How do you know if you have insulin resistance? I've been wanting to take Ovasitol but I'm not sure...

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  • Quica


    I also had some blood test. I take ovasitol and I’m already noticing some changes with my symptoms. :)

  • foreverblissful101


    My blood tests always showed normal ☹️ but I knew something was wrong. I realized when I was experiencing symptoms I never got my insulin tested. That is worth checking in addition to hemoglobin a1c and glucose. Getting fasting results is likely better as well. Also wish I knew this before when my tests were coming back normal: if the above still looks fine ask for a Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). It is a stress test where your blood sugar is being monitored during a 2 hour period where you are given a sugary drink.

    • evergreen12


      +1 on your comment. At the beginning of my journey, when my markers were still normal/borderline high, the Oral Glucose Test indicated that I was insulin resistant. Highly recommend to have this test if you want to confirm. Most doctors look at your glucose and send you on your way. But if you are producing lots of insulin to keep your BG normal, you're pre-diabetic and without intervention, your condition will continue to progress. Can't agree more with @foreverblissful101

  • MilkyWay


    Thank you everyone for your comments. My OBGYN prescribed me Metformin without running any tests...

  • Kingswife


    My insulin resistance was measured through fasting insulin and glucose tests. You divide the glucose by the insulin and if its below 7 you have insulin resistance. I had 95 glucose/80 insulin

  • Kmlb5464


    One sign of insulin resistance is actually where you gain your weight. If you gain weight in your belly, you are more likely to be insulin resistant and have a higher chance of one day getting type 2 diabetes. Hope this helps. No one likes being stuck with needles.

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