Posts on Alike for April 2022

  1. Looking for Coping Mechanisms for Lack of Motivation
  2. Dealing with ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation
  3. Desperately Seeking Binding Tips for Summer
  4. Could my depression and anxiety be symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD?
  5. Why Does Alcohol Make Me Feel Better?
  6. Dealing with Major Depression: My Coping Strategies
  7. Struggling with Hand and Wrist Pain in Math and Physics Classes
  8. Taking Testosterone Secretly at Home
  9. Managing Heat Intolerance and Near-Syncope
  10. Dealing with Hypersexuality in a Relationship
  11. Looking for Alternative Treatments
  12. Struggling with PCOS Treatment: Seeking Supplement Recommendations
  13. Looking for Chronic Pain Treatment Advice
  14. Dealing with Long Covid Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  15. Dealing with High Levels of Anxiety: Any Tips?
  16. Dealing with Chronic Pain in a New State
  17. Trouble Sleeping and Dealing with Anxiety
  18. Anxiety and Frequent Urination: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  19. Managing Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  20. First HS Symptoms: How to Identify Them?
  21. Living with Type I Bipolar Disorder: Share Your Story
  22. How to Stay Positive and Connected When Stuck at Home
  23. Struggling with Acne and Self-Image
  24. Can I still eat chocolate while on sertraline?
  25. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue: How to Keep Going?
  26. Looking for Herbal Remedies and Alternative Therapies for MCAS
  27. Pelvic Floor Issues After Vaginal Births: Seeking Advice
  28. New here, struggling with mental health
  29. Traits for Autism Spectrum
  30. Looking for Support with Chronic Illnesses and Loneliness
  31. Coping with DID Diagnosis: First Few Months
  32. Experiencing Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
  33. Struggling with Loneliness: Need Suggestions
  34. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks at Work
  35. Strategies to Help with Inattentive ADHD
  36. Symptoms of MS: What to Look Out For
  37. Struggling with GI Issues and Pain
  38. New to Adderall: How Do I Know if it's Working?
  39. Irregular Periods with PCOS
  40. Struggling with Weight Loss Due to PCOS
  41. Dealing with Gender Dysphoria and Unaccepting Family
  42. Starting Humira: What to Expect?
  43. Skin Issues with EDS: Stretch Marks and More
  44. Natural remedies for gout attacks?
  45. Dealing with Hot Flashes: Seeking Advice
  46. Does Anxiety Affect IBS?
  47. EDS and KT Tape: Does it Work?
  48. What to Expect After an AFib Diagnosis?
  49. Struggling with Old Habits: To Accept or Fight?
  50. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Advice
  51. Struggling with ADHD: Seeking Advice
  52. Feeling Too Young and Healthy for Chronic Pain
  53. Starting Therapy: What to Expect
  54. Need Help Affording DDAVP/Desmopressin Acetate Medication
  55. Working with Anxiety: What Job to Choose?
  56. Looking for fellow zebras with POTS and EDS
  57. Struggling with ADD in School
  58. Weird Symptoms After Stopping Propanol - Anyone Else?
  59. Surgery for a Condition: Seeking Advice and Experiences
  60. Managing ADHD without medication: Is it possible?
  61. Hysterectomy for Endometriosis: Was it Worth It?
  62. When is it okay to identify as disabled?
  63. Abnormal Bloating: How to Reduce or Prevent It?
  64. Autistics, What's Your Biggest Interest? Others, What Meds Do You Take?
  65. Looking for others with Exercise Induced Urticaria and Anaphylaxis
  66. Why am I always so hungry?
  67. Experiencing Hair Loss and Liver Pain on Lyrica
  68. Neck Pain and Lump: Seeking Advice
  69. Feeling Tired and Disconnected: Need Advice
  70. Living with Hirschsprung's Disease: Seeking Advice
  71. Propranolol for Anxiety: Anyone Tried It?
  72. Living with Functional Neurological Disorder: Seeking Advice and Support
  73. Dealing with Depression: A Lifelong Struggle
  74. Need Motivation to Lose Weight: Tips?
  75. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction after IC Diagnosis?
  76. Starting Zoloft and Remeron for CPTSD/Anxiety/Depression
  77. Looking for new IBS treatments
  78. Medication or Lifestyle Changes?
  79. Dealing with Nightmares and Morning Depression
  80. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Share Your Experience
  81. Considering a Service Dog for My Condition
  82. Looking for Support with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  83. How Does Caffeine Affect Your Symptoms?
  84. Vegetarian with IC: Need Meal Suggestions
  85. Career with Bipolar Disorder: Is it Possible?
  86. Need help lowering my A1C of 14
  87. Introducing Myself: A Mom with Chronic Illness
  88. Managing Hip Subluxations with EDS
  89. Question about Dissociation and PTSD
  90. Tips for Managing Dysphoria During Menstruation
  91. Diagnosed with a Health Condition at a Young Age
  92. Feeling Tired and Weak: Seeking Advice
  93. Struggling with Depression: Need Tips to Get Back on Track
  94. Grocery Store Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  95. Living with Lichen Sclerosis: Seeking Support and Advice
  96. Coping with Saggy Boobs and Ehlers Danlos: Need Support
  97. Managing Chronic Pain and Mental Health Symptoms at Work
  98. Dealing with OCD Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  99. Questions for Mobility Aid Users
  100. Do You Pretend to Be Fine When You're Not?
  101. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help!
  102. Feeling Anxious and Disconnected
  103. Dealing with POTS Flares: What to Do?
  104. Should I Take ADHD Medication?
  105. Describing the Indescribable: Explaining FM Pain to Others
  106. Life after Psychosis: How Did You Cope?
  107. Am I Really Getting Better or Just in Denial?
  108. Struggling with ADHD and Self-Esteem: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  109. Looking for someone to connect with about mental health
  110. Looking for others with Craniosynostosis
  111. Debilitating Neck Pain and Occipital Headaches
  112. Asking my Fiancé about Starting a Family
  113. Looking for Understanding
  114. Effective natural remedies for hypertension and high cholesterol?
  115. Severe Paranoia and Anxiety: Am I Alone?
  116. Arthroscopy Surgery for EDS/HSD Patients: Experiences and Recommendations
  117. Struggling with Exercise Motivation
  118. Getting a Referral to a Geneticist: Tips and Tricks
  119. Dealing with Nausea: Any Tips?
  120. Flu or IBS Attack?
  121. Looking for insight on Wellbutrin for Bipolar Depression
  122. Stuttering after TBI: Any tips?
  123. Seeking Advice on Health Diagnosis
  124. Looking for Help with Hypersensitive Nerve Endings
  125. Loss of appetite on medication
  126. Looking for Real Friends
  127. Struggling with Mobility: Need Advice
  128. Non-Traditional Remedies for Anxiety
  129. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  130. Navigating My ADHD Journey: Seeking Advice
  131. Struggling with Memory Loss and PTSD
  132. Early Signs of Mania: What to Look Out For
  133. Struggling to Make Friends with Social Anxiety
  134. Excessive Sleeping Taking Over My Life
  135. Myoclonic jerks after COVID - anyone else?
  136. Should I seek help for my OCD symptoms?
  137. Experiencing Blackouts with DID
  138. What changes should I expect on hormone therapy?
  139. Anyone with bone cysts or frequent foot fractures?
  140. Looking for Someone to Talk to About My Struggles
  141. Dealing with PCOS: Irregular Periods, Hair Loss, and Facial Hair Growth
  142. Struggling with Daily Motivation and Tiredness
  143. ADHD and Overeating: Anyone Else Struggling?
  144. Need help with my bad sleep schedule
  145. Dealing with Injury Anxiety
  146. Dealing with Prolapse Pain: Tips and Advice
  147. Coping with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  148. Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication: Share Your Tips
  149. Struggling to Value Friendships
  150. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Emotional Support from Family
  151. Excessive Sleeping with Fibromyalgia
  152. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Anyone Else Experiencing Strange Reactions to To…
  153. Talking to family about anxiety and depression
  154. Managing Extreme Depressive Episodes: Tips and Tricks
  155. Struggling with Family Issues and Coping Mechanisms
  156. Managing OCD without relying on medication
  157. Talking about my health with people who don't get it
  158. Struggling with Sports Anxiety
  159. Managing Chronic Illness at Work: Tips for Dealing with Flare-Ups
  160. Coping with Chronic Illness: Psychological Impact and Motivation
  161. Seeking Advice: How Did You Get Diagnosed with Autism?
  162. Coping with Chronic Illness: Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation
  163. Misinterpreting My Roommate's Tone
  164. Looking for Support with Rare Genital Condition as a Non-Binary Trans Person
  165. Sucrase Deficiency: Treatment Options?
  166. Seeking Advice for Natural Remedies for My Symptoms
  167. Advice on Working with Flare Ups and Disability
  168. Looking for Success Stories in Treating Depression
  169. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and COVID-19
  170. Help with Dropping Heart Rate While Sleeping
  171. Uncomfortable Hanging Out with Friends in Person
  172. Alternative Pain Management for Spinal Stenosis
  173. Craving gluten: a newly diagnosed celiac's lament
  174. Struggling with Depression Validation: How to Validate Yourself?
  175. How Does Bi-polar Affect Your Relationships?
  176. Struggling to Explain My Mental Health to Family
  177. Cannabinoid Hyperepesis Syndrome Diagnosis
  178. New to the app and struggling with depression medication
  179. Weed, Nightmares, and Medication: What Should I Do?
  180. How long did it take to get diagnosed?
  181. Realizing I have DID: Looking for Answers
  182. Feeling like the odd one out in your friend group
  183. Struggling with Obesity and Mental Health
  184. Has anyone had a spinal injection for back pain?
  185. Struggling with Anxiety and ADHD
  186. Worried about my daughter's mental health
  187. Adjusting to POTS and Seeking Disability
  188. Ketamine Infusions and Spinal Cord Stimulators for Pain Management
  189. Can't Sleep After Using the Restroom at Night
  190. Feeling Alone and Looking for Support
  191. Struggling with Procrastination and Anxiety
  192. Tips for Overcoming Depression and Living a Fulfilling Life
  193. How did you find out you have ADHD?
  194. Struggling with Motivation: Any Tips?
  195. Coping with Depression Without Medication
  196. Share Your Gratitude: Prompts Inside!
  197. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Need Help Communicating
  198. Managing Chronic Illness: Balancing Health, Career, and Social Life
  199. Struggling with Bipolar and Productivity
  200. Constant Urge to Pee with OCD
  201. Possible Asthma Symptoms - Need Advice
  202. Struggling with RA treatment, looking for support
  203. How to Cope with Driving Anxiety?
  204. Dealing with Storm Anxiety
  205. Ways to increase iron levels without pills
  206. Has anyone tried a Spinal Cord Stimulator for back pain?
  207. Mold Illness and Oxalate Sensitivity
  208. Finding Relief Through Pelvic Floor Therapy
  209. Considering Stopping My Meds, Need Advice
  210. Debating ADHD Medication: To Take or Not to Take?
  211. Dealing with Learning Trauma: Struggling to Absorb Information
  212. Resting Tremors in Hand: Is it Parkinson's?
  213. Can Crohn's be put into remission through diet?
  214. Struggling with Motivation: Any Tips?
  215. Traveling with Fibromyalgia: What to Expect After a Plane Ride?
  216. Explaining Depression to Others: How to Get Them to Understand
  217. Coping with Symptoms: What's Your Toughest Challenge?
  218. 24 Hour Heart Monitor for POTS - Anyone Else?
  219. My Experience with Jaw Surgery and JRA
  220. Looking for advice on getting IV fluids for POTS
  221. Pancreatitis and Gallstones: Causes and Treatment
  222. Looking for Stronger Anxiety Medication
  223. Seeking advice on getting a proper diagnosis for neurodiversity
  224. My Experience with Acne Medication and IIH
  225. Dealing with a Flare Up and Falling Behind
  226. Advice on Helping a Partner Understand Bipolar Disorder
  227. Shortness of Breath from Acid Reflux?
  228. Looking for advice on using mobility aids with Hypermobility Syndrome
  229. Seeking Autism Diagnosis: Need Advice
  230. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety: Headaches and More
  231. Hearing Faint Crying in My Head
  232. Sudden Eye Problems: Could it be High Pressure or IIH?
  233. Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  234. Do you remember your childhood?
