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well I guess Ill introduce myself as a survivor, so far of stage 4 small cell lung cancer I was diagnosed Aug of 2020 I was told I should make my arrangements and prepare my family. There was nothing that could be done. while doing this I was feel experiencing severe chest pain and had read a few years previous of Apricot seeds could cure any kind of cancer had nothing to loose so gave it a try to help relieve the pain. I could feel my body healing like taking an antibiotic for infection. In Oct Doctors decided they would try so experimental treatments if one didn't work then another. A port was put in Oct 22 November 26 it had to be removed septics a new one put in 21 days of antibiotics but I still do the apricot seeds started the chemo do the matinees every 21 days 43 cm tumor can not be seen 17 cm tumor has 5 cm left I doing well still continue with 21 days treatment and my 1 a day of apricot seeds it did take time to build my body to taking them without stomach reactions but I do know they are the reason Doctors even stated any type treatment

    • lynnymarie


      Good for you girl I'm going to try that now

    • michele55


      Ty so much for sharing your story!! I would love to know more about your bout with lung cancer. What area do you live in? Where are you getting your treatment done? What are some of the problems your experiencing with lung cancer? Is it non small cell or small cell? Please tell me more about yourself!!

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