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I have been having trouble with my bi polar condition like spending more money stuff like that how do I get it under control

    • RR


      Omg same ❤️ so baseically i said this same thing to my doc annd this doc was like “just leave it in cart and dont check out” ive been adding so much to my wishlist and never actually buying it. I learned experiences are better than material things too when it comes to lasting happiness and idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ greed am i right ?!? haha also my boyfriend always stops me if its in person or whoever i am in the store with. When i brought it up with my life coach they asked me “how did you feel after making the purchase” and i was like errm “ 😞 stretched too thin” that did not stop me from finding coupons and splurging on books but it thwarted things like clothing purchases 😉 ive also noticed 90% of my spending is on entertainment and ive been researching and in 1919 or sum time the average spending was 80% of earning going to necessities like food water shelter basic clothing. But yes 🙌 bring it back to 1919 is my goal. Ive been doing strange things like turning water bottles into piggy banks and putting pennies i find on the ground of stores in em. But my life coach also said “do not live pay check to pay check” so im now depositing a certain amount to savings every month for emergencies 🤗 hang in there sorry for ramble lol 😝

    • Trustedbeginnings


      Meds were the only thing that took things down a notch. Geodon is what helped. Nothing else did. But I went from spending a lot of money to paranoia and hallucinations so it got worse after the spending money phase. Meds saved my life when I was manic

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