  235. Escitaloprám Side Effects After 5 Weeks?
  236. Struggling with Brain Fog and Forgetfulness After a Mental Breakdown
  237. Can't Sleep When Tired?
  238. Looking for advice on EMDR therapy for PTSD
  239. Seeking Treatment for Scoliosis and Rib Pain
  240. Exercising with OCD: Tips and Tricks
  241. Chronic Strep Throat in Adults: Tonsillectomy Worth It?
  242. Dealing with PCOS Weight Stigma
  243. Preventing Blood Sugar Crashes at Night
  244. Seeking Advice on Gastroparesis Treatment with TCM and Functional Medicine
  245. Struggling with Chronic Migraine: Seeking Relief
  246. Struggling with Medication for Depression and Anxiety
  247. Looking for Spoonie Community and Coping Strategies
  248. How to Keep Going When Things Seem Hopeless?
  249. Is My Medication Making Me Slow?
  250. Struggling to Sleep: Need Advice
  251. Dealing with COVID headaches: seeking advice
  252. Finding Balance: Managing Symptoms and Daily Activities
  253. Advice on Starting and Sticking to a Healthier Lifestyle with ADHD
  254. Dealing with Trichotillomania urges during stress
  255. Dealing with Health Issues and Returning to Work
  256. Reynaud's and Lupus: Seeking Advice
  257. Struggling with Medication Management
  258. Tips for Curving Agoraphobia
  259. PCOS and High Blood Pressure: Seeking Advice
  260. Tips for Reducing Anxiety Symptoms
  261. Struggling to Cope Without Meds
  262. Tips for Managing Stress
  263. Alternative Medical Treatments for My Condition
  264. Recovering from SIBO: Seeking Advice and Support
  265. Drinking and Flare Ups: Need Advice
  266. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Seeking Advice and Motivation
  267. Dealing with Pica Addiction: How to Stop Cravings for Non-Food Items
  268. Wanting to be held during panic attacks
  269. Anemia Diagnosis and No Answers
  270. Frequent Vomiting and Constipation: Seeking Advice
  271. Feeling Tired All the Time: What Can I Do?
  272. Looking for Understanding and Support
  273. Struggling to Get Out of Bed on Cloudy Days
  274. Managing Chronic Pain: Coping with Anxiety
  275. Positive for HSV 2 but No Symptoms: What Does It Mean?
  276. Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder: Does It Exist?
  277. Dealing with Joint Laxity: Seeking Advice
  278. Zoning Off and Seeing Colors: Anyone Else Experience This?
  279. Struggling with PTSD and Memory Loss: Any Tips?
  280. Constant Chest Tightness and Lung Pain
  281. Coffee alternatives for overactive bladder?
  282. Which Physician Should I See?
  283. Looking for others who have had ablations for paroxysmal a-fib
  284. Introducing Myself: Battling Agoraphobia for 10 Years
  285. Struggling to Survive: Seeking Improvement
  286. Looking for Migraine Relief
  287. Need advice on Zoloft dosage
  288. Allergic to Whey, Peanut, and Eggs: Need Protein Alternatives
  289. Dealing with Bladder Inflammation During Periods
  290. Struggling with ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety: Need Help Finding the Right Medic…
  291. Struggling to Find a Job That Fits My Health Needs
  292. Gluten-free diet for fibromyalgia: Does it work?
  293. Has anyone tried DBT for their borderline?
  294. Why am I so afraid of throwing up?
  295. Looking for support with Omicron-related breathing issues
  296. Seeking Advice for Rare Migraine Condition
  297. Best Advice for Chronic Pain Relief
  298. Alternative Ways to Restart Menstrual Cycle Without Birth Control?
  299. Dating someone from rehab: Is it a bad idea?
  300. Sumatriptan for Migraines Making My POTS Worse
  301. My POTS Diagnosis Journey: Bare Minimum Knowledge
  302. Looking for Affordable Thyroid Support Advice
  303. Best stimulant medication for ADHD and anxiety/ASD?
  304. Concerns about Cervical Instability of the Spine
  305. Dealing with Rosacea and Oily Scalp: Need Advice
  306. Breathing issues caused by anxiety
  307. Struggling with Safe Food and Inconsistent Access
  308. Pairing Prozac: Seeking Advice
  309. High Testosterone Levels: Normal or Cause for Concern?
  310. Depo Shot and Prolonged Periods: Is it Normal?
  311. Dealing with a Lifelong Acne Picking Problem
  312. Can't Sleep at Night
  313. Dealing with ADHD, ARFID, and Unintentional Weight Loss
  314. Tips for Falling Asleep in New Places
  315. Need advice on women's health specialist
  316. Living with SPMS: Finding Myself in the Midst of MS
  317. Dealing with Anxiety and Social Isolation
  318. Effective Treatments for Panic Disorder Besides Benzos and Ketamine?
  319. Feeling Lonely and Isolated: Need Advice
  320. ECT didn't help, but now I have memory issues
  321. Shortness of breath and rash after Delta?
  322. Struggling to Attend School Due to Anxiety
  323. Seeking Advice on Birth Control for Endometriosis with ADHD
  324. Implanting a Pacemaker: Seeking Advice
  325. Managing ADHD and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  326. Struggling with Walking Due to Fibromyalgia
  327. Dealing with Hearing Loss and Frustration with Doctors
  328. Tips for Starting Zoloft?
  329. Tips for Facial Hair Growth Pre-T
  330. Muscle Spasms with Fibromyalgia: Is it Common?
  331. Questions About IBS: Can We Go Back to Eating Certain Foods?
  332. Caffeine and ADHD meds interaction
  333. Need Help with Bloating and Pain
  334. Need advice on getting diagnosed with autoimmune diseases
  335. Starting New Depression Treatment: Ketamine Nasal Spray
  336. Seeking Help for Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  337. Can't Sleep Because of Anxiety
  338. Finding a Therapist to Help with Anxiety and Depression
  339. Chronic pain with no known cause
  340. Connecting for Mental Health Support on the Road
  341. Struggling with My Coffee Addiction and Anxiety
  342. Week-long Migraine, Need Advice!
  343. 30 Years of RA Treatment: Concerns and Effects
  344. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  345. Help! I'm Addicted to Sunlight and It's Ruining My Relationship
  346. How Long Should I Stay on Zoloft?
  347. Looking for advice on Clomid for PCOS-related infertility
  348. Coping with an Undiagnosed Condition
  349. Living with Stage IV Kidney Disease: How Long Can I Last?
  350. Dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome
  351. Looking for PANDAS Support
  352. Understanding Alters in Dissociative Identity Disorder
  353. Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety
  354. Looking for IBS-C tips beyond what doctors suggest
  355. Weird Dreams on Cymbalta
  356. Dealing with a POTS Flare-Up: Tips and Advice
  357. Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism: Anyone Else?
  358. Managing My Relationship with Food
  359. Questioning my Schizophrenia Diagnosis
  360. Best Mobility Aids for Hip and Back Pain
  361. 24 Hour Sleep/Reset Process with Fibro/CRPS
  362. Has anyone with POTS tried beta blockers?
  363. Anyone on Methotrexate for AS?
  364. Need advice on Hydroxyzine prescription
  365. Coping with BPD: Seeking Advice and Support
  366. Struggling with ADHD and Bipolar - Need Advice
  367. Looking for IBS-Friendly Sweet Treats
  368. Considering EMDR for PTSD: Has anyone tried it?
  369. Living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Share Your Experience
  370. How to Stop Overthinking and Start Living
  371. Starting Lexapro - Looking for Experiences
  372. Looking for PMDD Treatment Options
  373. Seeking Advice for a Medical Condition
  374. Dealing with Chronic Colds as an Immunocompromised Person
  375. PCOS and Infertility: Struggling to Manage Symptoms
  376. Introducing Our System of 9 with DID
  377. Partner on the Spectrum: Seeking Advice
  378. Dealing with Pre-Hypothyroidism and Nodules on Thyroid
  379. Struggling with Accepting My Herpes Diagnosis
  380. Anxiety and Puking: Is it Normal?
  381. Managing MS Hug: Seeking Advice
  382. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
  383. Struggling with PCOS and Body Hair
  384. Coping with Heart Failure at a Young Age
  385. Sertraline Side Effects: Anyone Else Struggling?
  386. Getting a Tattoo with EDS: Recovery Process and Risks
  387. Looking for Natural Remedies for Anxiety/PTSD
  388. Managing Parenting with Emetophobia
  389. Cannabis vs Prescription Meds for Symptom Management
  390. Dealing with Memory Loss and Balance Issues After TBI
  391. Feeling Ignored by Doctors: How to Advocate for Yourself
  392. Tips for Driving with ADHD?
  393. New to Fibromyalgia: Seeking Pain Management Tips
  394. Struggling with Pain Management
  395. Has anyone used Ozempic for weight loss?
  396. Dealing with Clothes that Hurt: Tips and Tricks
  397. Struggling with Weight Loss with PCOS and Hypothyroidism
  398. Feeling like a fake neurodivergent
  399. Looking for Recommendations on Ab Compression Garments
  400. Bipolar 2 Diagnosis: Unbalanced Ratio of Highs to Lows?
  401. Looking for experiences with Fluoxetine for anxiety and ADHD
  402. Dealing with Panic Attacks in School
  403. Tips for Surviving College with Celiac Disease or Severe Food Allergies
  404. Substituting Hydrocortisone with Natural Alternatives
  405. Possible Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  406. Understanding Osteoarthritis vs. RA
  407. Treating ADHD and Imposter Syndrome
  408. Struggling with Food Intolerances and Socializing
  409. How do I know when I'm back to normal after depersonalization?
  410. Vyvanse not working anymore, anyone else?
  411. Tips for Better Sleep at Night
  412. Looking for Support with My Mental Health
  413. Worsening Symptoms: What Should I Do?
  414. Need advice on Prolia for osteoporosis
  415. Considering Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
  416. Choosing Between Libre and Dexcom Glucose Monitors
  417. Managing Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  418. Alternative treatments for POTS?
  419. Tips for Dealing with IV Insertion Anxiety?
  420. Feeling Frustrated with Energy Blockage
  421. Anxiety and Stomach: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  422. How to Stop Medication Without Anxiety and Depression?
  423. Need advice on getting a proper diagnosis for recurring boils
  424. Waiting a Year to See a Rheumatologist: Is it Reasonable?
  425. Coping with Chronic Illness and Pain
  426. Struggling with Mental Health: Need Advice
  427. Coping Mechanisms: Share Your Tips and Tricks
  428. Struggling with Relaxation and Emptiness
  429. Getting a Doctor to Take My Conditions Seriously
  430. Can an Inhaler Help with Panic Attacks?
  431. Can Insomnia Be Location Based?
  432. Looking for Non-Surgery PE Ladies
  433. Should I Get ADHD Medication or Go to Therapy Again?
  434. Dealing with Depression: Tips and Advice
  435. Dealing with Nausea Days from CVS Diagnosis
  436. Dealing with Chronic Migraines and Health Problems
  437. Starting Vyvanse for Depression: Looking for Feedback
  438. What Can I Do to Help Alleviate Moderate Migraines?
  439. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Other Conditions
  440. Living with Hereditary Spherocytosis: Questions and Concerns
  441. Coffee doesn't work on me, is it an ADHD thing?
  442. 7 months without a period, what could be the cause?
