Is there a way to calm waves of mania sooner? I mean during fits of mania, if i am aware of my state is there anything i can do to possibly end them faster


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  • Easterbunny


    If you take anything to help you rest, that can be helpful. For me, getting rest is very important when mania hits because it is the thing I don't do enough of when manic. Personally I have taken a Benadryl to help me rest, Valerian Root, or a muscle relaxer. Is there anything you know of that works for you to rest? I think the more natural, the better.

  • kat132


    I understimulate as much as possible. Force yourself to sit down and relax. Get as much sleep as possible. Find things that you enjoy that also help you relax. You can also get an app to track your moods.

  • LonelyInKC


    Find ways to cool your body temperature. Cold showers, ice baths, etc help a great deal. Also look up anti inflammation diet and trip to follow it as best as you can. Best of luck. We’re rooting for you 💚

  • Calypso_


    The only things that has stopped my mania is being on meds. I currently take Risperidone it has helped me greatly not have manic episodes to the severity that I would. Still not sleeping a lot but I definitely don’t feel as manic anymore

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