Would taking this medicine make you sweat horribly bad? Like I am fine when I am sitting still, but as soon as I get up & walk anywhere or do ANYTHING I am sweating like a pig! I have to carry a wash cloth just to wipe my face off when I am going somewhere or doing something. I sweat so bad on my face its like pouring out of me.


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  • Jaqueiswacky


    Ok to be honest I’m not sure if it’s related to the medicine or not, but I can tell you I’ve been experienced the same exact thing when I started focalin. I don’t even have to be psychically active. Just sitting down and I sometimes start sweating bullets. I think it’s gotten better for me as I’ve gotten used to the medicine, but I think it may be related to the rush of hormones

    • bebeth2120


      Well its been doing it for years & I just recently started the focalin. It started when I started taking suboxone & my anti_psychotics!! Idk what is causing it!! But all my lab tests are normal!! So I have NO CLUE...

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