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How hard is it to get a celiac disease diagnosis?

    • Therealpeach


      So basically what has happened so far is that my blood has been tested 3 times now and they can’t find anything at all to do with autoimmune but it is in my family and it’s very difficult for me because I have reactions unlike the usual. Stomach pain isn’t really an issue for me…. Though I get extremely sick from time to time and I break out in a rash almost every time I accidentally have gluten but I’ve never had a referral for any specialist and it feels like the doctors aren’t really listening to me. Not sure how to push my thoughts on the doctors without sure knowledge and understanding. I’ve gotten 2 times now the diagnosis of herpes but I don’t believe I have herpes because the first time I wasn’t even tested for it and the second time the test came out negative but the third time (second time I was told I had herpes) I was tested and some how it came back positive but I’ve been with the same guy since the beginning of this whole journey and my mom has found research on how false positive herpes tests can come up on patience with celiac disease… it’s so frustrating that I can’t just get proper answers from a doctor so far

    • Ley


      They should be able to do an endoscopy or bloodwork. With the endoscopy they should be able to tell you then, at least that’s what they told me when they were trying to find a diagnosis for me.

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