I have pcos and I just have trouble with body hair. sometimes I feel like a man more than a woman. not sure what to do.


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • BimboCookies


    Unfortunately ive not had much help from drs with this but see if you can take a testosterone blocking medication

  • ChirpTheNurse


    Saw Palmetto is an OTC supplement that is often marketed in the men's health section for prostate health, but it lowers testosterone levels and reduces some hair growth. You can also talk to your doctor about spironolactone, but it is a diuretic, so be prepared to be running to the bathroom a lot if you try that one.

    • Poppy_


      is saw palmetto safe for us then?

  • WonderWoman79


    My gynecologist actually prescribed a medication to me that not only helped that body hair lighten but also they hair on my head is fuller.

    • Rin_Tepes_Dracul


      hi, what was the name of the medication?

    • eseez


      what’s it called?

  • ParkieGirl


    I had good luck with spironolactone and a birth control combination. After I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and I started having a difficult time getting on the exam table my obgyn told me I no longer had PCOS and did not need rhe prescriptions anymore and to go see my primary care in the future. A year later I grow a full long mustache and a good amount of chest hair. My hand dexterity makes it difficult to keep up with so another reason to not go out in public.

  • S4m


    Yep. I get it. If I don’t shave every other day - if I’m going out in public make that every day, you can see my facial hair. What has slowed it down for me has been cutting out sugar and refined carbs as well as taking an inositol supplement. I have very fair skin so it’s noticeable if someone chooses to stare. I had a bf (ex) once tell me he didn’t like to kiss me bc he could feel the stubble. *crawledunderrock*

    • ParkieGirl


      wow that was not nice of him to say. Glad he is an ex. It's not like we choose to have facial/body hair overgrowth. I spent my teens and twenties getting good at plucking using Nair. The one good thing about plucking is the hair folical gives up after while.

    • eseez


      wow i feel you he’s an a**hole for that.. once my ex told me i was his bearded lady… maybe he was trying to be cute but that’s just not something to joke about at all for me. so i completely understand

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