does anybody know how bad surgery recovery for scoliosis is? i am g3tting surgery in a few days

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  • Yue_Flower


    I almost had surgery for it. They said that recovery would be around a year, and i wasnt able to have a backpack on thats more then 1 pound. But it could have changed sense when i was told that was 7years ago.

  • Arael


    I had mine over 15 years ago and it took me about 3 months to recover but I wasn’t able to play any contact sports or play golf for a year.

  • Sunshine1953


    What kind of surgery did you have for this?

  • LaPorte


    I had a rod put in my back 30 years ago I had it down twice because they did not go high enough so I was out of work for two years and till this day I at have a lot of pain the doctor told me that I now have kissing back because of the rods in my back

  • shimshim


    I was diagnosed scoliosis and was told if I didn't have surgery I'd be in a wheelchair within 2 years I had the surgery resulting in 28 screws and 2 metal plates being applied to my back .I struggle alot with walking differently and wears me out I use to walk approx 5 miles every other day. I do good now to make it a block I miss the younger days of my life for sure Good luck and best wishes

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