My doctors want to remove my cyst anyone went through that experience?

Ovarian Cyst

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  • shariadams


    I'm going through it now but not very far into my journey so I'm still in the scared of what's going to happen and making wrong desision. I feel the only thing I can do is just pray.

    • Chocolatestar


      I’m scared and very worried as well praying the best outcome for all us who suffer



    i had a 10cm cyst on my left ovary removed in december 2021. it was scary and i was full of worries because they thought they would have to remove the ovary in all. waking up from the surgery was the hardest part but i promise that you’ll start feeling better within a week or two of surgery. luckily i did not have to get anything else but the cyst removed 🙏 having as much as a possible attitude as possible is the best thing you can do. also having a heated blanket afterwards made it less awful + make sure you still try to walk around after surgery to avoid blood clotting. praying for you and your health.

    • Chocolatestar


      Thank you appreciate your feedback and advice i will definitely look into heated blanket and make sure i try to walk around

  • shariadams


    I know that having a positive attitude is so important.sometimes it's hard to find the positives but still trying. I feel like I'm trying to trick myself and it's hard. Heated blanket sounds wonderful.

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