Just got prescribed Topamax for migraine prevention. Anyone take this for prevention as well?

Migraine without aura, intractable


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  • Dancingkat36


    I take it and it works wonders

    • DD44


      Thank you! I just am anxious about side effects. Anything you have noticed?

      • Dancingkat36


        ive had no side effects

  • amandasnyder588


    Yes but it messed with me

  • Risha_Risha


    Hello everyone, I am taking Topomax since February and I didn't have any side effects. In the beginning, I felt a little bit tired but after a week or so everything was back to normal 🤗

  • Dancingkat36


    Weight loss is a side effect I guess and now thinking back I did have that occur

    • DD44


      oo ok I’ll have to monitor that because I do not want any weight loss

      • DandelionFairy


        I had the opposite...weight gain. But they say I'm a medical unicorn. ;)

  • Momx3


    I’ve been on it for years. I was on 300mg a day and just started on 400mg a day. It’s been about a week on the new dose and is taking some time to get use to the new dose.

  • GN008


    I take it (have been for about a year now) and it helps :)

  • UnnecessaryXL


    Took it, developed SEVERE anxiety. Loved the weight loss but hated the anxiety, I literally cried at the doctor to let me off it. Never had anxiety before this and don't remember if it had any effect on the migraines. Be cautious.

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