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I'm not sure if this is related to my DID, but does anyone else ever feel as though they may just fully black out sometimes? It's never anything related to physical health but comes more from situations that randomly seem to stress me for seeming no reason. As an example, this morning I was talking with someone at a restaurant, was seated, and was internally fighting the feeling you get before falling unconscious, but my mood and breathing were normal. I don't usually fully switch out to the point I have full amnesia, and if I do it usually happens in the mornings or middle of the night when I'm going to sleep or would be waking up. But for those that do have almost no communication between alters, does it feel like blacking out in the way I described? This has been puzzling me because I seem to have some extent of control in fighting it, and have never blacked out without reason, at least so far. tldr: Sometimes I feel like I'm about to black out and can't tell if it's an alter attempting to gain full control or just me about to pass out.

    • Wendy_Spencers


      Having an alter come into the "light" can be different for everyone either it be feeling sleepy or just all of a sudden but the feeling of blacking out could be you feeling tired mentally and just needing a break from the center of attention. Of course I'm not sure so take this with a grain of salt it's just what I have found personally

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