  443. Managing Diabetes with Diet and Exercise
  444. Considering cutting out gluten and dairy
  445. Question about switching with DID
  446. Struggling with Reintroduction on Low FODMAP Diet
  447. Looking for MCAS Support
  448. Need advice for lower back and hip pain
  449. Starting DBT Therapy: Advice Needed for Severe Social Anxiety
  450. Living with Chronic Pain in My Hands and Arms
  451. Let's be friends! AMA with chronically ill folks
  452. Worsening Health Condition
  453. Looking for Advice on Buspar and Anxiety Medications
  454. Feeling Disconnected from My Reflection
  455. PMS Symptoms 2 Weeks Before Period - Normal or Not?
  456. Need help with IC pain relief
  457. Difficulty with Sensory Processing
  458. Looking for PMDD Support
  459. Looking for Advice on Buspar and Anxiety Medications
  460. Dealing with SAD on a Daily Basis
  461. Tips for Menstrual Pain Relief
  462. Napping to Escape Reality: Is it Healthy?
  463. Seeking Advice: Could My Anxiety Be Asperger's?
  464. Sudden urge to cry for no reason
  465. Anxious about my upcoming neurology appointment
  466. Coming off medication and finding support
  467. Struggling with ADHD Symptoms: Should I Get Checked?
  468. Take My Hand: A Personal Account of Living with ADHD
  469. Struggling with My Health and Loneliness as a Stay-at-Home Mom
  470. Sharing Medication Dosages
  471. Dealing with Anxiety: My Story and Yours
  472. Managing Chronic Pain: Surgery Every 1-4 Years?
  473. Can't Sleep with a Headache: What to Do?
  474. How to Overcome My Fear of Rejection and Connect with Others?
  475. Coping with Changes in My Body: A Journey to Self-Love
  476. Is Tanning Lotion Necessary for Iron Deficiency Anemia?
  477. Coping with Exhaustion from Switches
  478. Relentless Itchiness All Over My Body - Need Help!
  479. Question about filling Omnipod with pen instead of vial
  480. Prozac and Insomnia: Anyone Else?
  481. Eye trouble with hydroxychloroquine?
  482. Looking for advice on depression/anxiety medication
  483. Getting a Second Opinion for Rheumatology Medication Trials
  484. Shingles and Lupus: Anyone with Similar Experiences?
  485. Autistic and Obsessed with Words: Anyone Else?
  486. Could my ADHD be Bipolar Disorder?
  487. Managing Anxiety Without Coping Mechanisms
  488. Dealing with Anxiety at Work
  489. Struggling with Parenting and BPD
  490. Considering switching from Concerta to Lithium
  491. Struggling with Various Health Issues
  492. Need advice for CRPS pain relief in my face
  493. Struggling with Motivation, Any Tips?
  494. Struggling with Anxiety and Antidepressants: Should I Increase My Dosage?
  495. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Connection
  496. Why is my memory so bad? Need help!
  497. Difficulty Speaking with Negative Emotions - Autism Related?
  498. Should I take medication for my BPD?
  499. Hyoscyamine for IBS: Anyone tried it?
  500. Looking for support and advice on living with Interstitial Cystitis
  501. Advice for Dealing with Depression
  502. Looking for Support and Advice with Borderline Personality Disorder
  503. Coping with PTSD: What Works for You?
  504. Coping with Bad Days: Tips and Tricks
  505. Unrecognized Symptoms: What Are You Experiencing?
  506. Experiences with Birth Control and Mental Health?
  507. Struggling with PCOS weightloss, any success stories?
  508. Living with Chronic Pain: Tips for Coping with Fatigue
  509. Struggling with Anxiety and ADHD: My Story
  510. Testosterone Pellet Insertion Pain
  511. Feeling Stuck: Struggling with Fibromyalgia, Depression, Work Stress, and Parent…
  512. How did you know you had Hashimoto's?
  513. Debilitating LBP: Seeking Advice
  514. Struggling with Asthma and Vaping Addiction
  515. Different Faces of Depression: Anger, Anxiety, and Sadness
  516. Medication for Primary Amenorrhea
  517. New to Epilepsy and Seeking Advice
  518. Struggling to Sleep with ADHD and PTSD
  519. Impactful Foods for Treatment
  520. New to the App, Looking for Diabetic Friends!
  521. Flushing and Warmth on Skin: Anxiety or HSV Symptoms?
  522. Need help with fibromyalgia pain relief
  523. Overcoming Nicotine Addiction: Does the Want Ever Go Away?
  524. Distinguishing IC from UTI symptoms
  525. Dropping a Goal: Keeping Pain to Myself Around My Kids
  526. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Illness: Seeking Advice
  527. Struggling with Undiagnosed ADD Symptoms
  528. Overly Counting Things and Feeling Anxious
  529. Finally Got a Diagnosis! What's Next?
  530. Heartbeat in my Head: Anyone with POTS or Dysautonomia Experience This?
  531. How long does methotrexate take to work?
  532. Tips for Managing Anxiety Without Medication
  533. Tips for Dealing with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms?
  534. My Experience with the Birth Control Patch
  535. Question for those with ADHD: Do your hyper fixations cycle through multiple tim…
  536. Syncope and Anxiety: Trouble Sleeping Alone
  537. Dealing with Brain Fog: Tips and Tricks
  538. 50% Slippage at L5S1 - Anyone Else?
  539. Latex Allergies and Medical Equipment: Anyone Else Feel Weird?
  540. Taking Control of My Depression
  541. Struggling with Clonazepam for Nocturnal Seizures
  542. How Has Derealization Affected My Impulses?
  543. Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks
  544. Can't Remember Touching My Earrings
  545. Best treatment options for managing symptoms?
  546. Tips for Finding Summer Jobs with EDS
  547. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  548. Taking Care of Mental Health Without Medicine
  549. Realizing I Might Have ADHD and Autism
  550. Ways to subside OCD symptoms or tics?
  551. Feeling Good After Mania
  552. Looking for HS treatment advice
  553. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  554. Should I Start Taking Medication?
  555. Medical Bracelet for Functional Neurological Disorder and Non-Epileptic Seizures
  556. Anxiety Flare When Adderall Wears Off
  557. Discovering Gatorlyte: A Game Changer for My POTS
  558. Dealing with dissociation after splitting
  559. Should I Get an Autism Diagnosis?
  560. Starting Prozac for FND, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Migraines
  561. Running out of ADHD medication options
  562. How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Talk to Your Crush?
  563. How does doxepin help with intrusive thoughts?
  564. Weaning off Synthroid: DIY vitamins and supplements
  565. Tips for dealing with Trich and other mental health issues
  566. Fear of Trying New Treatments
  567. Dealing with Chronic Illness: Supplements, Pain Meds, and Fatigue
  568. Looking for Rosacea Treatment Suggestions
  569. When to switch medications for depression?
  570. My Struggle with Hashimoto's and Finding the Right Treatment
  571. Seeking Advice on Adult ADHD Diagnosis
  572. Coping with Chronic Illness as a Young Adult
  573. Managing ADHD and Memory Loss: Seeking Advice
  574. Constant ringing in my ears, getting louder
  575. Memory Loss with Bipolar Disorder
  576. Struggling with IBS after Endometriosis Surgery
  577. How Does Weather Affect Your Pain?
  578. Can Alcohol Numb Your Symptoms?
  579. Dealing with Chronic Crohn's/IBS Pain
  580. Yoga for Pain Management: Any Success Stories?
  581. Auto-pilot mode with bipolar and BPD
  582. Struggling with Tic Attacks: Need Coping Mechanisms
  583. Struggling with Eating Habits
  584. Best Medical Treatment and Doctors for You?
  585. Seizures during blood draw
  586. How Bad Sleep Habits Affect My Mood and Actions
  587. Non-medical ways to manage PTSD
  588. Need advice on Ducolax laxative tablets
  589. Looking for Support with Hypermobile EDS Diagnosis
  590. Best Anxiety Medications for Side Effect Worriers
  591. Struggling to Brush My Teeth Regularly
  592. How to Moderate Autistic Breakdowns?
  593. Scared to Try New Medications
  594. Dealing with Chronic Stomach Issues: Seeking Advice
  595. Looking for a space to discuss hEDS research and management options
  596. Discussing the Impact of DID on Daily Life
  597. Coping with Mental Health: Beyond Medication
  598. Is Depression and Anxiety Hereditary?
  599. Has anyone tried an anti-inflammatory diet?
  600. Ways to Boost Iron Levels
  601. Struggling with Hyperthyroidism and Weight Loss
  602. To Medicate or Not to Medicate: My Struggle with Severe ADHD
  603. Possible MS Diagnosis, Seeking Advice
  604. Non-Drug Pain Management Suggestions Needed
  605. My Journey with Chronic Illness: Sharing and Listening
  606. Questioning My Bipolar 2 Diagnosis
  607. Best Non-Medicated Bladder Treatments?
  608. Undiagnosed and Rediagnosed: What Does It Mean?
  609. Dealing with Driving Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  610. Panic Attack Triggers: Slow Motion Sounds and Sweating
  611. Visual Disturbances from Anxiety: Anyone Else Experience This?
  612. Looking for Vegan Recipes for Diabetes 2
  613. Dealing with Seizure Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  614. Life with a Mental Health Diagnosis
  615. Dealing with EDS and frequent thumb dislocation
  616. Experiences with DBT therapy for BPD?
  617. Avoiding Meltdowns in Public: Tips and Tricks
  618. Living with Elhers Danlos Syndrome: Seeking Advice and Support
  619. Dealing with Old Habits After ADHD Diagnosis and Medication
  620. Anyone have experience with Floxetine for anxiety?
  621. Constant Vertigo: Anyone Else?
  622. Do Alters with OSDD 1b Have the Same Medical Conditions?
  623. Should I go to therapy? Has it helped you?
  624. Gluten-free on Anti-inflammatory Diet?
  625. Help! Severe Hair Loss
  626. Struggling with Energy Levels in New Environment
  627. Tips for Calming Down During an Anxiety Attack
  628. Dizziness and Nausea with Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  629. Asking for a Handicap Sign/Sticker: How to Approach Your Doctor
  630. Dealing with Anxiety and IBS in College
  631. Do Antidepressants Make You Dependent?
  632. Need advice on bladder port surgery
  633. Managing ADHD Impulsivity and Fatigue with Nutrition
  634. New to Strattera, feeling off - any advice?
  635. What are the Symptoms of Optic Neuritis and MOG?
  636. Connecting with Others to Improve Health
  637. Need Help with Night Time Teeth Grinding
  638. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Strategies
  639. Dealing with Rude Behavior Due to a Disorder
  640. Explaining Fibromyalgia to Friends
  641. Dealing with Night Terrors and Nightmares
  642. Coping with Hard Days: Emotional Eating and Self-Comfort
  643. Can You Be Addicted to a Person?
  644. How to Start Therapy: Tips and Advice
  645. New to Mental Health Medication, Need Advice
  646. Managing Anger Outbursts: Tips and Tricks
  647. Do you have vivid and graphic dreams?
  648. Looking for Medication Recommendations
  649. Detecting Dormant Bipolar Disorder
  650. Dealing with Tics in Public: Tips and Tricks
  651. Dealing with HS symptoms for 8 months, seeking advice
  652. Dealing with Switches in Public
  653. Struggling to Start the Day: Coping with Mental Health Challenges
  654. Dealing with Insomnia: Need Advice
  655. Hip and Lower Back Pain: Seeking Advice and Support
  656. Struggling with Dissociation: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  657. Dealing with Scalp Psoriasis: Tips and Tricks
