bit, but I am still in a lot of pain.

I am also confused because my chiropractor told me that I should only ice my back and that heat will cause inflammation, however the nurse at the ER told me I should heat it.

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  • Dua


    My chiropractor told me the same thing and it worked pretty good

  • AnimalBoy


    For my scoliosis and kyphosis the best treatment has been going to the chiropractor every other week and following her advice, it helps the over all pain of scoliosis go down quite a bit. But with flare ups in between appointments as well as when im having pain issues unrelated to scoliosis I use medical weed and occasionally muscle relaxants.

  • Meggy2327


    So I can't go to a chiropractor due to having open heart surgery so I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and it works wonders! I only take it when I cannot walk or I'm about to be up for hours and hours but normally I'll take Tylenol if it's not that bad.

  • 100Percent_K


    PT has been super helpful as well as (weirdly enough) gabapentin

  • Liv1301


    Ice and heat are both used to treat inflammation

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