Hey guys. I'm Disciple. I've been having dizzy spells lately and feeling nauseous alot lately. Today I felt like I was gonna pass out. Experienced pain in my left side a little lower than my heart. I hope it's not an oncoming heart attack. Any ideas?

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  • Sufferer


    I have the same issue, whatever you do don’t let a doctor squeeze your spleen it will get much worse and won’t get better. I have chest pain all over from vascular issues shutting down my vital organs. I know this pain well.

  • React


    When I take my metaformin it makes me nauseous and upset stomach I have a hard time eating..

  • UCBree


    Please look up BPPV. Totally benign, and easy to correct. Just curious if that could be what this is.

  • Andrer


    Disciple what IS your diagnosis?

  • NOLA_Musician


    Please, please to get yourself checked out by a Dr. Don’t let it become a full heart attack before you address it.

    • Disciple


      thank you. Actually I think it was caffeine withdrawal. I moved into a new place and was constantly on the go. I didn't make time to make me coffee in the morning (normally drink 4+ cups per day). I'm feeling much better now. I will keep you updated

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