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My story is, in March of 2021, while working, I experienced a sudden light-headed feeling / dizziness. I could not stand on my own. This induced a severe panic attack. Since then, the dizziness never really goes away, though some days are better than others. Driving has become a challenge, especially on the highway. My vision gets blurry and it becomes hard to focus, particularly to the right or left. Going out in social settings, particularly by myself, is extremely overwhelming and I've begun to avoid these situations. I've experienced other weird symptoms this past year I've never had before: randomly waking up with a swollen lip/ under eye/ or sides of my nose. Eczema patches on my upper arms. Pressure in my ears. 2 weeks ago my whole face and chest turned bright red and swelled. A day later it turned into dry skin and it looked like I had a chemical peel done it was peeling so bad. Once it began to clear up, it broke out on my arms, looking almost like bruises. It took about 10 days to clear up, and my nose and cheeks are still quite dry. I've been to an allergist who told me I have no allergies, though they would only test environmental not food. I went to an ENT who told me my sinuses were blocked. In July 2021 I underwent a nasal procedure and he "ballooned" open one of my ears. He put me on two allergy nasal sprays. Still, the dizziness persists. The past two months, I've cut out caffeine completely, it seems to trigger either the dizziness or the anxiety. I ride my stationary bike for 30-60 minutes a day, stretching/ strength excersise 3 days a week. The real kicker is my doctor said it is just stress- induced. I've done yoga and meditation, and while it relaxes me, I feel dizzy in certain positions. I've dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life, but this is something entirely different. The panic attacks from anticipating dizziness when I'm not at home are worse than the dizziness itself. I don't know what to do without a doctor who believes me and feel extremely stuck. I'm struggling at work and in my personal life. I would just like an answer so I can address it and/ or learn to cope.

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    • normaliselife


      Hi! We seem to have similar symptoms and stories, would love to chat! ❤️

    • normaliselife


      Hi! We seem to have similar symptoms and stories, would love to chat! ❤️

    • gigi27


      Omg, I am so saddened to hear that you're going through all of these horrible issues. I won't go into my very dramatic story at this time but I still suffer greatly since March of 2020 with the same issues but mine are mostly that I cannot balance my body at all in any position. It rocks all the time. No peace. And I have headaches that are sometimes unbearable. I've seen 13 specialists. One that I would highly recommend though is in Chicago Illinois. His name is Dr Timothy Hain and he is with Chicago dizziness and hearing. He is both an ENT specialist and a neurologist. He told me things that I have not heard from any other doctor. He is quite thorough. I highly recommend him as a last resort if you can get to Chicago. He only sees you one time for a diagnosis and then refers you out to the particular doctors he thinks you need to see. Good luck on your journey. Dizziness and inbalance issues are some of the worst conditions that a human can endure when they are nonstop. Best of luck!

    • Kirky


      Let's chat. We have A LOT of the same issues. Not necessarily the allergy stuff, but dizziness, panic attacks, going out in public and driving. Oh boy, nailed it to the core

    • ChihuahuaMom


      Not sure I’ve responded already to you. So I apologize. I would see a specialized ENT known as an Otologist for the appropriate testing of your ears, to discard any damages to your inner ear, and treatment. Also, look into Craniosacral therapy. This has helped me tremendously with anxiety and has helped me relax the central nervous system. It’s so worth trying!

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