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I've been diagnosed with great disease Sister early nineties and I stopped going to see my doctor in 97 came back in 2007 and they told me I should have been dead but I have not been taking any medications up to this point this point all I've been doing is natural things like eating chicken fish and turkey in turkey and I also found out that The crack to my Pyramid of health is the detoxification of yeast That is a big thing thing with my my grave disease Includes nail fungus brain farts and tolerance the cold ect but I'm currently not taking any treatment at all an at the moment the only thing docters have told me my Cholesterol Was high but I still do not take any medication medication I just eat a totally different way I'm more Focus on healing foods that actually helps my body naturally naturally to heal itself along with wrong with And exercise that I do to help my body learn how to heal itself though it's like super yoga but I but I call it dragon ball Z And Bruce Lee used to use this exercise is exercise in his training for the 1" punch I've been hanging with a group following them eating Natural and I have lost 40 pounds my hair is growing and I feel a lot better but not out of the woods

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      I was diagnosed in February with Hyperthyroidism. I was referred to an Endocrinologist and a Cardiologist. It took months to get an appointment to either of these specialists. Very frustrating I have to say. Anyway, the Cardiologist checked me out with everything sounding normal. He firmly believed that the heart palpitations are from the thyroid problems. Next visit was to the Endocrinologist. He wasn’t that pleasant, right away he asked why it took so long to see him. I gave him copies of all my previous lab work. He poked at me and then told me to make an appointment for a test, at the hospital. It’s a nuclear pill that I swollen and then they ultrasound my thyroid. That sounds scary to me. I’m very sensitive to medications, so I’m really Leary about this test . But he really irritated me when he said we may have to remove the thyroid. This was too much for me to take. A functional medicine place did their own blood work. Turns out I have Graves’ disease. I have been on a special diet since June. Trying my best to stick to it. List 23 pounds in total. I’m not a big person, so now my skin is hanging off me. I feel tired and drained all the time. I’m trying to get in to see a different Endocrinologist for a second opinion. I hope I don’t have to wait several months again. Anyone have any suggestions.

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