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can Wellbutrin trigger a hypomanic episode? I started it for depression about three years ago and then after a couple weeks I felt anxious and like my body and my mind was moving really fast and I was impulsive too, I left work in the middle of my shift for the first time ever because my thoughts were racing and my irritability was so bad I thought I would punch the next customer or coworker I saw. my doctor concluded that I probably had bipolar 2 and then later on I started Seroquel because the episode that was triggered by the Wellbutrin became a really really bad mixed episode after I stopped Wellbutrin and I needed an immediate fix. did anyone else have a similar reaction to Wellbutrin?

    • maic


      Yep! I loved Wellbutrin. It made me feel terrible the first couple weeks I took it regularly (short of breath, dizzy, lightheaded) then after working up to my therapeutic dose it kick-started the most intense long lasting hypomanic episode of my life (basically a year.) I won't even get into listing all of the severe risk taking behaviors I engaged in on a daily basis. It was my favorite year of my life. Realistically I appreciate that I scared/hurt a lot of people and I truly don't know how the FUCK I survived all the crazy shit I did. It was like a motor was running inside me pressuring me to drive my car off a cliff (figuratively... But also literally) all the time. It was like if it wasn't something that had the potential to kill me, it couldn't keep my focus and was boring and useless and stupid and pissed me the fuck off. I was so used to feeling such severe and debilitating depressive episodes that mania was so brand new and amazing to me. I DONT recommend chasing mania, obviously we all recognize that it's dangerous as fuck and leads to terrible/horrible situations but FUCK are they fun.... (Side note - I've been off Wellbutrin for several years now and am much more stable)

    • gibby_gibson


      YES!!! wellbutrin made me go absolutely insane while taking it (i also later found out i have bipolar II as well)

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