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Other than meds, are there other treatments that can help me ?

    • jaesun


      i use pure CBD gummies (or 40:1 cbd & 1 mg thc gummies, only if im at home/ in a place where i wont need to drive) for anxiety and painkiller. i take one around an hour or so before going somewhere to ease myself, i 100% notice a difference when it kicks in and i can feel like myself and not have any anxiety sweats or having to talk through a heartbeat so fast it feels like i ran half a mile standing still. its so weird being able to be in a room of people and not feel like the room is closing in on me (weird in a good way!) for the ones with thc i barely feel since its 40:1, i usually use them if its an extra bad day with my pain and it helps me sleep so much better if im hurting that day. its a great painkiller, i dropped opioids for them (chronic bladder pain) and they work amazing, plus they last probably 3x as long. sometimes they can be hard to find, if its legal in your state just ask a smoke shop or cigar shop if they have pure cbd, they could point you in the right direction.

    • SadWitch


      Of course! Only issue is, not everything helps everyone so you do have to experiment a bit. But therapy works wonders sometimes. For hypotension, compression socks made a world of difference. I had to cut out gluten and most dairy for my IBS which sucks but it did help. Low fodmap diet is recommended but some foods on that make me feel worse so it can be trial and error.

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