  658. What to Expect from a Hysteroscopy & D&C Procedure for Endometrial Hyperplasia?
  659. Is My Health a Burden to My Relationships?
  660. Best Ways to Lose Weight with a Slow Metabolism
  661. Looking for Support with Type One Diabetes
  662. Questions about Sjogren's Syndrome and Chronic Neck Pain
  663. Feeling Guilty for Mental Health Struggles
  664. Managing Anxiety Without Medications
  665. Weight gain on Seroquel SR - any tips?
  666. Managing Emotions with ASD and PMDD
  667. Pressure around eyes due to overuse of jaw muscles?
  668. Feeling Stuck in Therapy: Coping with a Plateau
  669. Joint Pain During Menstruation with Fibromyalgia
  670. Living with Epilepsy: More Questions Than Answers
  671. Tics while gaming, could it be related to epilepsy or autism?
  672. Alternative treatments for mental health?
  673. Weird Anxiety Symptoms: Jolting Limbs
  674. Struggling with IBS and Anxiety in College
  675. Struggling to Concentrate on Creative Projects
  676. Therapy for PTSD/Depression: Share Your Experience
  677. Should I Open Up About My Depression to My Family?
  678. Sports for Anxiety: What Worked for You?
  679. Tips for Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism
  680. Falling Asleep at Inconvenient Times
  681. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Food Aversion
  682. Tips for Fighting Fatigue
  683. Breaking the Cycle: How to Get Out of Your Head
  684. Strategies for Staying Clean: Tips from Recovering Addicts
  685. Dealing with Daily Headaches, Anxiety and Depression
  686. Is it safe to take miralax for life?
  687. Need coping skills for emotional control at work
  688. Managing Work and School with Chronic Illness
  689. How to Cope with Depressive Episodes
  690. Dealing with RLS: Seeking Advice
  691. Struggling with Hearing Loss and Lack of Support
  692. Dealing with Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Pain
  693. Nail Care and Eczema: Can You Wear Nail Polish, Gel Nails or Acrylics?
  694. Hypermobility Pain and Fibromyalgia Flare Ups
  695. The Impact of Estrogen Birth Control Pills on Mental Health
  696. Misdiagnosed for 10 years: Finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder
  697. How to Apply for Disability with Fibromyalgia?
  698. Morning Routines for a Productive Day
  699. Effective Therapies and Medications for Mental Health
  700. Licensed Massage Therapist Offering Stretching and Pain Relief Tips
  701. Insomnia and the Paradox of Feeling Alert Despite Sleep Deprivation
  702. Concerns about my feet's circulation
  703. Opinions on Chiropractor Treatment for Fibro and Osteoarthritis?
  704. Hormonal Imbalances and Migraines: Any Connection?
  705. Twitching Leg/Foot When Trying to Sleep
  706. Desiring Another Child After Postpartum Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis
  707. Debilitating Neuropathy Pain: Any Suggestions?
  708. Health Impacts of High Heart Rate in POTS
  709. Switching from HIV Meds to Herbal Medicine?
  710. Muscle relaxers for fibro pain: Has anyone had success?
  711. Opinions on Ozempic/Wegovi?
  712. Gabapentin effectiveness - how long until it works?
  713. Tips for Coping with Low Energy Throughout the Day
  714. Does Hyper Mobility Increase Adrenaline Levels?
  715. Feeling like a stranger in my own body
  716. Has anyone experienced remission from IC?
  717. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  718. Dealing with Joint Deformity and Muscle Weakness
  719. Exercising with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  720. Pain and Bumps on Finger Joints
  721. Vaping and Medication: Is There a Connection?
  722. Do I Need Further Diagnoses?
  723. Identifying Symptoms of Condition Progression
  724. Seeking Help to Determine if I Have ADHD or Autism
  725. Newly Diagnosed with EDS: Share Your Story
  726. Looking for natural ways to fight disease
  727. Do You Also Suffer From Excessive Sweating?
  728. Struggling with ADHD and Staying Focused
  729. Struggling with a Chronic Condition: How to Stay Positive
  730. MRI Results for Back Pain: What Should I Ask My Doctor?
  731. Surviving a Heart Attack: My Mom's Story
  732. Can Coffee Help with CFS and ADD Symptoms?
  733. How to Manage Social Anxiety in the Workplace?
  734. The Pressure to Use Birth Control
  735. Anxiety-induced physical symptoms
  736. Seeking Advice on Cyst Removal
  737. Irregular Periods and Heavy Bleeding: What's Going On?
  738. Managing Chronic Pain and Daily Life: Tips and Tricks
  739. Pins and Needles on Left Cheek: Anxiety Symptom or Something Else?
  740. Losing Weight with PCOS/Hypothyroidism: Tips and Tricks
  741. Does Anxiety Cause Bowel Movements? TMI Alert!
  742. Possible Endometriosis Diagnosis
  743. Dealing with Panic Attacks Outside: Tips and Tricks
  744. Asking for Help with Lupus Fatigue
  745. Need Help with Migraine Relief
  746. Do I Have Herpes? Itching and Burning Sensation
  747. Need Information on a Medical Condition
  748. Hives after Covid vaccine: Need advice
  749. Dealing with Anxiety: Seeking Advice and Support
  750. Can I Get Pregnant with Stage Three Endometriosis?
  751. Looking for experiences with ovarian vein embolization
  752. Dealing with Medicine Setbacks: How to Cope
  753. Overcoming Anxiety: Is it Possible?
  754. Hormonal Fluctuations and Depression in Women
  755. Struggling with Identity and Memory Issues
  756. Getting Professionally Diagnosed: What to Expect?
  757. Which doctors do you see?
  758. Living with HSD and Gastroparesis: Seeking Advice on Occult TCS and Chiari
  759. Dealing with GI Issues with POTS
  760. Help with Nausea and Vomiting
  761. Managing Injury Pain: Seeking Advice
  762. Does Xanax Make You Sleepy? Find Out Here
  763. Depo Shot and Weight Gain: Anyone Else?
  764. Questioning My Diagnosis of Orthostatic Hypotension
  765. Looking for Gastroparesis Medication Help
  766. Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  767. Struggling with an Injury: My Last Track Meet
  768. Looking for Recommendations on Lupus Supplements
  769. The Connection Between Music and Drugs
  770. Dealing with Constipation: Tips and Tricks
  771. Chronic UTIs: Seeking Advice
  772. Swollen and Throbbing Hands - Fibro Symptom?
  773. Struggling with Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
  774. Sickle Cell Pain Crisis: Anyone Else Experience Pneumonia and Acute Chest?
  775. Tips for Making Colonoscopy Prep More Bearable
  776. Constant Snapping in My Hand: Is It Just Carpal Tunnel?
  777. Managing Illnesses: Coping Strategies for Daily Life
  778. Heart Racing in Sleep - Anxiety or Something More?
  779. Struggling with Personal Care: Need Tips
  780. Dealing with GERD: Seeking Advice
  781. Success with DBT therapy for BPD?
  782. Share your health tips with us!
  783. Sensory Issues and Overeating: Seeking Advice
  784. Missed Dose of Atomoxetine/Strattera: Effects on Mental and Physical Health
  785. ER Visit Due to PCOS
  786. Struggling with Appearance and Social Skills
  787. Dealing with Sleep Paralysis: Any Tips?
  788. How to Get an Official Diagnosis: Tips and Tricks
  789. Looking for medication recommendations for BPD symptoms
  790. Looking for Support with My Dissociative Identity Disorder
  791. Struggling with Sleep: Any Supplement Recommendations?
  792. Hot water for fibro pain relief
  793. Understanding the Similarities Between D.I.D and Borderline Symptoms
  794. Newbie with Nerve Issues from GBS
  795. Questioning my fibromyalgia diagnosis
  796. MRI Results: Mild Sinus Disease?
  797. Tilt Table Test Results for POTS - Normal or Not?
  798. Treating ADHD without medication: Is it possible?
  799. Experience at a Mental Hospital
  800. Dealing with Severe Hip Pain: Seeking Advice
  801. Tapering off Klonopin: Seeking Advice
  802. How Long Did It Take to Get Diagnosed?
  803. What are your OCD symptoms?
  804. Struggling to Keep a Job and Pay Child Support
  805. Managing Neuropathy Pain in Lower Legs
  806. Can You Get Addicted to Lexapro?
  807. Struggling with Self-Control: Tips for Losing Weight
  808. When Can I Stop Using Oxygen for COPD?
  809. Seeking Advice and Support for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  810. Living with Lupus and Arthritis: Struggling to Stay Awake
  811. Applying for Disability Benefits with Chronic Pain and Mental Issues
  812. Looking for Healthy Subjects to Relieve Joint Pain
  813. Gastroparesis and Feeding Tubes: Anyone Else?
  814. Losing Patience and Switching Personalities
  815. Why do I have high blood pressure?
  816. Need Help with Menopause Symptoms
  817. Why am I still depressed despite taking medicine and going to therapy?
  818. Anxiety Symptoms: Pain in Arms, Neck, and Shoulders
  819. Adding a Second Dose of Cymbalta: Success Stories?
  820. Struggling to talk about my health concerns
  821. Struggling with Anxiety: My Experience
  822. Vyvanse and Depression: Anyone Else Experience This?
  823. Struggling with Glucose Levels After Gastrectomy
  824. Considering a Pain Pump - Need Advice
  825. Dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  826. Adderall XR Side Effects - Need Advice
  827. Need advice on coping with DID and making friends
  828. Missed Periods and Menopause at 25?
  829. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar?
  830. Considering an ESA for Emotional Support - Any Advice?
  831. Feeling Heavy and Nervous About Taking the Next Step
  832. Do Hemangiomas Affect Everyday Life?
  833. Looking for Support: Experiences with Bipolar 2
  834. Overcoming Childhood Bullying PTSD
  835. Treating Depression and ADHD: What Are the Effects?
  836. Trying Alpha Brain for Memory and Focus
  837. How to get a proper POTS diagnosis?
  838. Overcoming Paranoia: Tips and Tricks
  839. Joint and Bone Pain at 20 Years Old - What to Expect?
  840. Managing Medication Side Effects: Less Fatigue, More Stomach Pain
  841. Coping with Severe Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  842. Is My Obsession with Shows and Merch Connected to ADHD?
  843. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and Derealization/Depersonalization
  844. Remedies for Newly Diagnosed Condition
  845. Anxiety after COVID vaccine - anyone else?
  846. Struggling with Impulsivity and Bipolar Disorder
  847. Uncomfortable Chest Pain for 3 Days
  848. What are your sensory triggers for migraines?
  849. Bad Diarrhea After Taking Water Pills
  850. Suspecting EDS: Seeking Diagnosis and Community
  851. Seeking Advice for Multiple Myeloma Treatment Options
  852. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Nausea at Prom
  853. Tips for Managing Fatigue?
  854. Struggling with the Decision to Go Back on Medication for Anxiety
  855. Physical Symptoms of GAD: Anyone Else Experience This?
  856. Looking for Advice on Supplements and Routines for Light Working Out with FMS
  857. Klonopin affecting my cognitive skills
  858. Share your symptoms with me
  859. Missing Periods with Fibromyalgia: Anyone Else?
  860. Missing a Dose of Paroxetine: Effects and Symptoms
  861. Dealing with a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
  862. Fibro and Laser Hair Removal: Any Advice?
  863. Chronic Headaches for 3 Years: Seeking Advice
  864. Constant Bloating: Is It Just Me?
  865. How do you know if your bipolar meds are working?
  866. Looking for a Stimming Process to Try
  867. Participating in Martial Arts with Factor V
  868. Getting a Doctor to Take My Concerns Seriously
  869. Dealing with Long Covid Fatigue
  870. Struggling to focus on Keppra - anyone else?
  871. Newly Diagnosed with Multiple Food Allergies
  872. Dealing with Fatigue After Total Thyroidectomy
  873. Struggling with Driving: Anyone Else?
  874. Handwashing Laundry with Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  875. Looking for Others with Biliary Atresia
  876. Need advice for spinal stenosis while caring for my daughter
  877. Can Anxiety Trigger Acid Reflux?
  878. 20 Years on Dialysis: Can I Still Get a Transplant?
  879. Severe Lower Back Pain for Weeks
  880. Dealing with appetite loss from Adderall XR
  881. Collagen Supplements for EDS-HT: Any Success?
  882. Eliminating Gluten with Hashimotos
  883. Fluoxetine and Melatonin: Side Effects?
  884. Heart Skips a Beat: Anxiety or Something More?
  885. Seeking Advice: Which Specialist Should I See for Fibromyalgia?
  886. Worst part of taking prednisone?
  887. Talking to My Mom About Using a Cane
  888. Coping with Health Challenges and Personal Standards
  889. Considering a Service Dog for My Disabilities
  890. Painful Instillations: Is This Normal?
  891. Non-medication treatments for PTSD?
  892. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Advice
  893. Dealing with Hair Loss: Any Success Stories?
  894. Struggling with Bipolar: Need Help
  895. Lamotrigine for BPD: Experiences?
  896. Need Motivation to Lose Weight
  897. Introduction and Seeking Advice for Constipation Relief
  898. How Effective is Your Medicine?
  899. Questioning if I'm Autistic
  900. Need advice for anxiety treatment without medication
  901. Maintaining a Healthy Diet as the Only Diabetic in the House
  902. Struggling with Sleep: Another Night of Restlessness
  903. Struggling with Health Issues as a Mom of Three
  904. Contacts or Glasses for Nystagmus?
  905. Constant Pain Between Spine and Shoulder Blade
  906. How Effective is This Medication?
  907. Preventing UTIs: Beyond Antibiotics
  908. Has anyone taken Kesimpta before?
  909. Dealing with Chronic Ear Infections and Deafness
  910. Managing Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  911. Nauseous and Losing Weight - Should I Be Worried?
  912. Sharp Pain Under Breastbone Radiating to Shoulder Blade
  913. Am I Feeling Better or Is It My Meds?
  914. Struggling to Talk About My Past
  915. Starting Cymbalta for Depression/PTSD - Need Advice
  916. What's Your Favorite Miralax Mix?
  917. Newly Diagnosed with Vasculitis - Need Advice!
  918. Managing Symptoms While Job Searching
  919. Dealing with Impulsive Spending: Need Advice
  920. Looking for information on anxiety medication
  921. Next Steps for Three Meningiomas Found on CT Scan
  922. Pain in Lower Left Abdomen and Vomiting
  923. What Causes Flare Ups? Understanding the Triggers
  924. Fear of Vulnerability: Is it my Anxiety Disorder?
  925. Hearing Things: Am I Hallucinating?
  926. Heart palpitations during Covid recovery
  927. Managing Blood Glucose: What Foods Work for You?
  928. Depakote and periods: Has anyone else experienced changes?
  929. Living with Liver Problems and COPD
  930. Getting a Tattoo with RSD/CRPS: Is it Safe?
  931. Diagnosed with Endometrioma: Nervous About Surgery
  932. Coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Tips and Tricks
  933. Getting a Tattoo with EDS: Is it Safe?
  934. Dealing with Vraylar Side Effects
  935. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  936. Looking for advice on getting off clonidine
  937. Seeking Advice on High RDW Levels and Possible Cancer Diagnosis
  938. Unsuccessful Kidney Stone Blasting: Any Advice?
  939. Dealing with Low Blood Sugar in the Morning
  940. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  941. Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World
  942. Struggling to Control My Type 2 Diabetes
  943. Does ADHD Medication Help with Depression Symptoms?
  944. Terrified of Stopping Birth Control to Conceive
  945. How to Overcome Lingering Feelings of Night Terrors?
  946. Advice for Going Through Breakups with BPD
  947. Need Support for Heart Transplant List
  948. Dealing with EDS Pain: Back Aches
  949. Struggling with Hpylori treatment
  950. Esophageal Motility Test for Gastroparesis
  951. Seeking Information on Treatment Options
  952. Thyroid Removal: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  953. New to Oxygen Therapy: How Many Others Are on It?
