I’m not sure what is causing this, but I am having tingling/ pins and needles in my arms (elbows down) and legs (calves mostly) when I try to sleep at night. This happens almost all night long and I wake up in pain. Any idea what it might be or what might help it? I am diagnosed with EDS and FM.

Paresthesia of skin

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • HarperRae


    Hey! I have this issue as well, while sleeping or just sitting, from my knees to feet and elbows to hands! I'm not sure why it happens yet but wearing compression thigh highs and arm length gloves have helped me

  • madd94


    I’m having this as well and am feeling super freaked out! I also have EDS (hypermobile type) and assume that it has to do with circulation issues related to that. Just wanted to comment to say that you’re not alone- will update if I find answers or remedies that help!

  • Tinkerbell82


    I do this as well. But I have recently also started having this sensation in my scalp 😳

    • acatalepsy


      I didn’t connect that with this post til you mentioned it. I also have what I call a “crawling sensation” on my scalp. It’s scary 😦

      • Tinkerbell82


        yes it is. My neurologist is sending me for an MRA of my neck and head to rule out anuresym and/dissection. Also referred me to a pain specialist and a brain health clinic ❤️

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