Has anyone tried injections for migraines? How well did they work? Also, (if this applies) how much did eye strain/going to an eye doctor help at all? Does any type of stretching/physical therapy help? Maybe even posture or is that all tension-based headaches? Does anyone have another condition causing nerve or muscle pain, as well as migraines? Sorry for so many questions lol. Thank you for your help!




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  • ScientistInPain


    I tried emgality but had worsening anxiety and depression so I had to stop. They are once monthly injections, some people have a lot of luck with them. I'm now on an oral CGRP inhibitor called qulipta. My neurologist has me see an eye doctor annually to confirm eye problems are not contributing to my migraines or headaches. I have done physical therapy that helped relieve some neck tension that triggers migraines. I have fibromyalgia in addition to chronic migraine, for that I try to be consistent with moving my body, staying hydrated, reducing stress, sleeping and eating well. You can message me directly if you ever want to chat!

  • nsiberian


    I tried aimovig and it rocked my gut. I won't try inj. Anymore. I'm on nurtec now. Pt did do some exercise w me for my poor eyeballs, it did help but it was hell going through it

  • Iz684


    Yes!! I think I’m taking emgality and it’s helped me so much!!! There are always side effects, like anxiety or depression which I have had some issues with that but personally, this medicine is working wonders

  • Egyptgoddess


    What kind of injections are you thinking about? Ajovy and Emgality are next for me to try. Going to an eye doctor certainly can't hurt. At the very least, you may find you have a slight imperfection in your sight that can be fixed with glasses, lowering the strain on your eyes and yes, possibly lowering your migraines. My chiropractor has been working wonders, and I always feel better when I'm on a regular workout/yoga/movement regimen. Hoping you find some relief!

    • Y0g1


      I did vision therapy for about a year and that was a huge help!

  • Y0g1


    Did emgality for over a year- finally stopped because I was able to look myself in the mirror and face the fact that the anxiety it took for me to do the monthly injection was worse than the help it provided. I haven’t tried Botox though it’s one thing I’ve been thinking about

  • TraceyO


    I was on Emgality but it stopped working. I am now on nurtec every other day along with other migraine meds. I also get infusions of dopimine and lidocaine, which is about 5 hours on two to three consecutive days. I have a protocol to follow if the migraine is rearing it’s ugly head. Those injections are DHE 2x a day and then wait 24 hours and inject torodol. I also get nerve blocks. My issue is the Trigeminal nerve runs through my ear, jaw and teeth so there is very little that can help but I do use cefaly every day and wear an ice hat which gives me so much relief. I hope this helps.

  • JaxIsLame


    I've done botox every three months since I was 8, and it's very beneficial for me!

  • minnesotagirl


    I used to get nerve blocking injections in my trigger points but the most relief I got from them was maybe a week amd could o ly get them every couple months so it wasn't worth it to me to keep getting them especially since it hurt to get them and didn't help as much as they should I do wear glasses and although it isn't a cure all for the migraines it helps. I have astigmatism is one eye so the eye strain was contributing to it I did go to physical therapy and it did help for awhile. I still do the stretches they gave me which does help. Physical therapy is best for people with muscle strain and muscle spasms. I have neck spasms as well as a misaligned spine amd I suspect that I have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome due to the symptoms I have bit my primary can't diagnose it and I've asked for referrals to the specialist that xan and my primary won't. Instead I've been sent to sleep specialists, counselors, neurologists, back to.my primary where they run all .y levels AGAIN and then repeat

  • beingnotseeming


    i’m currently taking aimovig and that’s been the first medication that has done anything for me migraine wise. once we doubled my dose my migraines cut back a fair amount. i still get them but the length of time they last and the severity is better for the most part. i still get daily headaches but for some people aimovig helps that too. my neurologist just added another med to the aimovig so I’m gonna see if that helps take care of my remaining headaches. my vision is pretty bad but at this point it doesn’t play a role in my headaches. my light sensitivity definitely does though. I try and do yoga daily but that’s more so for other conditions. Those other conditions do cause issues with my muscles and tension though so I imagine it may help my headaches to a degree. A chiropractor might be worth the money for you. I know they helped me a lot for the time that I saw them. A tens unit and acupuncture mat are both things I utilize and that helps with my muscles and in turn helps sometimes with my headaches. I have fibro, RA, probably peripheral neuropathy, and some other things in addition to my migraines.

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