  954. Dealing with Medication Side Effects
  955. Asking for a Prescription: Is it Weird?
  956. Zoloft Side Effects: Hyperactivity and Paranoia
  957. Managing Medical Issues: Tips and Tricks
  958. Seeking advice on getting a DID diagnosis
  959. Starting Wellbutrin for Depression and ADHD - Any Advice?
  960. Dealing with Muscle and Joint Pain from Hashimoto's
  961. Question about Tamofloxen and other blockers after breast cancer
  962. Dealing with Gastritis and GERD: Pain and Recovery Time
  963. Random period-like cramps before actual period?
  964. Alternative ways to improve mental health?
  965. Dealing with Rejection Sensitivity Disorder
  966. How Long Does Depression Last? Dealing with Waves of Suppressed Emotions
  967. Coping with Chronic Pain and Loss of Independence
  968. Can You Have EDS Without Hyper Mobility?
  969. Foods and drinks that trigger anxiety attacks
  970. When Were You Diagnosed? Share Your Story
  971. How to Talk to Your Parents About Depression
  972. Looking for a Mental Health Support Group on Snapchat
  973. Need Help Finding Energy!
  974. Getting Help for Long COVID
  975. Need advice on metoprolol dosage increase
  976. Are Diabetes and Depression Linked?
  977. Has anyone had spinal stenosis surgery?
  978. Tips for Binding with a Large Chest?
  979. Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions
  980. Looking for Pen Pals to Connect with on Mental Health
  981. Struggling with Sleep after TBI
  982. Dealing with EPI and Distended Ducts: Worried About Pancreatic Cancer
  983. Psoriasis Diagnosis at 48: Is Progression to Plaque Unlikely?
  984. Hot tubs and IC: Help or Harm?
  985. Exploring Psychedelics for Mental Health Relief
  986. Tips for Organizing Medications
  987. Should I Tell My Doctor About My Disorder?
  988. Alternative Treatments for Managing Episodes
  989. Endometriosis Surgeries: How Many Have You Had?
  990. How to Stay Positive During Injury Recovery
  991. Dealing with Persistent Edema in My Heel
  992. Natural ways to lower cholesterol?
  993. Has anyone tried Otezla for psoriasis?
  994. Restlessness after Depression: Is it Normal?
  995. Considering a Service Dog for My Visual Impairment and Anxiety
  996. Looking for advice on endometriosis
  997. Transitioning to a Visible Disability: What to Expect
  998. TENS Unit for Chronic Pain: Does it Work?
  999. Is Tinnitus Curable? Seeking Success Stories
  1000. Dealing with Health Issues and Anxiety
  1001. Need Natural Energy Boosters, Help!
  1002. Can Depression Be Treatment Resistant?
  1003. Symptoms Despite Medication
  1004. Sudden Worsening of Anxiety Symptoms: Is it Normal?
  1005. How long have you been diabetic?
  1006. Painful Boobs Before Period: Any Remedies?
  1007. Using Oil Painting App to Cope with Panic Attacks
  1008. Struggling with Overeating and Weight Gain
  1009. What Long Covid symptoms do you experience?
  1010. Coping with Bipolar Mood Swings
  1011. Chronic Chest Pain and Digestive Issues
  1012. How to Manage Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1013. How to Stop Anxiety at Night When Everyone Else is Sleeping
  1014. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?
  1015. Experiencing Dispersonalization with Anxiety
  1016. Considering a Hysterectomy at 51: Need Advice
  1017. Struggling with Starting Medication for Psoriatic Arthritis
  1018. Need Help Relaxing: Any Suggestions?
  1019. Alternative Treatments for My Condition?
  1020. No period after Nexaplon implant?
  1021. Effective Tinnitus Treatment: Can It Be Cured?
  1022. Need help with turning off alarms in sleep
  1023. Avoiding Medications for Kidney Disease
  1024. Constant Migraines: How to Cope?
  1025. Coughing Again: Is It a Sign of Something Serious?
  1026. Micro-dosing psychedelics for ADHD treatment
  1027. Managing OCD: What to do with a diagnosis?
  1028. Looking for POTS medication advice
  1029. How to Handle Relationships When You Don't Feel Understood
  1030. Shingles after Covid vaccines?
  1031. Starting Hoshimotos Medication - Need Advice
  1032. What health tech helps you track your vitals?
  1033. Living with Social Anxiety: My Symptoms and Experience
  1034. Preparing for a Rheumatologist Appointment: What Should I Ask?
  1035. Dealing with Pancreatitis and Fatty Liver: Need Advice
  1036. Bilateral Leg Pain Since Childhood - Seeking Advice
  1037. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis: Seeking Advice
  1038. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1039. Do You Have IBS? What Treatments Do You Use?
  1040. Long-term Effects of Exedrin for Migraines?
  1041. Struggling with Social Anxiety in Speech Class
  1042. Are Palpitations from Eating or Heavy Lifting Normal?
  1043. Creating Inclusive Characters: Seeking Suggestions
  1044. Looking for advice on managing anxiety and depression
  1045. Dealing with lingering Lyme symptoms
  1046. Frequent Nausea: Is it Normal?
  1047. Looking for fellow cancer survivors to share experiences
  1048. PTSD: Can it be cured?
  1049. Help! Weed is giving me social anxiety!
  1050. Considering Therapy: Which Type is Right for Me?
  1051. Need advice for internal hemorrhoids
  1052. Help! My Leg Knots Up at Night
  1053. Feeling Guilty About Carbs and Insulin
  1054. Struggling with Communication in My Relationship
  1055. Feeling Weird and Uncomfortable - Seeking Advice
  1056. Dealing with Normalization of Symptoms
  1057. Decreasing Venlafaxine Dosage: Need Advice
  1058. Bilateral Leg Pain Since Childhood - Seeking Advice
  1059. Seeking Advice on Migraine Treatment
  1060. Struggling to Sleep Without Cannabis, Need Alternatives
  1061. Caplyta vs Vraylar: Which Antipsychotic Works Best?
  1062. Dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease: Seeking Support
  1063. Driving Anxiety: How to Cope with Fear of Driving
  1064. Dealing with PTSD and Memory Loss: How to Fill in the Gaps?
  1065. Managing Pain Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1066. Concerns about long-term use of hydroxychloroquine
  1067. Tips for Coping with Trauma Anniversary Anxiety
  1068. Self Help for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Spasms
  1069. Managing Anxiety: Taking it Out on Others
  1070. Struggling with Chronic Pain Diagnosis
  1071. Struggling with personal hygiene due to depression and flare
  1072. Sore throat and lump sensation
  1073. Looking for Vitiligo Advice and Support
  1074. How to Advocate for Yourself with Your Doctor When Treating PAH
  1075. Struggling to Gain Weight with Acalacia
  1076. What are Intrusive Thoughts and Are They Normal?
  1077. Weird stroke-like attack at 20, anyone else?
  1078. How to stay focused with ADHD medication?
  1079. Seeking Advice: Could I Be Autistic?
  1080. Dealing with Anxiety: Involuntary Leg Bouncing
  1081. Has anyone had success with Pristiq for anxiety?
  1082. Weird Head Feelings: Seeking Advice
  1083. Struggling to Succeed in College with Chronic Health & Mental Conditions
  1084. Non-typical ADHD Symptoms: What Are Yours?
  1085. Constant Labia Acne: Any Solutions?
  1086. Managing CKD Stage 3B without Medications
  1087. Need Help Jump Starting My Weight Loss
  1088. New to the community and scared about CHF diagnosis
  1089. Weird Seizure Symptoms: Frozen with Locked Joints and Muscles
  1090. Seizures and Nightmares: Anyone Else?
  1091. COVID Anxiety: Is Anyone Else Struggling?
  1092. Looking for natural remedies
  1093. Severe Colon Pain: Is it Similar to Migraines?
  1094. How to Cope with Negative Emotions
  1095. Need help with my alarms!
  1096. Managing In-Person Therapy with No Child Care
  1097. Dealing with PVCs and Anxiety: My Experience
  1098. Need advice on uterine prolapse and hysterectomy
  1099. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1100. Struggling to Take My Medication
  1101. Depo Shot Side Effects: Severe Depression and Mood Swings
  1102. Dietary Changes for Fibromyalgia Relief
  1103. Medication Effects: Feeling on Cloud 9?
  1104. Vivid Memories Interrupting My Life
  1105. Excessive Bleeding and Blood Clots
  1106. Recently Diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 1: What Should I Do?
  1107. Fell Hard on My Back, Neck Hurting - Do I Need to See a Doctor?
  1108. Do Seizures Make You Feel Like a Fly on the Wall?
  1109. Looking for Support with Severe OCD and Anxiety
  1110. Living with Kartagener's Syndrome: Seeking Support
  1111. Botox for Migraines: Share Your Experience
  1112. Dealing with Fixation on Safe Foods
  1113. Dealing with Chronic Shoulder Pain
  1114. Knee Swelling with SLE and Fibromyalgia
  1115. Arm Pain: Fibromyalgia or Heart Problems?
  1116. Dealing with Scalp Itching and Lice
  1117. Dealing with Anxiety and Fear of Death
  1118. Dealing with Pelvic Floor Issues: My Story
  1119. Lost sense of smell after COVID-19, need help!
  1120. Success with Lyrica? Concerned about pain returning after stopping
  1121. Struggling with Tardive Dyskinesia: Need Advice
  1122. Researching Fibromyalgia Diagnosis: Where to Start?
  1123. Managing Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1124. Concerned about my dad's condition
  1125. Zoloft Side Effects and Anxiety
  1126. New Diagnosis of Small Fiber Neuropathy
  1127. Uncomfortable Tingling in Limbs with Multiple Sclerosis
  1128. Scared of Methotrexate for Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment
  1129. Switching Antidepressants: Need Advice
  1130. IBS Onset: Sudden or Gradual?
  1131. Looking for support as a teen mom with medical conditions
  1132. Looking for natural heartburn remedies
  1133. How to Cope with and Prevent Burnout
  1134. Struggling to Manage Multiple Health Issues
  1135. Radiofrequency Ablation for Neck Pain: Anyone Else Tried It?
  1136. Dealing with Pain in Legs and Feet
  1137. Has anyone else experienced side effects from CPAP machine?
  1138. Breathlessness with Anxiety and Asthma
  1139. Long-term Medication Use: Seeking Advice
  1140. Dealing with daily heart palpitations: Are ablations worth it?
  1141. Living with Multiple Autoimmune Diseases: Does Anyone Else Relate?
  1142. Chronic wrist pain affecting work, seeking advice
  1143. Lowering Blood Pressure: Tips and Tricks
  1144. Need advice on pain management and braces
  1145. What Works Best for Controlling GERD?
  1146. Antibiotics vs Antihistamines: A 59-Year-Old's Story
  1147. Natural remedies for ADHD focus and motivation?
  1148. Dealing with Menstrual Flare-ups: Any Suggestions?
  1149. Cannabis and Mental Health: Any Cons?
  1150. Understanding Systemic Candidiasis and Intertrigo Skin Rashes
  1151. How Long Does Shingles Last? Symptoms and Treatment
  1152. Best Medications for Depression?
  1153. Do You Wake Up Feeling Hungover with Chronic Pain?
  1154. High Glucose Levels in Urine with Kidney Stones?
  1155. Need help managing my diabetes diet
  1156. Coping with ADD/ADHD: Tips and Tricks
  1157. Dealing with Cerviogenic Headaches After Cervical Spine Surgery
  1158. Dealing with Anxiety and Fear of Heart Attack
  1159. Need help with migraines
  1160. Chronic wrist pain affecting work, seeking advice
  1161. Dealing with Mobility Issues: When to Use Walking Aids
  1162. Anxiety Induced Stomach Problems - Seeking Advice
  1163. Has anyone had an ablation for endometriosis?
  1164. Chronic Breathing Problems After Lifting Water Case
  1165. Struggling with Nutrition on Concerta
  1166. Humira: Help or Hindrance?
  1167. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1168. Accidentally inserted vaginal insert in urethra, should I be concerned?
  1169. Help with my oral health routine
  1170. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health
  1171. Finding Relief for Chronic Migraines: My Experience
  1172. Dealing with Kidney Stones: Can They Be Dissolved?
  1173. Is 2mg of Ativan a high dose?
  1174. Nausea and Vomiting When Not Eating?
  1175. Pill Method for Colonoscopy Prep: Experiences?
  1176. How Has Your Diagnosis Impacted Your Life?
  1177. Possible Subluxation of Big Toe - Seeking Advice
  1178. Rapid Weight Gain and Autoimmune Diseases
  1179. Feeling Lightheaded and Dizzy: Anyone Else?
  1180. Severe belching and indigestion for 9 months
  1181. Long-term use of Clonazepam for Anxiety: Anyone else?
  1182. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1183. How to Stop Pain Prescription Meds?
