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Hello survivors! General question here. My anxiety, depression, PTSD, BPD (boarder-line personality disorder/bipolar) diagnosis was in 2017. I’ve been suffering depression and anxiety my whole life. Being a generation X baby Depression and anxiety was not diagnosed until I was in my 20s. My parents was considered “I dry drunk” Which caused a lot of trauma in my early childhood life. And I started seeking therapy in my 20s and now I am 49 years old and I am still having triggers. I have been triggered within the last month at work by a supervisor. Here is the question I have……. I have an appointment with my newly assigned psychiatrist tomorrow via phone call and I want to seek partial or full disability due to my mental illness and PTSD. Have any of you been approved for disability in the USA? My position in my family was the peacemaker. I am now a license vocational nurse working hospice care and I bring a lot of grief home as well as I’ve dealt with a lot of family grief as well losing a lot of family members and a husband

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      I feel the same way and now my anixity is getting worse by the day and I know forsure what is in my path and there is nothing I can do to stop the anixity and it's like I know forsure what is going to happen! I can't even find a psychiatrist cause they are all too booked up so now I'm panicking!

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