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Has anyone been diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperepesis Syndrome ?

    • Bugs22


      Diagnosed with it two days ago. It has been some of the worst news I’ve received in a while. I know a lot of people don’t think marijuana dependency is real, but I believe I am dependent, and this next week or two of sudden halt of use is going to be very hard on me mentally and physically. But I think I’d take it over another chs episode. I was dry heaving and vomiting 1-4 times an hour. I felt like I was dying, my body was cold, my face was pale, I was sweating a lot and couldn’t stand very well. I just wanted to hunch over and throw up all day. I had to go to urgent care, where I was diagnosed and given ondansetron to help me keep water down at least. It sucked ass and I am depressed about the potential of having to completely quit weed forever when I’ve only been able to enjoy it for less than a year. I built my tolerance up really fast, and was going through 1g carts every 4-5 days. My last cart I think did me in and officially fried my cb1 receptors, it was a homemade concentrate by my dealer and was like 91% thc, I could feel the difference, but I was still hitting it like a normal cart and yea, mixed with a bunch of alcohol, I guess that was my bodies last straw. Apparently also, alcohol and caffiene, and potentially even psychedelics like shrooms can trigger a chs episode (basically any drug that an cause stress on the body, which is all), so I have to give up all my vices at once for a while. Don’t skimp out on tolerance breaks like I did. Give your cb1 receptors frequent breaks and chances to repair a little, cause as far as limited research knows right now, once they’re fried, it’s irreversible, and if you want to keep using substances after that point, you have to deal with the high risk of triggering hyperemesis.

      • Jillfp511


        @Bugs22 wow i really hope you’re doing well!

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