I’m sorry that this is a bit long - I wasn’t sure what to leave out.

Does anyone have arthritis in your wrist and at the base of your thumb or de Quervain‘s tynsonitis? My symptoms have been going on since October of last year and my PCP tentatively thought it might be de Quervain‘s after I brought it up in a message to her. For months, my main symptom was mild to moderate pain, mostly in my left thumb through my wrist, especially on my inner side. I had some lighter pain in my right thumb and wrist, but it was much less pronounced. If I had a particularly high pain day then the pain would radiate out to the rest of my hand from where my thumb and wrist connect. As the pain has continued and worsened over time, the feeling of radiating from the worst area to the rest of my hands has also increased in intensity. My hands have been very mildly stiff for a long time so I didn’t think about that. From January until roughly February, my pain shifted to a consistent medium-high level. From mid-March through April, my pain increased slowly. The pain in my left hand, wrist, thumb, etc. was still much worse than in my right hand, wrist, thumb etc. but it slowly started to get closer in intensity. Very recently, my stiffness became much much worse. My range of motion is starting to be limited. I wake up with at least moderate pain and moving/using my hands at all increases my pain very quickly. When I’m actively using my hands, the pain is sharp and shooting, and it occasionally borders on burning. When I’m not actively using my hands and especially during the first half of the day, the pain is more of a very strong ache with occasional stabbing sensations in. With my symptoms getting so much worse, I returned to the internet and I realized that the symptoms for CMC arthritis and de quervain’s are incredibly similar. If you have been considered for both of these things and have ultimately been diagnosed with one over the other, could you tell me about your experience/what helped you and your doctor decide which one it was? Anyone with any thoughts or experiences that they think could be relevant or helpful, please feel free to jump in below. I just really want to get a better understanding of what’s going on in this area of my body so that I can hopefully get some pain relief. This is among some of the worst pain that I’ve had whatsoever.

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  • snowey


    I dont know how much help I can be. I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis. Same area as you. I started noticing a lump where my veins are in my inner right wrist. I can see it pulsating. The pain goes to my thumb. My pain comes and goes. Certain movements make it hurt much more. Sharp pain. Hurts so bad it stops me in my tracks. They gave me steroids to bring down the inflammation. It still looks swollen in that areanI had tendonitis in my shoulder. Had surgery years ago. No one understands how bad the pain can be. I'm so scared this could lead to not being to work. Since I have a repetitive job. I want to learn as much as i can about this. I hate pain. I want to know how this start ed

  • Delpie


    so I have never heard of CMC arthritis and never looked into it but I was diagnosed with de Quervains and mine started off exactly the way you are describing it, except it was opposite for me, so my pain was in my right hand predominantly. at the time I worked in a warehousing position so I opted for the surgery sooner than I should have. I definitely 1000000% recommend doing as much physical therapy as you feel comfortable doing because I wish I had done more of that before opting for the surgery. I'm not sure if the surgery really helped me all that much, because it's been 2 years and now my pain is getting almost to the point where it was before I got the surgery. it did help for a little bit though. I hope you get some relief soon!!! you got this!!!

  • vadafritz


    Not sure how much help I'll be, but here goes. My pain started out exactly the way that yours did. I saw my PCP first. He sent me to a hand surgeon. (Best option in my opinion) she did some movements with my hand, and I remember her placing her thumb on my wrist (where the thumb meets the wrist) and moved my hand up and down with her other hand. She could feel my tendon moving and popping under her thumb (I could feel it too) especially when it became painful with the movements. She diagnosed me with De Q. And I got a steroid shot in my right wrist (because that's where I had the most pain) three weeks later I went back for follow up on the right wrist, and at that time asked for the same shot in my left. Got the second shot. (So one in each wrist) and had so much relief for about two years. But at my 8 week follow up she said she could confirm that it was definitely de Q. since my wrists reacted the way they did to the shots. Anyway, I had relief for about 2 years. Within the last month my pain has come back. Especially in the right wrist. I knew I had a problem when I couldn't get my 3 year old out of his car seat because I couldn't use my thumbs to push the button to release his straps. I go back to the surgeon next week.

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