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Hi, you can call me Easterbunny because sometimes my birthday lands on Easter and I like to have fun with that. I am concerned about the Chronic Kidney Disease level 3 I have. it's been a few years. I have learned what foods help and lots of water. Also I am concerned about Anemia that is related to CKD. I take iron. Still have Anemia and eat well. I know I do some things that don't help at all with the CKD. Like smoke cigarettes. Drink some alcohol and coffee. Noone is perfect, but I feel I don't deserve much help if I continue doing things against myself. Has anyone felt that way also?

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    • Robeaner


      @macfightsback it’s rough having a lot of diseases hang in there prayers for us🙏

    • macfightsback


      I was diagnosed stage 4 chronic kidney disease in 2020 due to chemotherapy. CKD is complicated. Limits on phosphorus, potassium, animal protein, animal byproducts and sodium are needed depending on your labs. We are higher risk for heart disease so the cigarettes need to go or at least be cut back on to decrease your risk. Sodas are loaded with phosphorus which is bad for your bones (long term). I had to give up all sodas. (I miss my Dr. Pepper). No alcohol for me! I think coffee is alright in moderation. It is a struggle making all these changes. Sometimes I cheat on my diet but if I do, I just do a small or moderate cheat. I weigh myself daily and take my blood pressure daily and record my results. It is important that your BP is not too high or too low since that may cause more kidney damage. My Nephrologist gave me a goal of 130/80 to aim for. You may want to ask what they want your BP to be. Every positive action you take counts. Drinking lots of water is good. My iron level is sky high in my blood and I am still anemic too. The CKD causes you to make less red blood cells making most of us anemic. There is a shot called Erythropoietin that can increase your red blood cells. Unfortunately it also can increase your risk of cancer according to some studies. I have recurrent Ovarian Cancer so it is not an option for me. Don't be so hard on yourself. Noone is perfect. Best wishes on your journey.

      • Robeaner


        @macfightsback it’s rough having a lot of diseases hang in there prayers for us🙏

    • DaniBear


      coffee is okay with ckd as long as you’re drinking enough water to counteract the effects since it’s a diuretic. are you drinking and smoking?

      • Easterbunny


        @DaniBear I am limiting my alcohol intake and soda pop. Drinking lots of water.

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