  1184. Contemplating Surgery for Chronic Pain
  1185. Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice
  1186. How to Control Blood Pressure with Food Choices
  1187. How to Tell if Your Gastroparesis is Getting Worse
  1188. Dealing with Sensory Overload at Home
  1189. What vitamins do you take and how do they affect you?
  1190. Alcoholic Arthritis: Does Anyone Else Suffer from This?
  1191. Getting Tattoos with EDS: Any Experiences?
  1192. Sharp pain in front of uterus with Endometriosis
  1193. Vision Problems and Chest Pain
  1194. Questions about Euthyrox for Hypothyroidism
  1195. Anxiety Symptoms: Chest, Shoulder, and Arm Pains
  1196. Struggling with Anxiety Before Leaving the House
  1197. Changing Anxiety Medication: Seeking Advice
  1198. Managing Chronic Pain: Medication Tips
  1199. Finding Hope and Connection with Chronic Illness
  1200. Living with Chronic Migraines: Seeking Community and Support
  1201. Overcoming Phone Call Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1202. What to Expect from a Gastric Emptying Study?
  1203. Has anyone tried CBT for Tourette's?
  1204. Dealing with Chronic Cough: Any Suggestions?
  1205. Recommendations for a good patch or brace for lower back pain?
  1206. My Medical Journey: Battling GERD, IBS, and T1D
  1207. Debilitating Headaches and Brain Fog
  1208. Managing Chronic Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  1209. Driving with a Medical Condition: Share Your Experience
  1210. Switching to Vraylar for Mixed Mania - Thoughts?
  1211. Dealing with Chronic Digestive Issues
  1212. Dealing with IBS Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1213. Managing Anxiety in Stressful Situations
  1214. Can't Sleep Because of Eczema: Any Advice?
  1215. Experiencing Dyspnea: Seeking Advice
  1216. How to Stop Night Terrors: Tips and Tricks
  1217. Looking for ways to cope with depression and make friends
  1218. Natural remedies for mental health?
  1219. Introducing Myself: Autistic and Disabled
  1220. Spinal Cord Stimulator - Recovery and Restrictions
  1221. Newly Diagnosed with EDS: Seeking Advice
  1222. Has Anyone Experienced Menopause at a Young Age?
  1223. Tips for Dealing with Urinary Incontinence
  1224. Alternative treatments for conditions: Have they worked?
  1225. Genetic Testing for Medication Compatibility
  1226. Looking for Alternatives to Effexor XR
  1227. Need Help Managing Anxiety Attacks
  1228. How to Relieve Burning Pain in FM/CFS?
  1229. Seeking Advice for Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
  1230. Dealing with Social Anxiety: My Struggle with Crowds
  1231. Anxious Silence: Anyone Else Experience This?
  1232. Abnormal White Blood Cell Count - Seeking Advice
  1233. How Long is Normal to Have an Ovarian Cyst?
  1234. What Can I Do for Pain Besides Taking Painkillers?
  1235. Dealing with Social Anxiety and Loneliness
  1236. How to Motivate Yourself When Your Brain is Lacking Motivation?
  1237. Recovering from a Hospital Stay: Dealing with Flare Ups
  1238. Struggling with Low Hemoglobin on Dialysis: Any Suggestions?
  1239. Struggling with Overwhelming Fatigue
  1240. Looking for Treatment Options
  1241. Dealing with Dysautonomia: Struggling to Function Without a Diagnosis
  1242. New to Jardiance - What Should I Expect?
  1243. Can My Tubes Come Untied After Being Tied for 15 Years?
  1244. 13 Years of Belly Button Pain: Seeking Answers
  1245. Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas
  1246. Is Chest Pain Normal?
  1247. Dealing with Serotonin Syndrome: Need Advice
  1248. Struggling to Get Out of Bed: Tips for Motivation
  1249. Need advice for disc bulging and lower back pain
  1250. Feeling Tired and Dizzy: Any Tips?
  1251. Living with Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Nervous System
  1252. Overcoming Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1253. Living with Late Stage COPD and Oxygen Dependency
  1254. Loss of Appetite: Is it Normal?
  1255. Dealing with Prolonged Periods Due to PCOS: Need Advice
  1256. Managing Mental Health: Beyond Medication
  1257. Taking Calcium Channel Blocker for Condition: Right Choice?
  1258. Dealing with Menstrual Bloating: Tips and Tricks
  1259. Looking for Recovery Stories and Advice
  1260. Can't read or understand numbers or letters while dissociating
  1261. Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis
  1262. Need advice on MRI side effects and symptoms
  1263. Struggling to Connect with My Emotions
  1264. Coping with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1265. My Type 2 Diabetes Journey: 6 Months In
  1266. Celebrating My Improved A1C Levels!
  1267. How to Help Someone with Severe Anxiety Attack?
  1268. Dealing with Chronic Nausea
  1269. How to Improve Kidney Function: Tips and Tricks
  1270. Struggling with OSDD and Identifying Switches
  1271. New to the App and Looking for Advice on Immunosuppressants for Autoimmune Disea…
  1272. Living with Crest Syndrome: My Story
  1273. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health
  1274. Feeling Empty: How Do I Fill the Void?
  1275. Trouble Making Eye Contact - Social Anxiety?
  1276. Looking for a Psychiatric Service Dog in Kentucky
  1277. Struggling with Weight Loss after CHF Diagnosis
  1278. Is taking potassium vitamins good for high blood pressure?
  1279. Urinating every time I stand, how long until dialysis?
  1280. Dealing with Anxiety in Everyday Situations
  1281. Tips for fixing teeth without dentures?
  1282. Do I Need a Biopsy for My Ovarian Cyst?
  1283. Numbness on Topamax: How Long Will It Last?
  1284. Needle-like Bowel Pain and Burning Sensation
  1285. Do Chronic Illnesses and Autism Often Co-Occur?
  1286. Share your Humira experiences with me!
  1287. Dealing with Dry Eyes: Sharp Pain and Headaches
  1288. Chronic Hashimoto's Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1289. Consistently Tired and Can't Function Normally
  1290. Considering Antidepressants: Seeking Advice
  1291. Managing POTS: Tips for a Regular Life and Career
  1292. Struggling with the Decision to Have Children While Battling CML
  1293. Feeling like something is being missed in my diagnosis
  1294. Constant Fatigue: Is It Just Me?
  1295. Shortness of breath with Myasthenia Gravis
  1296. Dealing with Menopausal Symptoms: Need Advice
  1297. Struggling with Sleep and Motivation
  1298. Effexor for Mental Health: Share Your Experience
  1299. Hip Dislocation and Loneliness
  1300. Shaky when talking about mental illness
  1301. Chest Tightness and Health Anxiety
  1302. Struggling with Motivation and Mood
  1303. Dealing with Trichotillomania and Unsolicited Comments from Friends
  1304. Dealing with Panic Attacks in Everyday Situations
  1305. Best ADHD Medication for Attention and Distractibility Symptoms?
  1306. Constant Brain Fog and Dizziness with Epilepsy?
  1307. Drinking Alcohol with Medications: Is it Safe?
  1308. Constant Anxiety Symptoms: Numb Feet, Twitches, and More
  1309. Looking for a natural cure for RLS
  1310. Side Effects or Worsening Condition?
  1311. Looking for RLS remedies
  1312. Medication vs Therapy: Which is Necessary for Stability?
  1313. Has anyone experienced changes in their periods since going on spiro?
  1314. Living with PTSD and TBI: Struggles and Connections
  1315. Struggling with Vulvodynia Treatment: How to Keep Hope?
  1316. Dealing with Sensory Overload
  1317. Nutritional Diet and Acupuncture for Kidney Ailments
  1318. Staying with a Partner Who Has HSV2: Worried About Contracting It
  1319. Spondy Pain in Glutes and Hamstrings - Need Suggestions
  1320. Has anyone tried phototherapy?
  1321. Dealing with Hypokalemia: Seeking Advice
  1322. Why Can't They Just Shrink the Fibroid?
  1323. Dealing with Hashimoto's and Double Vision
  1324. IBS Pain: Where and How?
  1325. ADHD and Self-Harm: Seeking Attention or Something More?
  1326. Natural Supplements for Menopausal Symptoms
  1327. What Are the Severity and Frequency of Your Tremors?
  1328. When to disclose my condition to a new partner?
  1329. Memory Loss with Hepatic Encephalopathy
  1330. Dealing with Severe Health Anxiety
  1331. Experiencing Bleeding and GI Symptoms on Norethindrone Acetate
  1332. How to Deal with Anxiety After Quitting Smoking?
  1333. Alternative medicine for adult ADHD
  1334. Considering Bottom Surgery After Top Surgery: Seeking Opinions
  1335. Realizing My Abnormality: A Journey to Mental Health
  1336. Looking for a POTS Specialist
  1337. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Never Feeling Well Rested
  1338. Is it okay to stay on Suboxone forever?
  1339. Living with Diabetes and Mental Health Challenges
  1340. Connecting with fellow kidney transplant recipients
  1341. Dealing with Instructive/Negative Thoughts
  1342. Weak Positive for Celiac: Anyone Else?
  1343. New Anxiety Medication Making Things Worse
  1344. How to Control Sugar Cravings with Diabetes?
  1345. Surviving Without Medication: Mental Health in a Post-Apocalyptic World
  1346. Canker Sore or Mouth Cancer?
  1347. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Seeking Non-Medication Solutions
  1348. Do Psychologists Keep Your Diagnosis Secret?
  1349. Fibromyalga and MS: A Common Misdiagnosis?
  1350. Has anyone had a thyroid goiter removed?
  1351. Immunosuppressants and Covid vaccine: Did it worsen your symptoms?
  1352. Help with Gassy Burping and Explosive Diarrhea
  1353. Looking for BV home remedies
  1354. New to therapy, struggling with ADHD diagnosis
  1355. Looking for Self-Help Techniques for Depression and Anxiety
  1356. Struggling with Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome
  1357. Living with Health Anxiety and Type 2 Diabetes
  1358. Questions about Mobility Aids
  1359. Struggling to Eat: Need Advice
  1360. Looking for Others with NON-24 Sleep Wake Disorder
  1361. Waiting for Autism Assessment: Seeking Encouragement and Advice
  1362. Looking for other diagnoses before EDS
  1363. Dealing with Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis
  1364. Dealing with Chronic Nausea and Fatigue
  1365. Dissociation and Substance Use: Does One Affect the Other?
  1366. Has anyone tried the Zephyr stem treatment?
  1367. Can Drugs and Alcohol Help?
  1368. Dealing with Severe Changes in Balance?
  1369. Finding Solace in Solitude: The Struggle of Social Withdrawal
  1370. Chronic Sinus Headaches - Seeking Advice
  1371. Struggling with Anxiety for Over a Decade
  1372. Stomach Pain and Bathroom Problems Every Morning
  1373. Best way to treat long Covid?
  1374. Managing Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1375. Managing SLE Symptoms During Pregnancy: Need Advice
  1376. Improving My Digestive Health with Dicyclomine
  1377. Tips for Managing Gastroparesis and Anxiety
  1378. Anyone else struggle with depersonalization?
  1379. Dealing with Chronic TMJ Pain
  1380. Best Medication for Fibromyalgia?
  1381. Need advice for blocking mast cells in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  1382. Exploring Homeopathy: Seeking Natural Remedies
  1383. Dealing with Post-COVID POTS: Seeking Advice
  1384. New Job Exhaustion: Will It Get Better?
  1385. Dealing with Anxiety about Bipolar Diagnosis
  1386. Best Techniques for Calming Down After a Panic Attack
  1387. Coping with Anxiety During the Day
  1388. Adenomyosis and High Estrogen Levels: Seeking Advice
  1389. Struggling with Chronic Tickborne Illness in College
  1390. Dealing with the Stress of Metastatic Breast Cancer
  1391. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Extreme Anxiety in High School
