If There’s Nothing To Identify, There’s Nothing To Protect.

De-identification means that any signifier of you vanishes from our system. It’s like you never existed in our files.

Drawing of a woman forming a circlular glass shape around her eyes using her fingers.

Alike, founded by a Cybersecurity pioneer, a Physician and a Data Scientist, have reinvented privacy and established the foundation of trust in digital health.

Alike’s multi-layer privacy and security are based on these fundamentals


All personal identifiers are removed from your files. Once a user connects medical records, all PII are eliminated. The user’s email will be hashed and will be used for the user to login when needed. Hashing algorithms are designed as one-way functions, meaning they cannot be reverted. Alike does not recognize you or have a profile of you, and as such no one could ever recognize you.


Every active Alike user is verified by their healthcare provider.  This makes us a safe, trusted place where no bots or fake identities can ever gain access.

Data Encryption

Data encryption (also called “Encryption at rest”) is enabled by default for all storage. Keys are managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are stored in the AWS key management service.

Data Fuzzing

Alike obscures your data through a process called “fuzzing”.  That’s because under certain conditions - when information is brought together from multiple sources - dates or other information might reveal your identity. In order to avoid this, Alike converts the precise years and months to unidentifiable ones.

Minimal Information

Alike uses only the very least amount of data we need to analyze your chronic conditions, regular medications, procedures and lab tests. Personal information such as physician notes and addresses are never captured.

Device Security

No personal or medical information is stored on your mobile device, or ever will be. As an additional privacy measure, you can always set a screen lock when you open Alike. When enabled, the app will be only accessible with your passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID. So you’re always in control of your data.


Alike has industry-leading cybersecurity “red teaming” companies performing regular penetration tests for network configuration, infrastructure, and application layers.