I'm having trouble being intimate with my spouse because of pain, my doctor won't give me hormones because my family has a history of breast cancer, we've tried several lotions and lubes but nothing has worked... is it just me?

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  • MaryW


    No, It could be PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Endometriosis. He or she will also and should not only THROUGHLY examine your body; also a tilted uterus [.sometimes] can affect this.

    • TheOldMe


      never heard of PID. I will do some research... Thank you!!

      • MaryW


        U r most welcome love

  • Sick.but.slick


    Do you have vulvar lichen sclerosus?

    • TheOldMe


      I don't know but I will look into it... Thank you

    • TheOldMe


      no I don't have that

      • Sick.but.slick


        you’re very lucky. It’s a miserable condition

  • Morning_Star


    I have that problem too. It isn't everytime though. Because it comes and goes I just try shifting positions and sometimes it helps.

  • Beh


    OMG ! It’s same problem here . I am trying coconut oil to moisturize. I tried natural hormones from Amazon before but didn’t helped. 😥

  • Wyliewoman


    I’m in the same predicament, it’s so frustrating when you have pain and try everything you can think of. I’m currently using bio estrogen from Amazon and vitamin e suppositories it feels better down there so far. My gyno and Dr. Said it’s okay to use low dose bio estrogen even though my mom had breast cancer. Studies have shown this form to be safe. Or so I’m told.

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