  1392. Dealing with Bulging Disc Pain: Seeking Advice
  1393. Living with Seizures: My Story
  1394. Struggling with Eating: Is it the ED Voice or Something Else?
  1395. Dealing with Tinnitus: How Are You Coping?
  1396. Managing Anxiety Without Medications: Does CBD Help?
  1397. Looking for Success Stories: Natural Treatments for DVT
  1398. Managing UC: Tips and Tricks
  1399. Dealing with Fibromyalgia and the Question of Trauma
  1400. Frustrated with Fibro Medications
  1401. Zoloft Experience: Calmness and Empowerment
  1402. Need advice on sleep apnea symptoms and treatment
  1403. Chronic Abdominal Pain and Mental Health: Is There a Connection?
  1404. Changes in Migraine Patterns
  1405. Managing Herpes Outbreaks: Seeking Advice
  1406. Dealing with Neurocardiogenic Syncope: Seeking Advice
  1407. Considering Dupuytren Contracture Surgery: Need Advice
  1408. Treatment for Vaginal Lichen Sclerosus
  1409. How can I tell if my medications are working?
  1410. Dealing with OCD and Scrupulosity
  1411. When to Rely on Your CGM?
  1412. Finding Relief for My Debilitating Nausea
  1413. Elastic causing skin irritation
  1414. Are My Meds Making Things Worse?
  1415. Is Coffee Bad for Your Health? Exploring the Effects of Caffeine on Your Body
  1416. Finding the Right Medication: Share Your Experience
  1417. Effects of Drinking and Weed on POTS Symptoms
  1418. Struggling to Get Out of Bed
  1419. Severe Foot Pain - Need Advice
  1420. Worried about Burning Chest Pain
  1421. Managing Panic Attacks: Need Advice
  1422. Extreme Fatigue After Meals with Hypothyroidism
  1423. Struggling with Levothyroxine: Seeking Advice
  1424. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1425. Menstrual Irregularity: Seeking Answers
  1426. Struggling with Ulcerative Colitis and Weight Gain
  1427. Sudden Headaches and Falling Sensation
  1428. Managing Psychotic Features: Can They Wax and Wane?
  1429. Constant Discomfort with Endometriosis: Anyone Else?
  1430. Does having a cold trigger IBS symptoms?
  1431. Struggling with Weight Loss
  1432. Balancing My Own Struggles as a Therapist with Depression and Anxiety
  1433. Dealing with Hair Loss: My Struggle and Journey
  1434. How are you managing your fibromyalgia symptoms?
  1435. Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  1436. Balancing Medical Studies with ADHD: Seeking Advice
  1437. Do I Need an Official OCD Diagnosis?
  1438. Finding it Hard to Hold Down a Job with Bipolar Disorder?
  1439. Need help increasing my appetite and energy levels
  1440. Dealing with Mental Exhaustion in School or Work
  1441. Looking for a cure for recurring BV
  1442. Morning Depression: Anyone Else?
  1443. Managing Diabetes: Should I Cut Carbs Out at Dinner?
  1444. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression for Over a Decade
  1445. Managing Sinus Problems: Tips and Triggers
  1446. Looking for alternative medication options
  1447. Struggling with Heat Sensitivity
  1448. Nausea and Vomiting with Gastroparesis
  1449. Dealing with IBS Symptoms: Feeling Something Moving in My Stomach and Butt
  1450. Living with IBS: How to Travel and Socialize?
  1451. Making Friends with Social Anxiety
  1452. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression after Losing a Parent
  1453. Dealing with Anxiety in Public Places
  1454. Need help with a chronic condition
  1455. Looking for Therapy and Psychiatry Apps
  1456. Hashimoto's and Post-Meal Fatigue
  1457. Managing Anxiety Attacks: My Personal Experience
  1458. Looking for advice on IVIG infusions for Anti Dermatomyositis MDA5
  1459. Managing Life with POTS: Share Your Experience
  1460. Dealing with Migraines: Coping Strategies Needed
  1461. Dealing with Chronic Hives: Seeking Advice
  1462. Diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis at 59
  1463. Nausea after NET resection
  1464. Struggling with Hobbies and Depression
  1465. Dealing with RA Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  1466. Need GERD Relief: Omeprezole Not Working
  1467. Struggling with ADHD Medication and Socializing
  1468. When is Knee Surgery Necessary for Genu Valgum?
  1469. Long COVID: Anxiety and Stomach Issues
  1470. Managing Bipolar 2: Tips and Support
  1471. Help with Tremors
  1472. Diet for Pain Relief: Recommendations?
  1473. Feeling Lazy with POTS
  1474. What autoimmune disease causes Raynauds Syndrome?
  1475. Risks of Surgery for Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
  1476. Struggling with my first Raynauds episode
  1477. How to Monitor Illness Progression and Explore Treatment Options
  1478. What to Expect with Cancer Diagnosis
  1479. Talking to Your Partner About Anxiety: Tips and Advice
  1480. How to Get Rid of Foul Taste and Smell?
  1481. Recently diagnosed with Lupus, looking for support
  1482. Help with Neuropathy in Hands
  1483. Has anyone tried the G-POEM procedure for gastroparesis?
  1484. Vision problems after stroke and sarcoidosis
  1485. Dealing with Intense Anxiety: Need Advice
  1486. Experiencing Heart Palpitations After Covid Recovery
  1487. Lamictal Side Effects: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  1488. Struggling with Anxiety: Can't Get a Break
  1489. Need advice for severe chest pains
  1490. Constant Fear of Death
  1491. Dealing with Back Pain and Bladder Control Issues
  1492. Living with Osteoarthritis: My Struggle with Mobility
  1493. How Long Until Insoles Work?
  1494. Debilitating HS Pain: How Do You Cope?
  1495. Struggling with a Diagnosis: Can Anyone Share Their Symptoms?
  1496. Exploring Natural Treatments: Reducing Medications
  1497. Just diagnosed with UCTD, feeling lost and alone
  1498. Struggling with Hopelessness in Depression
  1499. Struggling with Asthma after 8 years
  1500. Nausea on Birth Control: What's Causing It?
  1501. Just Diagnosed with Lyme, Need Advice
  1502. Dealing with GERD Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1503. Looking for a Better Migraine Medication
  1504. Struggling with Covid aftermath
  1505. Terminal Lupus Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  1506. Dealing with Social Anxiety and Overthinking
  1507. Unique Aspects of Our DID System
  1508. Should I Tell My Therapist About My Suspected CPTSD and OCD?
  1509. Am I Hearing Real Voices Telepathically?
  1510. Struggling with Marijuana Use and Mental Health
  1511. Fibromyalgia Flare in Spring: Anyone Else?
  1512. Alternative Thyroid Medications
  1513. Struggling with Diabetes and PCOS: Looking for Support
  1514. PCOS Diagnosis: To Take or Not to Take Birth Control?
  1515. How to Get Rid of Fatty Liver for Good?
  1516. Antidepressants and BPD: Seeking Advice
  1517. Need advice on eating and nutrient absorption
  1518. Need Help with Energy Levels After Going Gluten-Free
  1519. Mental Health and Thyroid: Symptoms and Connections
  1520. Struggling with Gullibility as an Autistic Person
  1521. Tips for Organizing Your Medicines
  1522. Tips for Constipation Relief?
  1523. Coping with a New Disability: Transitioning to a Wheelchair
  1524. Fighting Brain Fog with Chronic Migraines
  1525. Has anyone had a similar reaction to a 4.3 CM dilated Aortic Aneurysm?
  1526. Seizures Caused by Anemia: Seeking Input
  1527. Need help finding a sleep doctor or neurologist
  1528. Managing Pain During Exercise: Tips and Tricks
  1529. Dealing with Mental Health: My Story
  1530. Looking for advice on OCD medication
  1531. Dealing with Alopecia Areata on My Beard and Body Hair
  1532. Botox for Chronic Migraines: Experiences?
  1533. What Medications Can Help Depression with POTS?
  1534. Struggling with Memory Issues Due to PTSD
  1535. Looking for BPD Support
  1536. Exploring the Roots of My Mental Health Struggles
  1537. What's Your Substance of Choice?
  1538. Triggers for Depersonalization
  1539. Struggling to Find a Doctor for EDS Care
  1540. Has anyone tried TDCS for panic and anxiety?
  1541. Seeking Advice: Which Specialist Should I See?
  1542. Concerns about driving with pseudotumor cerebri
  1543. Losing Friends to Chronic Illness: Does Anyone Else Relate?
  1544. Living with IBS: My Story and Support Group
  1545. What's Your Go-To IBS Medication?
  1546. Need advice for managing my POTs diagnosis
  1547. Coping with Daily Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  1548. Struggling with ADHD Medication
  1549. Feeling Alone with Fibromyalgia
  1550. Need Help with Swallowing Difficulty
  1551. Tramadol for Fibromyalgia: Experiences and Side Effects
  1552. How to Tell if Your Spine Degeneration is Getting Worse
  1553. Alternative ways to manage depression?
  1554. Coping with Obsessive Thoughts: Seeking Advice
  1555. Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Seeking Advice
  1556. Dealing with Scars from a Skin Condition
  1557. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Any Tips?
  1558. Mood swings and physical symptoms - any advice?
  1559. Just diagnosed with PCOS, should I take birth control?
  1560. Little Blood on Tissue: Is it from Stress?
  1561. Best Diet for Ulcerative Colitis: Tips and Tricks
  1562. Struggling with Anxiety or Something More?
  1563. Considering Weight Loss Surgery: Any Suggestions?
  1564. Best Eye Drops for Sjogren Syndrome?
  1565. Looking for advice on hypothyroidism symptoms
  1566. Looking for an Alternative to Xanax
  1567. Has anyone tried Contrave for weight loss?
  1568. Medication and Duration for Atrial Fibrillation
  1569. Curious about my MS clonus jerks
  1570. Upper Right Abdomen Pain and Middle Back Pain
  1571. Looking for Emotional Support and Hair Removal Solutions
  1572. Pressure Under My Right Rib - Medical Mystery
  1573. Chronic fevers on doxycycline?
  1574. Concerns about POTS diagnosis and misdiagnosis
  1575. Shortness of breath and chest pain
  1576. Has anyone with Hashimoto's had thyroid cancer or surgery?
  1577. Looking for a better hydration drink
  1578. Raynauds Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: Any Connection?
  1579. Struggling with My Child's Mental Health
  1580. Diet changes for POTS symptoms
  1581. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1582. How to Confirm a Costochondritis Diagnosis?
  1583. Losing Weight on a Lower Dose: Normal or Not?
  1584. Need advice on medication for panic attacks
  1585. Help with PMDD Symptoms
  1586. Can Anxiety Cause Tingling on One Side of the Body?
  1587. Looking for Alternative Treatments for a Medical Condition
  1588. Dealing with Uneven Foot and Nerve Pain
  1589. Reducing Symptoms with Medical Marijuana
  1590. Need Help with Anxiety: It's Driving Me Crazy!
  1591. Need Help with Psoriasis on Scalp
  1592. Preventing UTI Symptoms: Tips and Advice
  1593. Considering Flat Feet Surgery: Need Advice
  1594. Is Fatigue a Normal Part of Aging?
  1595. Considering Accutane for Hormonal and Cystic Acne
  1596. Looking for advice on cholesterol-lowering supplements
  1597. Intermittent Back Pain Triggered by Food: Seeking Advice
  1598. Concerned about possible Crohn's diagnosis
  1599. Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder: My Story
  1600. What's Your Go-To Coping Mechanism?
  1601. Shortness of Breath: Anyone Else?
  1602. Looking for Tinnitus Relief: Any Suggestions?
  1603. Looking for someone who understands Hashimoto's
  1604. Tips for Working Out with Sensory Processing Disorder
  1605. Can People with ADHD Hyperfixate on Other People?
  1606. Dealing with Panic in Unknown Situations
  1607. How to Cure Vertigo: Tips and Tricks
  1608. Struggling with a Lupus Flare
  1609. Struggling with Sleep for Months, Need Help!
  1610. Struggling to Lose Weight with RA
  1611. Starting Midodrine for Low Blood Pressure
  1612. Looking for a cheaper alternative to Vyvanse
  1613. Disclosing my DID diagnosis to family
  1614. Need advice for dealing with vertigo and tinnitus
  1615. Struggling with Anxiety and Burnout
  1616. Buspirone for Anxiety: Fewer Side Effects?
  1617. Favorite Non-Verbal Communication Methods
  1618. Getting off Lexapro: My Experience with Bipolar Disorder
  1619. Managing Flares: Coping with Chronic Illness
  1620. Realizing You Have a Mental Health Condition
  1621. Looking for Sleep Apnea Solutions
  1622. Leg Cramps and Kidney Disease: Seeking Answers
  1623. Dealing with Ulcer Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1624. Best doctors for MCAS treatment?
  1625. Surviving Lung Cancer: My Journey
  1626. Dealing with Post-Seizure Emotions
  1627. Facing a Pacemaker at 44
  1628. Managing Anxiety Post-Vaccination: My Experience
  1629. Looking for Support with Epilepsy Diagnosis
  1630. Struggling with Accepting Myself as a System
  1631. Living with Anemia: My 4 Year Journey
  1632. A Year of Diarrhea and Appetite Loss
  1633. Morning Nausea and Loss of Appetite
  1634. Dealing with POTS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How to Tell the Difference?
  1635. Struggling to Focus with ADHD: Need Advice
  1636. Seeking Diagnosis for Hypermobile EDS
  1637. Finding Solutions to Improve Mood and Reduce Anxiety
  1638. My Thyroid Removal Experience
  1639. Dealing with Guilt Over Sharing Medicine Side Effects
  1640. Need Help with Anxiety and Sleep
  1641. Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  1642. Struggling with Sugar Addiction After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  1643. Medical Cannabis for PsA Pain: Any Success Stories?
