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recently found out I have gallstones. I've been to a few doctors and gotten everything from definitely getting my gallbladder removed ASAP to never getting it removed and managing it with diet. idk what to do, I've been able to make changes to my diet and I've taken supplements too and haven't had a gallstone attack in a while, but because my cholesterol is fine and I'm not overweight and didn't have to do any drastic changes to my diet in order to stop the gallstone attacks, all the doctors believe that the stones are not caused by my diet but instead by genetics. This is further evidenced by the fact that my grandmother had gallstones and had her gallbladder removed and also wasn't overweight or had bad cholesterol or ate really unhealthy. All that said, I don't know if all the dieting in the world will be enough to save my gallbladder or if I'm just buying time before I get a really bad attack, get the gallbladder inflamed, or pass a gallstone and have it get stuck in the pancreas or something else which my doctor said could happen based on my stones being small and plentiful

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      I had recently had my gallbladder removed, I had been having gallbladder attacks off and on for 2 years. But this last attack caused more harm to my pancreas and liver. The pain started and didn't stop or ease. I became jaundice, dehydrated, constantly vomiting, tiredness, chills, and the pain increased in my upper abdomen and in the center of my back. The gallstones moved into my pancreas causing bile buct blockage. It was so bad that I had to have stents placed in my pancreas. My liver is damaged. It wouldn't have went this far if I had gotten my gallbladder removed sooner. The end results of prolonging in having my gallbladder removed is more Dr appointments and now I have to live with stents because now without the stents my lifespan shorts to 3 months to possibly a year. So research and waiting can do more harm than good.

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