I had Covid 19 March 2020. My first symptoms were digestive issues. I thought I had food poisoning and then the other covid symptoms started. It's been 2yrs and I have had the same digestive issues. It's like I have food poisoning 75% of the time. Now I am having obvious gallbladder pain. The gallbladder pain ranges from a sharp pinching sensation to a baby horse kicking me in my right side. I had a HIDA Scan, multiple CT Scans and Dozens of Ultrasounds over the years. I have only had one Ultrasound since the gallbladder pain started. I have no stones. My gallbladder is always tender. My liver was found to be fatty within days of having the covid shot. before the shot nobody mentioned it. i am going to see a new GI doctor in a totally different network soon.

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  • Nikki75225


    How long have you suffered w digestive issues ?

    • DietSodie


      2yrs. My first covid symptoms were like food poisoning and it never went away.

  • LizBassy


    Did anything come from your HIDA scan? When I had one, I was told that my gallbladder was dysfunctional (mine was 9% and its supposed to be 32% or higher). Reach out to someone who can offer a second opinion. I had pains for 15 months before the issue was found and removed

    • Nikki75225


      my hida was 16 %

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