  1644. Struggling with Braces and Shoe Inserts
  1645. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  1646. Looking for others with OCD experiences
  1647. Can Changing Your Diet Affect the Severity of Your Disease?
  1648. Does medication really help?
  1649. How to Quickly Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels
  1650. Struggling with Derealization
  1651. New to Addison's Syndrome: Symptoms and Causes
  1652. How to Treat a Stubborn Sinus Infection?
  1653. When will I feel better? Need advice on Hashimoto's treatment
  1654. Alternative Medicine for Hiatal Hernia
  1655. Overpowering Fear of Losing Loved Ones
  1656. Experiencing Dizziness and Balance Issues
  1657. Debilitating Gastritis Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  1658. Looking for IBS Management Tips
  1659. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Chronic Migraine for 11 Years
  1660. Struggling with Memory Loss, Need Advice
  1661. Managing Anxiety: Symptoms, Supplements, and Therapies
  1662. Alternatives to Medication for Mental Health Treatment
  1663. How to Stabilize My Mood Swings?
  1664. Dealing with GERD: Is it Normal to Still Have Issues?
  1665. Scared of being dependent on medication for OCD
  1666. Coping with Sensory Overload: Tips and Tricks
  1667. Managing Diabetic Neuropathy: Seeking Advice
  1668. Relieving Peripheral Neuropathy Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1669. Looking for experiences with Lexapro
  1670. Coping with Racing Thoughts and Restless Legs
  1671. Could my iron levels be causing my exhaustion and nausea?
  1672. Looking for others with similar lung cancer diagnosis and treatment plan
  1673. Share Your In-Patient Care Experience
  1674. Just Diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD: Seeking Advice
  1675. Dealing with Gastroparesis: Need Advice
  1676. Canker Sores and Crohn's: Any Connection?
  1677. What are your thoughts on cannabis use?
  1678. Finding a Job with Chronic Pain
  1679. Need advice on migraine medication
  1680. Navigating Health Anxiety: How to Decide What to Bring Up to Doctors
  1681. Is it wrong to feel nothing for anyone?
  1682. Dealing with Anxiety and Constant Chest Pain
  1683. Saw Palmetto for Symptom Relief: Does it Work?
  1684. Dealing with H. pylori infection and its symptoms
  1685. Dealing with Lexapro Side Effects: Anyone Else?
  1686. Best Medicine for Others?
  1687. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression: Need Medication Recommendations
  1688. How to Stop Crying: Tips for Emotional Control
  1689. Can Medication Cure Herpes?
  1690. Dealing with Accidental Triggers
  1691. How to Get Chores Done with Back Pain?
  1692. Waiting for MRI Results: Should I Be Concerned?
  1693. Lines in my poop - is it normal?
  1694. Struggling with post-COVID symptoms
  1695. Dealing with Endometriosis Pain: Seeking Insights and Comments
  1696. Experiencing Vaginal Wall Pain After Hysterectomy and Cyst Removal
  1697. Do I need to inform my other specialists about my Raynauds Phenomenon Syndrome d…
  1698. Uncomfortable Physical Symptoms and Panic Attacks
  1699. Head Pressure for a Month, Anxiety or Something Else?
  1700. Need Help with Skin Allergies
  1701. Adhesive Allergy with Dexcom - Any Suggestions?
  1702. Tips for Overcoming Driving Anxiety
  1703. Best Options to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  1704. Coping with Depression: Strategies and Tips
  1705. Has anyone tried Botox for chronic migraines?
  1706. Coping with Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  1707. Dealing with Joint Pain: Suboxone and Stomach Issues
  1708. Blood in urine: infection or cancer?
  1709. Struggling with ADHD in Adulthood
  1710. Avoiding Uncomfortable Situations: A Common Struggle
  1711. Need help with RLS at home remedies
  1712. Struggling to Communicate with My Partner Due to Anxiety
  1713. Tips for Lowering A1C with Diabetes, PTSD, Depression, PCOS, and ED
  1714. Switching from Medication to Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy
  1715. Dealing with Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis: Share Your Stories
  1716. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Connection
  1717. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips for Self-Relief
  1718. How long does a Ureter Stent hurt?
  1719. Living with Hydrocephalus: My Story
  1720. Tips for Managing Pain When Meds Aren't Enough
  1721. Which Specialist Has Made the Biggest Difference in Your Health?
  1722. Is it Normal to Have Mood Imbalance When Taking Sertraline?
  1723. Terrible Side Effects from Meds - Anyone Else?
  1724. Are these symptoms related to BPD?
  1725. Coping with Grief: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety After Losing a Parent
  1726. Need advice on Fibromyalgia and Lupus diagnosis
  1727. Struggling with Medication Withdrawal
  1728. Distinguishing Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  1729. Feeling Tired, Dizzy and Blurry Vision - Could it be Vertigo?
  1730. Taking Adderall with Pseudotumor Cerebri: Any Experiences?
  1731. Looking for a medication to help with motivation
  1732. Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms: Need Help with Walking Aids
  1733. Chemo in the Bladder: A Cure for Life?
  1734. How to Overcome Paranoia: Tips and Tricks
  1735. Clarification on My Bipolar Diagnosis
  1736. Concerned About My Neurological Health
  1737. Reversing Psoriatic Arthritis: Is It Possible?
  1738. Looking for Autism Symptom Checklists
  1739. Dealing with Obsessive Thoughts: Does Anyone Understand?
  1740. What Lupus Symptoms Bother You the Most?
  1741. How was your MS diagnosis?
  1742. Serequel Side Effects: Gained 100 Pounds and Now Hearing Voices
  1743. Dealing with IBS and Anxiety: Need Advice
  1744. Dealing with Sensory Overload in Public
  1745. Looking for Successful Mental Health Treatments
  1746. What Helps with Pain Management?
  1747. Dealing with Anxiety About Getting Sick Again
  1748. Struggling with Exercise and Chronic Illness
  1749. ODD and ASD: A Common Co-Occurrence?
  1750. Recommendations for Anxiety Medication
  1751. Looking for Aubagio Experiences
  1752. Discovering Allergies During Pregnancy
  1753. Using an inhaler after Covid: anyone else?
  1754. Do I Need to Disclose My Genital HSV-1 to Future Partners?
  1755. Dealing with Chronic Acid Reflux: My Story
  1756. Switching to Latuda: Any Side Effects?
  1757. Starting Adderall - Feeling Sleepy?
  1758. Struggling with Anxiety: Seeking Control and Autonomy
  1759. Feeling Like a Burden on My Family
  1760. Opinions on Weekly Benlysta Injection?
  1761. Looking for advice on Hep C treatment
  1762. Looking for experiences with Xolair for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  1763. Looking for feedback on Lamictal for anxiety and derealization
  1764. Small Fiber Neuropathy with Dysautonomia/POTS
  1765. Coping with ASD and SPD: Seeking Advice
  1766. Self Care for Fibromyalgia Flares
  1767. Can Dieting Help with Eczema?
  1768. Urinary Urgency with Endo: Anyone Else?
  1769. Forgetting Medication Names: Is It Normal?
  1770. Effective Ways to Calm Down During Anxiety Attacks
  1771. Lamotrigine/Lamictal: Share Your Experience
  1772. Constantly Changing Antidepressants: Anyone Else?
  1773. Dealing with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
  1774. Dealing with Anemia Caused by Periods
  1775. Constant Bruising Over Veins - Need Advice
  1776. Worried about Remicade treatment effectiveness
  1777. Misdiagnosed with ADHD instead of epilepsy
  1778. New to the group, scared of dialysis
  1779. Tips for Managing Flare-Ups of Joint Pain?
  1780. Looking for non-medical solutions for mental health
  1781. Looking for other LADAs to connect with
  1782. Looking for Medications for Depression and Anxiety
  1783. Dealing with Severe Health Anxiety
  1784. Has anyone tried Botox for migraines?
  1785. Looking for a Mobility Aid for POTS
  1786. Natural Supplements for Anxiety Relief
  1787. Dealing with Symmetry OCD: Tips and Advice
  1788. Has anyone tried online therapy services?
  1789. Tips for Overcoming Food Aversions and Sensory Overload
  1790. Coping with BPD Symptoms Without Medication
  1791. Dealing with RSD/CRPS and Memory Loss
  1792. Introduction of a Late-Diagnosed Autistic Adult with Mental Health Issues
  1793. Struggling with Body Temperature Regulation
  1794. How to Remember to Check Blood Sugars Without Alarms?
  1795. Tips for a Better Night's Sleep
  1796. Need help with blood pooling in hands and feet
  1797. Eye Makeup and Sjogren Syndrome: Need Advice
  1798. Feeling Tired on Propranolol for POTS
  1799. Dealing with Social Anxiety at Formal Events
  1800. Looking for Alternatives to Age Regression in Public
  1801. Taking Wellbutrin and Adderall Together: Experiences?
  1802. Need Help with Gastroparesis Diet
  1803. Muscle spasms on fluoxetine - seeking advice
  1804. Managing Anxiety and Depression Without Medication
  1805. Seeking Advice: Which Specialist Should I See?
  1806. Dealing with Constant Joint Pain: Seeking Advice
  1807. Looking for advice on ADHD medication alternatives
  1808. Struggling with ADHD Medication and Panic Attacks
  1809. Struggling with Sleep Apnea: Seeking Natural Solutions
  1810. Dealing with Crohns and Inflammation: Seeking Tips
  1811. Alternative remedies for migraines?
  1812. Need advice on which specialist to see
  1813. Has anyone else had a stroke at 45?
  1814. Dealing with Fibromyalgia: Struggling with Fatigue and Sleep Issues
  1815. Lack of Motivation and Exhaustion
  1816. Do you wear diapers? Managing incontinence
  1817. Dealing with Spinal Degeneration and Neck Swelling
  1818. Constant Runny Nose and Allergy Symptoms
  1819. Do All Schizophrenics Hallucinate? Exploring Hallucinations in Schizophrenia
  1820. Need advice for dealing with panic attacks
  1821. Looking for Comfortable Shoes for Chronic Foot Pain
  1822. Alternative Treatments for Chronic Constipation?
  1823. Do I Need Regular Medical Checkups?
  1824. Fibromyalgia patients: Are you deficient in something?
  1825. Dealing with Acid Reflux and Throat Pressure
  1826. Dealing with Muscle and Joint Pain: Seeking Advice on Fibromyalgia
  1827. Dealing with Postnasal Drip for Years - Seeking Answers
  1828. Looking for Endometriosis Support
  1829. Changing Medication and Treatments Over Time: Is it Necessary?
  1830. What Can I Take for Interstitial Cystitis Relief?
  1831. Lightheadedness and Panic Attacks
  1832. Struggling with Insomnia and Heartbeat in Head for 2 Years
  1833. Hip and Shoulder Blade Pain - Seeking Advice
  1834. How did your parents react to your ADHD symptoms?
  1835. Need advice on endometriosis surgery
  1836. Experiencing Lightheadedness and Dizziness for Months
  1837. Advice on Applying for Disability and Financial Struggles
  1838. Has anyone tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for IBD?
  1839. Depersonalization and Derealization as Trauma Responses
  1840. Best Meds and Herbs for Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide
  1841. Has anyone tried the Fisher Wallace Stimulator?
  1842. Admitting Myself to a Psychiatric Hospital: What to Expect?
  1843. Dealing with Unexplained Dizziness
  1844. Dealing with UTIs: Is it Normal to Still Have Symptoms?
  1845. Alternative Treatments for Severe Mental Illnesses
  1846. Late Diagnosis of Aspergers - Anyone Else?
  1847. How to lessen anxiety while driving?
  1848. Need advice on small kidney neoplasm
  1849. Treating My Condition Without a Doctor?
  1850. Caffeine's Effect on Stimulant Medications
  1851. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1852. Living with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy: An Introduction
  1853. Struggling to Conceive: What Could Be the Issue?
  1854. Do I Need Regular Testing or Therapy for My Mental Health?
  1855. Need help managing urticaria triggered by heat and pressure
  1856. Hemorrhoidectomy and Sphincterotomy: Recovery Time and Pain Level
  1857. Feeling Overwhelmed: How to Ground Yourself
  1858. Lower Back and Chest Pain - Seeking Remedies
  1859. Struggling with Relapse: How to Get Back on Track?
  1860. Looking for Bladder Cancer Survivors to Share Stories
  1861. Stimulant Medications and BPD: A Concerned Inquiry
  1862. Dealing with Frequent UTIs: Tips and Tricks
  1863. Managing Work Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1864. Has anyone tried Psilocybin for depression?
  1865. How to End or Prevent a Mental Health Episode?
  1866. Smoking and Anxiety: Thoughts and Opinions Wanted
  1867. Help with Skin Irritation
  1868. Why do my experiences with DID seem different from others?
  1869. Need help with water retention and flavored water
  1870. Confused about Buspar for anxiety
  1871. Questions about Medication and Mental Health
  1872. Struggling with Consistency in Motivation
  1873. Long-term effects of Adderall on ADHD patients
  1874. Struggling with Fibromyalgia: Is it Just Me?
  1875. Natural Remedies for Herpes Outbreaks
  1876. 20 Years of Chronic Coughing: Seeking Advice