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So I’ve been constipated since birth. My doctor told me that I need to be on miralax for the rest of my life. Is that safe? Anyone else doing the same?

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    • Livingasazebra


      @Lexiealea for me it’s bc I have hypotonia so my organs can’t do muscle contractions well

    • Lexiealea


      Have you ever been tested for a motility disorder?

      • Livingasazebra


        @Lexiealea for me it’s bc I have hypotonia so my organs can’t do muscle contractions well

    • tangledupinblue


      i heard the same thing from my dr, not up for taking anything for the rest of my life

    • Amanda_Lynne


      When I first started taking fiber supplements I had diarrhea but then it went away with time

    • Mariela


      Drink a glass of prune juice every day.. It’s great for constipation. I am also dealing with it. And don’t do magnesium what if you have a magnesium overdose lol

    • Salty_Sugar


      Yes I was told the same thing by my gastroenterologist and I have been on it for years it’s been doing me wonders and I highly recommend yes I will admit once you start taking it first few months side effects are really bad but you can try decreasing dosage i take a full cap everyday with some water and the side effects are gone now and have been for a while

    • mommy2angelina


      Do hydrotherapy colonics

    • Relle


      I was also told by my doctor that I would need Miralax daily…so I did for a year, then I talked to my aunt who is a nurse and she said that being on it long term is not good and can cause more problems. I told her that my doctor said it was good and she informed me that it might not be as hard as other things but having to rely on something long term that isn’t natural isn’t the best.

      • Kami5


        @Relle Prunes are natural and work really well for constipation, I had chronic constipation for years and have even fainted multiple times because the pain got so bad. I started using miralax cleanses every once in awhile but I eat three prunes a day and have found that ever since I started drinking more water and eating prunes I have had more regular bowel movements and no pain.

      • Momotea


        @Relle thanks I suspected that. I’m thinking of trying magnesium and see if I can replace it with that

    • Jordan_The_Christian


      I used to take miralax on a daily basis when I was a kid, but the side effects were terrible. So my mom looked into natural ways to cure constipation and she chose to give me large volume enemas instead, personaly I prefer them much better to miralax because there's pretty much no side effects and I can control when I go to the bathroom, and honestly I find them a bit relaxing as well. I do two a day, one in the morning, and one after dinner, and my only complaint is that I'm relient on them to use the bathroom, but I would much rather be relient on enemas than be constipated or on miralax, so that's what I do. Hope this helps🙂

      • Momotea


        @Jordan_The_Christian thank you for the response. Luckily I’ve never gotten side effects from the miralax but I’m just worried about the long term affects.

        • Jordan_The_Christian


          @Momotea I don't really know too much about the long term effects, sorry!

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