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I just want to bring awareness to every patient that is diagnosed FM. I am as well. As we know, FM does not present in ANY lab results. However, if you are having certain symptoms like, unable to lift 5 lbs, unable to lift yourself into a car, a flair different than normal that may include GI, THIGH AND/OR BICEP pain, and your labs DO show elevation of certain markers....particularly aldolase or Creatine Kinase (CK), this is NOT FM. This is a rare disorder often overlooked for FM but is a form of myositis. I suffered since 2016 WITH POSITIVE lab results and even the Mayo Clinic wrote all of my symptoms off as FM... now I am so sick and it has gotten to the point that my heart is involved now, my adrenal glands have suffered and I am far more ill than I ever was with FM and Lupus combined. All along my bloodwork was being dismissed because I was diagnosed with FM and my symptoms looked like FM. Myositis is a debilitating disorder that one progressively gets worse with. It is not something anyone wants their doctor to miss as mine had done since 2016. I just wanted to bring awareness to show how easy it is be overlooked when one has FM when it can be a very serious, progressive illness. Please educate those you know with FM to look out for those 2 labs, especially if they have thigh and bicep pain. Please look at your labs, remember elevation of aldolase or creatine kinase. Those 2 labs are significant.

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      I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It sounds really tough. You’re kind to give us a heads up.

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