Hey buddies! I'm applying for a job this summer and I'm wondering, for those of you with chronic pain, how do you go about putting it on your resume?

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and Tendinitis. I want to put them all on there so my employer knows I have nothing to hide, and also doesn't expect labor-intensive work from me.

I'm not worried about it making me less desirable-- well, maybe I am a little bit-- but I'm a very good student in NHS, so I've got an impressive GPA, plus I've won some dumb awards. I think it's pretty textbook "good job candidate" stuff, so the chump that hires me will just have to suck up the fact that I can't lift over 30 pounds lol

TL;DR I want to put my chronic pain conditions on my resume. How should I format it? a different page? put it in the "weaknesses" section? are you even supposed to have a weaknesses section in your resume?


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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Ca0120


    You don't. You tell them after they hire you.

  • 30Years_Of_This


    I wouldn’t mention it before being hired. It would most likely effect whether you get hired. They’re not allowed to ask anything about your health.

  • Zenon


    Hi! I completely understand wanting to share health conditions with a prospective employer, but they don’t belong on a resume. And I wouldn’t describe them as weaknesses (I’ve also never heard of putting a “weaknesses” section on a resume)! I’ve been living with crohns for almost a decade and fibromyalgia symptoms for over a decade but diagnosed for three. I would encourage you to bring up any concerns either after your interview as a follow up, or ideally once they offer you the position before you accept. I understand wanting to know where they stand before you accept so you don’t get yourself into a shitty or unsupportive situation, but as a person who has been in the workforce for over a decade and dealing with health issues, I really wouldn’t recommend putting it on your resume. If you’re feeling anxious about the possibility of labor intensive work, you can ask during your interview questions that might give you an idea of their expectations, such as “how labor intensive is this role?” And “what are the expectations around lifting x number of pounds?” Etc. Also, it’s important to note that legally they are not entitled to any information about your conditions. Good luck, and if you have questions or want to talk more my inbox is always open!

  • Medicated_Momma


    Hello, I understand wanting to let them know but they don’t need to. If you really want to tell them, let them know after you’re hired. They cannot fire based on your illnesses but they can pass you up a lot easier when applying. Tell them you have good and bad days. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and I just let them know I have issues sitting and standing for long periods of time and cannot lift anything heavy. Good luck

  • Denali


    I don't put it on my resume. I have usually discussed this once an offer of employment has been made or when it becomes an issue. Let them see you first, not your limitations.

  • Blinky


    There were a lot of replies to this post, otherwise I would have replied to you all individually! Thank you for your advice. I was surprised to see that all of you pretty much only mention it during a follow-up or when you already have the job. I will definitely do this!

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