Has anyone been able to identify the reason for their chronic tachycardia?


Chronic Tachycardia



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  • JadinTB


    do you have only tachycardia or bradycardia too?

    • Demonneko91


      I have both. I also have a 1st degree av heart block.

  • Kase3


    Only tachycardia as far as I know

    • JadinTB


      im not sure than, im sorry ):

  • BinoVert


    I have tach all the time but certain meds can cause brad even when it's not listed as a side effect. Don't know why and my cardiologist has not found any reason for either to happen.

  • bunnylover79


    My doctor ordered a 48 hour Holter monitor, and it showed that I have SVT. I've been put on Toprol XL and Dyazide (along with Lisinopril that I've been taking for 2 years) for a week now, and feel much better. I have had heart thumping and racing, but not like before.

  • JJ86


    I've only been diagnosed by my primary doctor for Tachycardia. Waiting to see the Cardiologist. Apparently my heart rate has become more elevated over the last 2 years.

    • jellypeanut


      I’ve actually noticed my heart rate become more elevated the past couple years as well. I’m wondering if it’s linked to the pandemic and stressful times we all went through. I had an ablation done about 8 yrs ago & I felt like it only helped improve my arrhythmia for 4 yrs following.

  • BubbleGirl1


    I was told (by my cardiologist) some are born that way, drugs(legal and illegal) can cause it too. I was told I was most likely born with my tachycardia.

    • jellypeanut


      I was also told that I was most likely born with my tachycardia and Wolff Parkinson’s white syndrome. However, I’m just curious as to why I started showing symptoms and issues when I did. I ended up having a cardiac ablation at 13 — I’m 21 now.

      • BubbleGirl1


        same I didn't start having symptoms till I was about 20/21yrs old, Dr. said stress or any big life event can trigger it, my grandmother had just died then after I started showing symptoms

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