Hello! i am 39 & have been on Suboxone for the last 12 years. I have tried unsuccessfully to get off Suboxone but am just miserable without. I am down to 1mg sublingual film a day. is it wrong to stay on Suboxone indefinitely or possibly forever?

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  • Prettyeyes4114


    Don't put an end date to it. When ypur ready tour ready and if ypur on it forever....sure beats using!

  • DesertSage


    I feel your pain. I was on suboxone for 8 yrs and I thought I'd never be free of it. The only way I was able to do it was to taper down super small amounts over a long period of time. It was almost as if I had to fool my body into not knowing what I was up to. I had the suboxone strips so I was able to cut them into smaller and smaller sizes. I do have to say that it was a lot easier to go from 16mgs to 8mgs to 4mgs and so on. It wasn't until I hit under the mgs that it became seemingly more difficult. I got stuck on .25 for awhile. I eventually got past it. Looking back I should of probably stayed on the low maintenance dose. I remember my Dr. telling me he was concerned because I didn't do enough inner work on myself. It wasn't long after stopping that I began to "itch" for something. 3 months later I was offered meth and now I'm battling that beast.

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