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For many years now I have had high blood pressure in contrast to my weight, diet, and exercise. I believe my hypertension problem comes from stress and subconscious fear of test results. How could I reduce my anxiety when it comes to this?

    • Shad


      The natural cure for high blood pressure is the combination of Potassium and Magnesium when the Salt/Sodium, Cholesterol and blood sugar is high in our bodies. Usually what can cause High Blood Pressure physically is high Salt/Sodium, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar and mentally is Stress/Depression. We hear from doctors that our Potassium is high, well the potassium help lower the high blood pressure naturally also with the help of Magnesium. We just need to add the food that has them in it into our bodies example: natural coconut water, any green veggies Celery, Spinach, Kale, cucumber, lime or lemon, ginger, half of green apple make it into a powerful juice and drink it twice a day of a 250 ml cup. If you ate to much Salty food well now you need to balance it with potassium and magnesium so your blood pressure wouldn't get out of control.

    • macfightsback


      I have white coat syndrome which is what you are describing. I suggest getting a BP machine for home and check your BP regularly and record it. Look for trends. You should not have high BP at home. If you do, you need to be on high BP meds. Hypertension can lead to a heart attack, stroke, permanent damage to vision and/or chronic kidney disease. Best wishes!

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